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Colin M. MacLeod - - Consciousness and Cognition 20 2 Review of Der hypnotismus. Seine psycho-physiologische, medicinische, strafrechtlichte bedeutung und seine behandlung. Hypnotisme et suggestion.

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No keywords specified fix it. No categories specified categorize this paper. Applied ethics. History of Western Philosophy. Normative ethics. Physiologische Beobachtungen.

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Hilger : Die Hypnose und die Suggestion. Jena Hirschlaff : Hypnotismus und Suggestivtherapie. JAcosl: Die Stigmatisierten. Janet : Der Geisteszustand der Hysterischen. Besonders das Kapitel: Die Amnesien. Jolly : Hypnotismus und Hysterie. JoNEs: Therapie der Neurosen.

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Leipzig, Wien u. Kauffmann : Suggestion und Hypnose, 2. Klemperer : Suggestion und Autosuggestion. Kretschmer : Medizinische Psychologie, 2. Kronfeld : Hypnose und Suggestion. Lewandowsky : Zur Entwicklung der neurologischen Therapie. Levy - Suhl : Die hypnotische Heilweise und ihre Technik. Lipps : Suggestion und Hypnose. Mangold : Hypnose und Katalepsie bei Tieren. Marcino wsKI: Selbstbeobachtung in der Hypnose. Hypnotismus Bd. Mohr : Psychotherapie. Zangensalza Warnt vor der Hypnose. Preyer : Der Hypnotismus. Wien o. Ebenda Bd.

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Schaffer : Zur Technik der hypnotischen Behandlung. Schultz , J. Sperling : Einige therapeutische Versuche mit der Hypnose. Erste Arbeit mit besonnener Indikationsstellung. Straus : Wesen und Vorgang der Suggestion. His method of hypnotising, which he termed 'fascinating' consisted of sitting opposite the subject, looking at him sharply, and then suddenly and energetically crying out "Sleep! Other techniques involved rigid fixation of the gaze over a lengthy period.

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Gassner used catharsis as a method for treating physical illness - in particular he used the exorcism rites of the Catholic Church. His methods are thought to have influenced Mesmer.

Hypnotismus und Suggestion

Hell's approach was based on the belief in the magnetic properties of the human body, and that magnets could be used to cure physical illness. He was a Professor at the University of Vienna and taught Mesmer. Hilgard was a key figure in hypnosis research, and produced an influential neodisociation theory of hypnosis.

Hull is credited with pioneering the modern study of hypnosis. Mesmer studied medicine in Vienna, receiving his doctorate in with a dissertation on the influence of the planets on the human body. He expounded a theory of animal magnetism, or mesmerism, which held that every body possessed a magnetic force which connects all human beings. He believed sickness was the product of blockages in the flow of an invisible magnetic fluid, and that these blockages could be reversed through 'passes' of his hands over affected body parts. In his doctoral dissertation in Mesmer emphasised that it was not only the planets, stars and other cosmic powers that extended influence upon living creatures, but that there were other 'etheric' powers that emanated amongst living things.

Orne was a psychiatrist, clinical psychologist, and researcher. He conducted many critical investigations of hypnosis, and his contributions to experimental methods are still used today. Toggle navigation. Definitions of hypnosis Types of suggestion Hypnotizability Frequently asked questions Theories of hypnosis History of hypnosis Animal hypnosis Key people in hypnosis Research Hypnosis research Measurement States of consciousness Neuroscience Modification of suggestibility Attention and hypnosis Pain and hypnosis Hypnosis as a research tool Demand characterstics Genetics Clinical hypnosis What is clinical hypnosis?

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Is it effective? Influential figures in the study and practice of hypnosis Bernheim, Hippolyte A Professor at the University of Nancy a school whose ideas competed with the Salpetriere - particularly Charcot. He wrote: Bernheim, H. Braid, James James Braid was a Scottish opthalmic surgeon. Charcot, J.