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I have scaled back on traveling and speaking in order to spend more time with my precious loved ones and to connect with the source of knowledge in nature, silence, and intimate connections. If it serves the work, am I willing to sacrifice the reclusiveness I am coming to love? If it serves, am I willing to be on other programs where the host may not be as gracious as Oprah?

Am I willing to be more of a public figure and deal with the attendant projections, positive and negative? Do I have the strength to remember who the real super souls are — the Roy Brubakers, the dolphin rescuers, the hospice workers, the care givers, the peace witnesses, the unpaid healers, the humble grandfathers taking a child berry-picking, the single moms struggling to hold it all together not imagining that their monumental efforts at patience have an impact on the whole world?

And by the way, it is an offer that is constantly renewed. Nor do I now, save for the help I receive from others who hold the field, the people who humble me every day with their generosity, sincerity, and selflessness. To the extent I am effective at what I do, it is because of you.

If I am right that my Oprah appearance is a marker however small of the unraveling of once-dominant worldviews, then it only happened because the emerging worldview I speak for is being held so strongly now by so many. Take it then as an encouraging sign. Whether or not it proves to be a breakthrough moment for the concepts of empathy and interbeing we discussed, it suggests that they are coming closer toward consensus reality.

We will not be alone here much longer. I thank all who have held the field of knowledge I speak from, who believe my words even more than I do myself, and who therefore uphold me in the work that upholds you. Thank you Charles. Your essay was exactly what I needed to hear in this moment. I doubt you remember me but I was the guy who came to the Space Between Stories workshop a year ago outside Asheville, with my old friend Marcie Christensen. You were very kind, though I can only imagine what you must have been thinking!????

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Your essay touched me deeply, helping me at an important moment in my life to confront with much less shame my conflicted motivations to help save life on our planet, and my self-aggrandizing craving for fame, money, and admiration. Much metta and gratitude to you, Stella, and your sons. Sincerely, Steve Alper. Beautiful, all around. I join you Steve in a deep bow to Charles for his important voice.

My self-confident presence was sadly a poor cover for the insecurity I felt as an aspiring spiritual educator. Who did I think I was to follow in the footsteps of the revered role models, I so wanted to be? Once I began to extinguish the false beliefs I was carrying around like, proving myself to others that I was not ego-involved in my dedication to service, but wanting only to be a generator for greater self-wareness and the importance of spiritual understanding and eduction.

Thank you and Charles for your openness and kindness. Yes, Nancy……….. Charles has given permission for some of his work to be printed in the magazine. Charles may not refer to Christ or Christianity by name, but he makes a direct quote from Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5. Thank you for this article, Charles. I feel also that those working hard to heal themselves from trauma, addiction, etc. I used to think that working on myself was selfish , but now I see how my healthier choices are creating a positive effect for those I care for.

For example, if my unhealthy and negative thinking goes unchecked, it can potentially affect everyone I come in contact with, causing stressful interactions. However, if I become more mindful of my thoughts and how they affect my moods, energy, words and actions, then I can make the choice to shift my thinking. I can practice a more peaceful way if interacting with myself, my inner dialog, which softens the outer dialog I have with others.

This personal shift has the capacity to affect everyone I come in contact with. A small movement that begins at home can send ripples out into the world. It is not selfish bring the focus inward. Self care gives us the nutrients we use to care for others.

I immediately sensed real depth in it without reading past the first few sections. Something big in emerging here. Rising out of the ashes of despair? I sure hope so having spent much time their in recent years… re both planetary and personal failures and disillusionment. Something big is emerging here. I sure hope so having spent much time there in recent years… re both planetary and personal failures and disillusionment.

Many of the parts are just the regular, dedicated acts of kindness. I taught in prison here in Asheville for 99 months. I hoped I was supporting people to be different: to change. What I know I successfully did was to show humanity 5 days a week to people who had shown inhumanity and were known for doing so. I have no idea what amount of change I effected. I write poetry. Occasionally something gets published. That audience is quite small.

