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Evil magic and epic conflicts rage from Thorbardin to Kayolin, with quarter neither given nor sought by the proud, stubborn dwarf clans.

Dragonlance: Dwarf Home

All sides seek victory. But the advantage will go to the faction that learns.

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Deep within Thorbardin, dark magicians battle ruthless fanatics, with neither side interested in quarter. Far to the north, Brandon Bluestone returns to Kayolin, where, bolstered by the courage of a beautiful dwarf priestess, he faces an ancient enemy.

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His struggle to right a great wrong might pave the way for a peaceful future for all the dwarves of Krynn. Darkwell Douglas Niles. Viperhand Douglas Niles. Prophet of moonshae Douglas Niles. The Third Reich has been routed But the war is far from over. A new adversary is poised to attack on the eastern front.

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Former opponents George S. They are unaware of an intended Soviet land grab that could lead to the Stalinist occupation of postwar Europe and an ongoing Cold War that might destroy any chance for a lasting peace in our time. Lord of the rose Douglas Niles.

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The Allies are wildly out maneuvered and sent home in disgrace. Douglas Niles born is a fantasy author and game designer.

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