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By brochures critical of antisemitism that had been published just a few years before were removed from libraries.

‘Save Our Culture!’ Thousands of Russians protest over Soviet-style censorship in arts

It was reported that a six-cornered star, used as an illustration in a geometry text, had to be excised before the text could be published. A comparison of a story published in and republished in illustrates the policy of diminishing Jewish visibility.

Soviet Censorship and Translation in Contemporary Ukraine and Russia

Some Yiddish writers dealt with the Holocaust by transferring the locale of the events beyond Soviet borders, especially to Poland , but the subject was rarely raised in Russian publications. His protest against the silence that enveloped the Jewish tragedy in World War II and his criticism of the antisemitism he perceived in the Soviet Union aroused a storm of condemnation. Anatolii Kuznetsov published a heavily censored novel, Babi Yar, in Following the Middle East war, anything pertaining to Israel or Zionism was heavily censored and politicized.

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Works of writers who emigrated or who were expelled from the USSR were removed from bookstores and libraries. Within the Soviet and post-Soviet intelligentsia these works found a very receptive audience, but by the middle of the s many Russian and other readers no longer found much interest in them.

Soviet censorship: How did the USSR control the public?

Arlen V. Blium, Evreiskii vopros pod sovetskoi tsenszuroi, — St.

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Russian journalists face growing restrictions and limits on reporting Index on Censorship

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