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Professor London has written widely on foundational issues in the ethics and design of research with human subjects. His work on the ethics of international research has helped to shape the debate about the requirements of justice, responsiveness to host community health needs, post-trial access, how to define the standard of care and how to use the concept of clinical equipoise in cross-national research. Professor London has articulated a non-paternalistic foundation for the ethical oversight of research involving human subjects.

With colleagues, he has written a series of papers articulating a model for understanding clinical translation that identifies key benchmarks for assessing the ethical and scientific merits of proposals to reform research practice. This work emphasizes the role of incentives in aligning the parochial interests of stakeholders with the social mission of producing valid, reliable, and relevant scientific information.


In addition to his work on practical ethical and policy issues, Professor London maintains an active research program on foundational ethical and methodological issues in theoretical and practical ethics. He has explored the value of dignity in Kantian moral frameworks and the challenges this concept poses for rational decision making, in both group and individual choice settings.

He has also written about methodological issues in practical ethics. Mellon Foundation. Before joining Carnegie Mellon in , he was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota's Center for Bioethics and he received his Ph. The PDFs of these papers are intended for personal academic use only and should not be distributed in any way.

Bharucha, A. Ethical considerations in the conduct of electronic surveillance research. Alex John London Kestigian, A. London, A. Social value, clinical equipoise, and research in a public health emergency. London AJ and Kimmelman J. DOI: London AJ. American Journal of Bioethics 19 9 , Published online June 13, June , Alex John London Clara L.

Curriculum vitae. Selected Publications The PDFs of these papers are intended for personal academic use only and should not be distributed in any way. McGraw Hill, Ethics and AI Bharucha, A. Groundhog Day for Medical Artificial Intelligence. Regulating autonomous vehicles: A policy proposal. Algorithmic Bias in Autonomous Systems.

Regulating Autonomous Systems: Beyond Standards. The Hastings Center Report 40 4 The Hastings Center Report 33 5 : Alex John London , Lisa S. Parker, Jay D. Science 13 September Vol. Is the concept of clinical equipoise still relevant to research? BMJ ;j doi : Journal of Medical Ethics. Patient-Funded Trials: Opportunity or Liability? World Medical Journal 59 5 : Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics 40 4 Science 4 May Vol. WHO continues to stress risk of more flare-up. January 15, Accessed March 9, Sierra Leone has 2nd Ebola case after epidemic believed over.

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Biomedical Ethics in Methodist Traditions

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Bieubien J. Dreaming up a safer, cooler PPE for Ebola fighters. January 4, Respiratory protection for healthcare workers treating Ebola virus disease EVD : are facemasks sufficient to meet occupational health and safety obligations?

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    Introduction to Bioethics: Bioethics at the Bedside

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