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The doctor thought it was a stomach virus and he gave me medicine and injections for my grandma to give me. My mom saw I was pale as snow. On Aug. I stayed in the ICU for a month and seven days. Eventually, life got better. I got hemodialysis HD with my HD catheter every three days and went to school and did my best to catch up with everyone I was a very slow runner, I use to be the second fastest.

List of Kidney Diseases and Conditions

The doctors discussed me getting a AV fistula or a peritoneal dialysis catheter. Home peritoneal dialysis has worked well for me and I know there is still hope for kids, as well as adults, who are fighting against their fears, diseases, disasters and tragedies. Whenever you see or hear the word renal, you will know the subject is about kidneys. The kidneys are two bean-shaped organs about five-inches long, three-inches wide and one-inch thick located in your back on each side of your spine. Each kidney is about the size of a fist and weighs from four to six ounces.

They are situated above your waist, with the left kidney a little higher and a little larger. The right kidney is a little lower and smaller to make room for the liver. The lower ribs protect your kidneys. Inside the kidneys are nephrons. These are tiny units where the filtering of excess fluids and dissolved particles occurs. There are between 1 and 1. In addition to removing extra fluid and water from your body, kidneys:.

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The basic function of kidneys begins when you eat and drink. After the body takes the nutrients it needs, the extras become wastes. Some of the waste winds up in the blood and needs to be filtered out.


The blood gets circulated through the body with every beat of the heart. The extra fluid and waste becomes urine and travels from the kidneys down the ureters to the bladder until eliminated through the urethra. Removing waste is only one job of the kidneys. In addition to filtering, the kidneys monitor the levels of chemicals, salts and acids in the blood. Inside the nephrons are sensors that keep track of sodium , phosphorus , calcium and potassium.

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An overview of the kidney and monoclonal free light chains | Wikilite

Do you wish to continue to this site? No Yes Proceed to Wikilite. Section Contents. Diseases with monoclonal light chain deposition 26 - An overview of the kidney and monoclonal free light chains Introduction Renal clearance of free light chains Renal impairment and free light chains Nephrotoxicity of monoclonal FLCs Monoclonal gammopathy of renal significance 27 - Cast nephropathy in multiple myeloma 28 - AL amyloidosis 29 - Light chain deposition disease.

Renal disease and the surgical patient: Minimizing the impact

Full Wikilite Contents. Renal clearance of free light chains FLCs are present in similar concentrations in the vascular and extravascular compartments. Renal injury caused by FLCs.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

View source: Nephrotoxicity of monoclonal FLCs. Higher sFLC levels are associated with more severe renal impairment. Nephrotoxicity of monoclonal FLCs Key updates.

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Higher sFLC levels are associate Previous Management of multiple myeloma in Asia: resource-stratified guidelines. Next 27 - Cast nephropathy in multiple myeloma. Higher sFLC levels are associated wit References 1. Clin Chem ;—80 2. Miettinen TA, Kekki M. Clin Chim Acta ; 3. J Exp Med ; 4. Physiology Bethesda ; 5. J Clin Pathol ; 6. Ann Intern Med ; 7. QJM ; 8. Clin J Am Soc Nephrol ; 9. Kidney Int ; Stevens PE, Levin A. Ann Intern Med ; Kidney Int Suppl ; Srisawat N, Kellum JA.