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High points in this regard go to Michael E. Maloney, a Cincinnati-based community organizer, who writes:.

Memoirs Of A Lunatic

My father killed one man in a West Virginia coal mine for making a disrespectful remark, another for drawing a gun on him, and another who had murdered my uncle Dewey. We can gawk at mountain people all we like.

David Cameron brands former ally Michael Gove a ‘lunatic’ and blames him for Brexit defeat

West Virginia University Press. Now, Appalachians Return the Favor. Nearly everyone likes the memoir sections. The moralizing has been divisive. Some of his brawling, working-class kin are alcoholics, and some are abusers; nearly all are feisty beyond measure.

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The book is about how young J. This kind of criticism, for many Appalachians, verges on the personal. To be fair to Vance, he finds some positive things to say about Appalachians.

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Maybe he's right. With his parents in it. He is cunning, intelligent, and is on a divine quest.

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Convinced God has chosen him to kill off mankind; he unsympathetically carries out his orders, executing one undesirable at a time. Jack exists in the undefined space between lucidity and madness. Create Widget.