I have no idea whom it touches. Have fun with your new fame;. My job is selling mattresses on commission. To be kindly present with each person, with joy and Lightness. Just today I had 2 elderly customers come back in tears, frustrated with delivery issues beyond our control. I tended to each with focus, kindness, physical and emotional care, as much help as I could summon. Last winter 3 diverse women sat in a unattractive work break room, bonding over cookies and cats.

Cookies and cats were possibly the only things we had in common but we enjoyed our time together and left with our hearts lighter, warmer. Our field of kindness I like this expression of yours enriched, warmed. Thank you for your lovely phrasing, the clarity with which I received your words. Thank you for this! So excited to see you are on Oprah! Dear Charles, Yet again your words fill me with belief and hope for us all.

Thank you. My joy of solitude in nature and not wanting to be surrounded by people all the time creates a sort of guilt. Yet my love for all that surrounds me and the way I make people smile when I am in town, I hope is enough. So thank you for reminding me it is. I have included the website for a house I have for sale, not from a selling point of view, but for somewhere you might like to stay Before it is sold.

It will be available in September as it is booked for holiday rentals for July and August. See you at the GEN conference. With love Conrad.

Another straight from the heart sharing using the gift of words and flow that you have. Blessed to read this and all of your work. Oh Charles. I love you. Tears are streaming down my face reading this. The tears are deep gratitude for the gift you share on behalf of us all. From my heart — thank you. Praise the spirit and may we all be used to serve this imperative message!

Thank you Oprah for heeding the call! Charles, you have changed this one woman in Australia immeasurably. Just by your words, your thoughts, your behaviour. I think you are a wonderful man and your way of living gives me heart. Charles, What a beautiful evolved soul you are. Your brilliance and soul are inspiring! Carol Howe. Thank you so much. I am Shiana Seitz, and I wrote, and ultimately self-published two books. Both on Amazon. Your first publishing experiences, and mind sets and intentions relate to my own.

I am sharing Joy and Love every day in ways I could not have possibly imagined when those books of mine went nowhere. They remind ME, and that is the being that chooses to be an inspiration to others — to those people within my circle of daily interactions. Life is a Mystery is it not? Thank you for sharing. It is a validation for me, and undoubtedly for many others, too. Namaste, Shiana. Wow, Charles, I enjoy your vulnerable sharing of your inner struggles.

I wrote a book, self-published, sold a few copies, and now realize that my greatest pleasure arises from knowing how many free PDF copies have been downloaded. I enjoy a few solitary notes that dribble in from people who thank me for my writing. Even when I wrote my introduction, I realized I write to hear myself tell myself the very things that I need to hear and remember. My goal is to be part of a team that builds localized resilience.

On A Wing And A Prayer One Womans Adventure Into The Heart Of The Rainforest

Hey David, I did not know about your writing. I do know that you are a shining light in Lane County. Keep up the good work! Hi David! Like Charles, you walk your talk, and keep listening as you say to your talk so you remember what your walk is. It is to remind myself of the essence of that story — stories — so my cellular awareness and my biome recognize my dedication to helping the story unfold — both my story and the bigger story of collaboration and as Charles says; We need each other!

I am so blessed! May the Oprah interview open new doors hearts and minds for your hopeful and encouraging message, so necessary for those of us who struggle in this parenthesis between a dying civilization and a more beautiful world yet to be born. Along with the wise words of the Zen master, you allude to a saying of Jesus about the rain falling on the just and unjust. That mysterious thing called the kingdom of god or heaven has a couple of interesting aspects. I, too, happen to be a self-publisher who put a little piece on the Kindle a few years ago, also in answer to a spiritual question I was asked.

I am not one bit surprised at this intersection. Oprah has long had a strong sense of what was needed for healing. This, to me, personally is awesome. Small is good, yes, but sometimes bigger IS better, when it is at the right time and right place with the right people. Many blessings to you for the sacred work you are doing. Your gifts of empathy and eloquence are so needed during these troubling times.

