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His beliefs were succinctly captured in his constantly changing "texts" displayed around the school. Here are my favourites: "Real poverty is lack of imagination. They are not parrots - let them come off their perches. They should adventure with the children, making things, thinking things out, doing things all around the school.

But how did it work in practice?

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We know because the school was inspected, and because a sympathetic observer, Gerald Holmes, wrote about it in The Idiot Teacher, an educational classic first published in The school had a programme of work including not just the "primaries" of English and arithmetic but areas such as geology, astronomy, economics, citizenship, domestic work, the arts and the humanities. There was an advertised regular cycle of lessons where one specific lesson was given daily to each class upon one or other of these areas.

The aim was to stimulate and amplify children's interest in some topical or cultural matter so as to lead on to further research but only if a child wanted to in and out of the school building. The length, format and style of each daily lesson varied from teacher to teacher and subject to subject. After "the lesson" each day children had to engage in "the primaries" - following a definite programme but at their own rate. They had to accomplish a minimum amount of primary work but they could do more.

Following that, the remainder of the school day was at the children's disposal to work individually or co-operatively on their own enquiries and activities, drawing on the help of their own and other teachers and using the school's extraordinary range of facilities. Ein Ukrainisches dichterleben. Ulysses S. Taha Opere La incognita del hombre. A physical approach by Nemenman I. Sauvage Building ASP. Ward Force. Lide Variation in second language acquisition, Volume 50 by Susan M. Telefonisch neue Kunden akquirieren by Klaus-J. Elektrodynamik by Sommerfeld A. Pprs from Commem.

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