Manual Better Off Dead: A Casey Jones Mystery (Casey Jones Mysteries, Book 5)

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Please check your on-line bookseller to see. Because the e-book rights for the Dead Detective series are owned by various major publishers, prices for those will vary. Visit www. Buy a Kindle Edition here. Buy a Nook Edition here. Buy in many other e-formats here.

At first, Casey proves a sucker for the fragile blonde who claims her estranged husband has disappeared with their child. But when Casey locates the fugitive spouse a little too easily, she begins to suspect that the lovely Tawny Bledsoe has played her for a fool.

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Bad check in hand and a bad taste in her mouth, Casey resolves to stop Tawny once and for all, but the battle quickly turns personal with Tawny proves more than a match for the the irrepressible Casey. Ego rattled, Casey laces up her high-tops to track her nemesis to Florida for a Saturday night cat fight.

Casey must leave her sweet-and-sour southern ways far behind in order to prove that Tawny Bledsoe is one bad to the bone babe who belongs behind bars — no matter what it takes to bring her down. Buy a print edition on-line at amazon. Buy a print edition on-line at barnesandnoble. Bad Moon on the Rise brings back all the characters you love so well, introduces a new love interest for Casey and reveals a life-changing secret about one of her most-loved friends.

In this sixth Casey Jones mystery, kick-ass P. Casey is back with her trademark irreverence and a cast of supporting characters her fans have come to love, including her whale-sized boss, Bobby D. Bad Moon on the Rise offers readers plenty of action, plenty of humor and plenty for Casey fans to enjoy.

Casey Jones is as tough as they come.

It takes a lot to faze her, but there are still some cases that hit her like a piledriver to the gut. This is one of them. Helen McInnes, the victim of a horrible crime, barely escaped with her life. Traumatized by the experience, she can no longer set foot outside her home. Buy a Kindle edition on-line here. Buy a Nook edition on-line here. This search leads Auntie Lil and T. Buy a Kindle version here. This book is an exploration of family, both good and bad, as well as a tribute to the staying power of true love.

With a stretch in a Florida pen behind her and no official PI license, Casey comes from nothing and has nothing to lose. She lives full speed ahead with a healthy respect for the screw ups of others. When a favorite client gets killed on her watch, Casey vows to find the killer no matter what the cost, either personally or professionally.

She fights to regain her self-confidence and expose an incendiary killer out to destroy more than her name. Casey moves from farmland to the mountains, from debutante balls to drag bars, from boardrooms to bedrooms— and even down the prickly path of lust at first sight—as she battles unknown enemies anxious to see her, quite literally, to go up in flames.

Set in North Carolina and the surrounding states, Legworkfeatures a colorful cast, solid plot and writing that is both laugh out funny and vry moving at times. In Legwork, P. Casey must unravel the tangled loyalties of N. Instead, she does all the dirty work for her boss Bobby D. The series revolves around Casey and Bobby, as well as a cast of supporting players from all social strata. The series is best described as irreverant and frequently bawdy — but not without its insights into human nature. The South will never be the same. The result is a well-plotted, engrossing mystery with a ton of heart.

Is some maniac killing people at the opera house? Was there a racial motivation behind the killing? Or is there a curse on the Metropolitan Ballet? Aided by her buttoned-down nephew T.

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