I met you through your written work a few years back and have been following you since. You capture and articulate with such clarity my own current life experience as one who has come through the community development and humanitarian assistance world into Transformational Conversation Living Awareness through Personal Life Coaching , which is where my heart has always been taking me.

Your authentic and courageous writing has helped me make sense of my own experience and to live more boldly into my highest soul commitment. Thank-you, Charles! Charles, your gracious telling of this posts humbling message is deeply inspiring. It plucks a cord that feels familiar to me as I walk a somewhat similar path in Australia. Thank you for this simple, yet powerful, goodness.

Respect Charles. Thank you for your part in the ripple effect of kindness in this world. I resonate. Beautiful Charles, thank you so much for writing this. I certainly relate. You are the conscience of our generation. Do you remember how we stood and looked at each other at the end of a Schumacher course? Long may this inter-connected presence inform the world of the centrality of respect, love, gratefulness and co-existence, as we journey onwards. I am on a similar professional path. Thank you for continuing to circulate the clarity you have received from The Spiritual Being.

I needed that. And you are right about this gap beginning to shrink. Thank you for your work. According to my ambitions and the expectations of my family and friends, as a Columbia alumni, I should be working at a prestigious company and earning an impressive salary. Your post helped me recognize the conflict of my motivations. Thanks again for being a mentor to me and many others. Like many others, I needed to hear this right now. But my heart tells me that there is an intelligence working through all of us, and I need only let that move me in the way it will.

Thank you for your presence in the world. It so reminded me of a wonderful book by Margaret J.

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This book describes how we can do our good work with dedication, energy, discipline, and joy by consciously choosing a new role for ourselves, that of warriors for the human spirit. I thank you for your openess and vulnerability. I know your way of seeing things is powerful and good.

Charles, I struggle with the same issues! I have even held myself back from writing another book until I was doing it for the right reasons… i. After a few years of really working on my lifelong need for achievement and success and recognition, I can report that I have made a lot of progress. I am also learning to love and have compassion for myself! It is a hard, slow process. But now that I feel I am seeing lights at the end of the tunnel — at least this part of the tunnel! And finally, I feel like a new book is growing in me too. But I have much less attachment to it.

It will come as it comes. Charles, kudos on the Oprah interview and your humble attitude about it. If this is a portent of bigger things to come for you, I pray that you retain this attitude! Blessings on your success. Imagine an Oprah show or whole season that just tells the stories of the millions of ordinary people doing powerful daily work.

The threads in the fabric. The everyday heroes. Thank you for being one of them Charles. If you should go big, thank you for remaining, in your own way, small. Also a big thanks from me, Charles. I could also have asked all those questions that you ask. Would I be willing to make that same deal? Good questions! This time, it was or is the path you are choosing in doing the small things. But, it is heartening to hear about Oprah and we do need some messages of hope at times. Warm wishes, Brian. You, and The Ascent of Humanity, have been at the center of many wild, deeply life-changing synchronicities over the past few years.

Right out of college, on my first day in San Francisco, I got a big, hardcover copy of The Ascent of Humanity at a little bookshop. Almost two years of full-time work, burnout, and a deep depression later, I was on a disability leave from work and went to Lightning in a Bottle I was in a workshop you gave there we traveled in time :D , and then hung around the space for a bit.

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It was a powerful, magickal experience in itself, and through it I connected with Danielle — a powerful connection that blew the doors off of… just about everything for me and set me on the path of awakening and healing. After the festival I connected with Paradox again, which brought me to one of the most deeply nourishing and stable connections of my life, a person who has been really instrumental in my growth and healing. After that I quit my job and started traveling. You and I crossed paths at the Beloved festival later that year.

About a minute later, Paradox literally stepped over my sleeping body, which led to us connecting again and opening some new pathways in my life. Thank you for being you and for the work you do! Hey Charles, Well and honestly put, as is your way and talent. Too wordy, too- but you already know and suspect that.

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Good stuff! Also, that your working these things out in this process of writing for others is clear. And I wish more power to you in your clearing. I say, let it bleed. Not before. What matters is saying it with your sword and rose as is… thorns and shine all. Nice Guy. Your rage and fume have a place to help communicate unto communion — I trust you in this because you are transformed- and transforming.

