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Congdon's After Dark – Food Truck Park in Wells, Maine

Contact The Workers io theworkers. New robot deployments will be posted on the After Dark mailing list and on the robots' Twitter account. Follow afterdarkrobots or sign up now so you don't miss out. Whilst at Tate Britain live commentary on years of British art provided by Grace Adam , artist and lecturer; Kate Tiernan , artist, producer and educator; Frank Wasser , artist and educator; and Joshua White , freelance lecturer, educator and critic.

Four robots designed for late night exploration are guided over the internet by people all over the world. Take control of one of them.

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The robots select new operators to drive them every few minutes. You can request control of a robot from this website while the event is live. Back to Attractions Unmissable Entertainment Entertainment World-class entertainment for an unforgettable day with family and friends. Back to Attractions Woodchop Woodchop See muscles bulging and woodchips flying.

The Show After Dark. See Melbourne's most-loved community event transform like you've never seen before! Temple Brewing. Winning Tastes Pavilion Visit the map. The team of experienced and skilled brewers work hard to ensure that you enjoy every mouthful of our tasty, delicious range of craft beers. Oh, about that improved Face ID angle — I saw, maybe, a sliiiiiiight improvement, if any. But not that much. A few degrees? Hard to say. I will be interested to see what other reviewers found.

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Maybe my face sucks. Light passed through the lens of your camera onto a medium like film or chemically treated paper.

Review: The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 do Disneyland after dark

A development process was applied, a print was made and you had a photograph. When the iPhone 8 was released I made a lot of noise about how it was the first of a new wave of augmented photography. That journey continues with the iPhone Deep Fusion shoots 9 images, it pre shoots 4 long and 4 short exposure images into a buffer.

Then when you press the shutter button it takes a longer exposure. Then the neural engine and ISP combine these on a pixel by pixel basis into your image. This is what makes the camera augmented on the iPhone 11, and what delivers the most impressive gains of this generation; not new glass, not the new sensors — a processor specially made to perform machine learning tasks.

This is a machine learning camera. But as far as the software that runs iPhone is concerned, it has one camera. Even with edge correction it has the natural and expected effect of elongating subjects up close and producing some dynamic images. In my testing of the wide angle, it showed off extremely well, especially in bright conditions. It almost completely nails this crazy fence that trips up older iPhones.

One clever detail here is that when you shoot at 1x or 2x, Apple blends the live view of the wider angle lenses directly into the viewfinder. Of note: The ultra-wide lens does not have optical image stabilization on either the iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. This makes it a much trickier proposition to use in low light or at night.

The result is that wide-angle night shots must be held very steady or soft images will result. The ultra-wide lens coming to both phones is great. If they had to add one, I think adding the UW was the better option because group shots of people are likely far more common than landscape photographers. The ultra-wide lens is also fantastic for video. Because of the natural inward crop of video it uses less of the sensor, so it feels more cramped , the standard wide lens has always felt a little claustrophobic.

Taking videos on the carousel riding along with Mary Poppins, for instance, I was unable to get her and Burt in frame at once with the iPhone XS, but was able to do so with the iPhone 11 Pro. I know these are very specific examples, but you can imagine how similar scenarios could play out at family gatherings in small yards, indoors or in other cramped locations. One additional tidbit about the ultra-wide lens: You may very well have to find a new grip for your phone.

The lens is so wide that your finger may show up in some of your shots because your knuckle is in frame. It happened to me a bunch over the course of a few days, until I found a grip lower on the phone.

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Because of those changes to the image pathway I talked about earlier, the already solid HDR images get a solid improvement in portrait mode. The Neural Engine works on all HDR images coming out of the cameras in iPhone to tone map and fuse image data from various physical sensors to make a photo. It could use pixels from one camera for highlight detail and pixels from another for the edges of a frame. I went over this system extensively back in , and it has only gotten more sophisticated with the addition of the Neural Engine.

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It seems to be getting another big leap forward when Deep Fusion launches, but I was unable to test that yet. For now, we can see additional work that the Neural Engine puts in with Semantic Rendering. This process involves your iPhone doing facial detection on the subject of a portrait, isolating the face and skin from the rest of the scene and applying a different path of HDR processing on it than on the rest of the image. The rest of the image gets its own HDR treatment, then the two images are fused back together.

This is not unheard of in image processing.

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The difference here, of course, is that it happens automatically, on every portrait, in fractions of a second. The results are portraits that look even better on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Look at these two portraits, shot at the same time in the same conditions. The iPhone 11 Pro is far more successful at identifying backlight and correcting for it across the face and head. The result is better contrast and color, hands down. And this was not an isolated experience, I shot many portrait shots side by side and the iPhone 11 Pro was the pick every time — with especially wide margins if the subject was backlit, which is very common with portraiture.

Now for the big one. The iPhone 11 finally has a Night Mode. It does several things when it senses that the light levels have fallen below a certain threshold:. The result is a shot that brightens dark-to-very-dark scenes well enough to change them from throw away images to something well worth keeping. In my experience, it was actually difficult to find scenes dark enough to make the effect intense enough.

But once you do find the right scene, you see detail and shadow pop and it becomes immediately evident even before you press the shutter that it is making it dramatically brighter. I have this weird litmus test I put every new phone camera through where I take it on a dark ride, like Winnie the Pooh, to see if I can get any truly sharp, usable image.

Up until this point I have succeeded exactly zero times.

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