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A Wait-Free Universal Construction 6. Chapter Notes 6.

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Exercises II. Practice 7. Spin Locks and Contention 7. Welcome to the Real World 7. Test-And-Set Locks 7. Exponential Backoff 7. Queue Locks 7. Array-Based Locks 7. A Queue Lock with Timeouts 7. A Composite Lock 7. A Fast-Path Composite Lock 7. Hierarchical Locks 7. A Hierarchical Backoff Lock 7. Chapter Notes 7. Exercises 8. Monitors and Blocking Synchronization 8. Introduction 8. Monitor Locks and Conditions 8. Conditions 8. The Lost-Wakeup Problem 8. Readers—Writers Locks 8. Simple Readers—Writers Lock 8. Fair Readers—Writers Lock 8.

Our Own Reentrant Lock 8. Semaphores 8. Chapter Notes 8. Exercises 9. Linked Lists: The Role of Locking 9. Introduction 9. List-Based Sets 9. Concurrent Reasoning 9. Coarse-Grained Synchronization 9. Fine-Grained Synchronization 9.

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Optimistic Synchronization 9. Lazy Synchronization 9. Non-Blocking Synchronization 9. Discussion 9. Chapter Notes 9.

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Exercises Introduction Queues A Bounded Partial Queue An Unbounded Total Queue An Unbounded Lock-Free Queue Dual Data Structures Chapter Notes Concurrent Stacks and Elimination An Unbounded Lock-Free Stack Elimination The Elimination Backoff Stack A Lock-Free Exchanger The Elimination Array Counting, Sorting, and Distributed Coordination Shared Counting Software Combining An Extended Example Performance and Robustness Quiescently Consistent Pools and Counters Counting Networks Networks That Count Performance and Pipelining Diffracting Trees Parallel Sorting Sorting Networks Sample Sorting Distributed Coordination Concurrent Hashing and Natural Parallelism Closed-Address Hash Sets A Coarse-Grained Hash Set A Striped Hash Set A Refinable Hash Set A Lock-Free Hash Set Recursive Split-Ordering The BucketList Class An Open-Addressed Hash Set Cuckoo Hashing Concurrent Cuckoo Hashing Striped Concurrent Cuckoo Hashing Skiplists and Balanced Search Sequential Skiplists A Lock-Based Concurrent Skiplist The Algorithm A Lock-Free Concurrent Skiplist The Algorithm in Detail Concurrent Skiplists Priority Queues Concurrent Priority Queues A Sequential Heap Futures, Scheduling, and Work Distribution Analyzing Parallelism Realistic Multiprocessor Scheduling Work Distribution Work Stealing Yielding and Multiprogramming Work-Stealing Dequeues A Bounded Work-Stealing Dequeue Work Balancing Barriers Barrier Implementations Sense-Reversing Barrier Combining Tree Barrier Static Tree Barrier Termination Detecting Barriers Transactional Memory What is Wrong with Locking?

What is Wrong with compareAndSet? What is Wrong with Compositionality? What can We Do about It? Transactions and Atomicity Software Transactional Memory Transactions and Transactional Threads Zombies and Consistency Nir Shavit received a B. From to he served as a member of technical staff at Sun Labs and Oracle Labs. Convert currency. Add to Basket. Condition: New. Excellent Quality, Service and customer satisfaction guaranteed!

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