Nobody wants to read that, nor feel that from a brightness. This fuses into your Oprah bit. Oprah is perhaps more lost than most- and it is this quality in her — that is of her compelling to seek in such Darkness — that blesses us with a needed mainstream of stuttering toward wakefulness. But it is now. Thanx to that SuperHighway. And the razor you walk is reminding you to that we are all in a quickening, so there is no time to bow to OprahChoprah left. Acknowledge, thank, hold in gratefulness and still cut the wheat from the chaff. Remember, people are quite capable — and many will swim on their own even just by seeing the boat.

Yes, many will also drown. But giving even those who are drowning the dignity of their own place to do that for themselves is more respectful, and more real. Keep it real, Charles. You really do have something to say, to share, and to communicate unto communion — now Zen it out. Cut off your own Buddha head and let us hear it!

Trust us… we will grow. And we will quicken as needed across the land when you stop babying the Godscape and luv the blood and mud that challenges our ego-minds. Now is the time. Let the good times roll! I was worried about being the contrarian in this sea of accolades and was relieved to come to this response.

Charles, who are you to be so damn humble? We lack for heroes and you are blessed with that capacity. I had no idea what you were talking about with your discussion of his layers of logic, because there were no specific examples. Criticisms in this form have a tendency to just shame and inhibit people rather than helping them remedy anything if there truly is a an area which could use some attention for improvement. Please, give specific examples, and how it impacted you. Your message will be easier to hear. I am writing only because I treasure both Charles and the perspectives that come through his writing, and it is important to me to speak up in their defense.

Down the street is a center for the blind, where folks who can see, lead around those who cannot. Your words at the Slow Living Summit accompanied by that superb cellist put your message into my bones. A million times Thank You. This essay was just what a needed in a time of crisis of purpose. With gratitude. I actually reached out to you at the time to ask if you would help out with a review. I am now ready to bring it into the world to be of service and not for the fame. Like you the anticipation, the dreaming felt exciting. The universe had other plans to align my teaching with my values.

Thank you for your heartfelt muse; it has served as a mouthsmacking affirmation to pursue my witing with love and vigor. Huglets Philippa.

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Thank you for this essay. It is a joy to read about the smallness of a real life. My real life often feels very small. I am a composer and music teacher in a town with a population of just over 20, After I watched the film, I read the book and have slowly been making my way, as I dare, into treating some of my music life as gift.

I thank you so much for spelling out the philosophical underpinnings to this new way of thinking. You inspire me to have the faith to offer my own work as a gift. I am looking forward to seeing you and Opera together! So curious about what will evolve — both in the interview and the after affect on her audience. I love her curiosity and ability to connect with people. She has good questions to bring out interesting aspects of the people she interviews. And I always enjoy listening to you interacting with another person as you often do — great stuff emerges..

Like an evolutionary shift from single cells to organism. Who know where that will lead. I discovered your work very early when I bumped into The Ascent , loved it and spread the word far and wide. I was so excited when I saw you were doing a workshop in Bali just when it was possible for me to attend.

To me it felt like a miracle and my memories of that week are still clear and strong. You have touched lives — not just by your words but by being your self. What a gift to all of us to understand that aspect of making a difference. These days I mostly sit home, write and draw, and feel bad that I am no longer teaching. Charles — thank you for your humility, for your deep caring, and most of all for continuing to serve as an antenna. Your words are like rich compost in a global field where I pray human consciousness keeps growing, expanding, mutating. This piece is a particularly profound gift and an inspiration.

Yes, it is important with the comminity and be together with others. If I ever wanted to do anything in life, my father used to always ask me — why do you want to do it? For fame? For influence or to help? No matter how small or big the project was. And I do try, to find out what motivates me. This essay has put much in prespective for me. And I love the expression of — Age of needing each other.

I am a caregiver and I am so burnt out. Please pray for me that I find new work. You have reminded me that my work has value which will help as I look for new work. Clare I also liked reading your essay and I am looking forward to seeing the video. Thank you Charles for sharing your experience, it is touching.

I am beginning to see a growth in the connection of us all and although there is a lot of tragic things happening in the world, all that is happening is waking us up to the need to become closer together. Your words resonate with my experiences, I have become a servant to others over my lifetime and many times have thought that it was not right to be this way. Thank you for having the voice that has once again confirmed that the path we are on is the right one.

Hi Charles, Another wonderful essay from you. Who knows whom or what we may influence, we can only trust fully that we are guided along the way. I did find your thoughts on the need to be important and big so very helpful as I muddle along in my own life, however. Thank you!

On a Wing and a Prayer: One Woman's Adventure into the Heart of the Rainforest

Certainly in this small corner of Aotearoa I remember your teachings, the Space between Stories weekend and they have given me ongoing guidance in the months since February, with a slow unfolding in my own life. Thank you for having made the time to come here this year as I continue to be amazed at the synchronicity that allowed me to be there too. So here is for impact in unexpected ways!

Be well, Britta. Charles, Thank you for all your wonderful books, talks, podcasts and essays. Your messgaes have enriched my life. Love this. Transition is where we wanna give up in birth, lack self belief etc before the more active pushing stage where we get right down into our full power and push… And we are — rising and shifting and unmistakable gaining momentum. I agree, your moment with Oprah is a a sign.

The good news of the truth of interconnection, and the path out of this mess that it offers is spreading! How wonderful. Thanks for your contribution — both Charles and anyone else who is reading! I even believe you signed it. I since then gifted it to my friend Paul J.. PJ for short. You see Charles, your books are finding us..

I am so happy, an idea with passion has manifested for you… It is truly so that not only does God see everything.. I wanted to meet a certain person.. I intentionalized it with my passion.. Of course, my dream came true! Charles, this is great news! And your words help me strengthen my commitment.

We do all need each other. Thank you so much once again Charles. I love your candour, your honesty and your willingness to share your life of not-knowing if what you are doing is having any effect at-all. My life even though I am now 70 is still the same, I do what I do to the best I can, and have to let go of craving to know if what I do makes any difference at all to others or the world. Like you, I have come to see that when I teach , give talks, see clients or babysit my grandchildren, if it fills me with a warm glow, then something is happening somewhere, even if only within my own once closed off heart.

Due to trauma and fear I closed my heart as a child to anything but study and work. Both of those I have excelled in, in my own little way, but getting close to people, be it partners, friends or family has felt beyond me until recently. Yes it truly is the time of seeing that it is time to acknowledge we need each other just as much as we need the air we breathe. Thanks Charles Emma Mary Gathergood. I resonate with your thoughts about sacrificing your peace and quiet after your interview with Oprah.

I too will put my book out on to the altar of consciousness this fall and then simply let. I also loved your story of your friend Roy. Truly being present for someone, even if it is only one person in need, is more than enough. Thanks for a very thought provoking blog. I look forward to reading more of your writing in the future. One day, I suspect our Paths will cross…. I think this is the most appropriate place right now to share. Here we go.. The poem in its story, says it all about what is really going on with homeless people.

He looked at me and I was deeply touched at the kindness in his eyes and for his trust. He knew I would listen and I knew he would share… why were we truly both there? I asked her to marry me.. I walked away back to my car.. The healing had indeed begun. I just wanted to note that I love your use of the word logic.

As a computer scientist I know there are so many different kinds of logic just within that domain. We did a search for other books with a similar title, and found some results for you that may be helpful. Click on the cover image above to read some pages of this book! An unexpected legacy from World War 2 drastically changes the lives of three old comrades in this heartwarming story of loss, redemption and courage.

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When he takes to the skies in a final swansong flight, his true identity is at last revealed. About the Author Peter Bensley is an actor who has appeared in many Australian productions. He and his partner have three children and live on Sydney's northern beaches. This is his first book. Help Centre. My Wishlist Sign In Join.