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What was that smell? Like something dead. Well, he was awfully pale; perhaps he wasn't well. That would account for the smell and the fact that he was wearing long sleeves in June, and I was a seriously hateful bitch to call the poor old guy Children of the Corn's daddy. And the front yard is called The Green.

Learn something new every day! I said to myself with a grimace. Before I turned off the car, I took my required several minutes a man once told me he could always tell how attractive a woman was by how long it took her to get out of a car— I try to take a longgg time to reapply my lipstick. I also took a minute to scope out the house. Scratch that—mansion. My first impression held. This place seriously conjured images of Poe and Hawthorne.

It was humongous, in a sprawling, Victorian-type of way. I'm usually drawn to unusual old homes, but not so with this one. I tipped my sunglasses down my nose to get a better view. It looked odd.

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It took a moment to figure out why, then it hit me—it looked as if it had been built in several different parts. The basic building was roughly a huge square, but added on to this square were two different porches, one rectangular with steps leading up to the entrance in a grandiose, sweeping manner. Not twenty feet down from the first porch was a second, rounded gazebo-like structure just, well, stuck on to the front of the building, complete with latticework and gnarly-looking roses. A large turret room was attached to one side of the building, like a cancerous growth, and a slope-roofed wing emerged from the opposite end of the structure.

The whole thing was painted an awful shade of gray, and it was cracked and crinkled, like an old smoker's skin. A thick cloud passed in front of the sun and the "walking on my grave" feeling hit me like a bad dream. Is it late? It seems to me that the light darkens. My English teacher mind plucked the quote from Medea. Greek tragedy, replete with revenge, betrayal and death. Seemed, in an inopportune way, appropriate. Oklahoma heat was waiting to embrace me with its humid arms as I stepped out of the car and clicked the lock on my keypad. Set up around the side of the house was a large table with a line of assorted auction-goers milling about it.

I figured that was the sign-in table and headed that way, keeping part of my attention on the various piles of "stuff" that began stretching from the side yard around and disappearing into the rear of the grounds.

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My palms were already all atingle at the thought of digging through those heaped boxes. But first the sign-in. I should've put this hunk of hair up in a ponytail! I find American glasswork fascinating, don't you? It was the matron's turn to get her ticket, but she was so busy watching the hairline watch me that she could hardly give the registrar her info.

I would hate to see such a lovely young lady taken advantage of…. I noticed the yellowed stains shadowing his pits. Guess that button-down oxford was just a little too warm for this trek. Parker, your number is Please fill out your address next to the slot.

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Keep the number with you at all times, the auctioneer will refer to your number if you purchase an item. When you have made all your purchases, simply give the cashier your number and she will present you with your bill. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. About the Author P. Read an Excerpt Finally, on my way. Show More. Average Review. My boyfriend at the time had picked this up for me because again, at the time I loved the House of Night series thankfully that was five years ago and I've realized the egregious error of my ways since.

I remember liking the idea of this Partholon place, but other than that it was boring My boyfriend at the time had picked this up for me because again, at the time I loved the House of Night series thankfully that was five years ago and I've realized the egregious error of my ways since.

Divine by Mistake

I remember liking the idea of this Partholon place, but other than that it was boring as hell. Shannon wasn't a likeable character, as much as I wanted her to be, and obviously the plot wasn't all that interesting, otherwise I would've stuck with it. Oh my gosh. Just came back from a bit of a book break and i've had this volume on my shelf for a while. Just finished and im pleased to say just 'wow'! I havent read a book such as this before and this has just gotten me hooked! She was exciting and fresh, bubbling over with personality. She was so well written i could have known her in real life.

The story was brought alive by the wonderful descriptions of Partholon and you truely follow the characters through turmoil and love. I might even have a soft spot for centaurs now! Looking forward to moving onto book 2 now, woo hoo! Aug 24, Courtney rated it it was ok. Just in case like the library I checked it out from you were under that mistaken impression. Secondly, how many baths does a character have to take in a single book?! It was ridiculous the amount of times the main character was bathing. That's all this book amounted to for me, one ultra long bathing session.

Jun 01, Snarktastic Sonja rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , reviewed. While the world wasn't amazing, I absolutely loved the main character. She is snarky. She is realistic. She is passionate. She is lovable. She has a heart of gold. Make no mistake: this is a chick book.

Males should probably pass on by. As the synopsis clearly states, Shannon finds herself transferred to another world where she is the "chosen" of the warrior goddess. She also finds that her counterpart was a bit of a. So, Rhea spends a great deal of time making up for that. There are a great many pop culture references. A girl after my own heart. She was a high school English teacher, and uses these skills frequently as she continues to 'impersonate' Rhiannon.

There are also frequent Star Trek and Star Wars references. These were so much fun because I felt like I was in on an inside joke. These were always clicheish, yet appropriate, and mostly hysterical. She enters this world as, unbeknownst to the people, a race that is considered 'pure evil' is about to attack. She, and her band of fearless followers, must quickly build a defense to defeat the monsters.

While this plot is not the strongest plot ever devised, it works as a vehicle to spend time with our intrepid heroine.

Divine By Choice

Which is where the strength of the story lies. I knew Shannon was the perfect heroine when view spoiler [she re-wrote the end of The Phantom of the Opera hide spoiler ] to please her enthralled audience. Rather than a romance, I think I would classify this story as a love affair. There is no love triangle. There is no romantic suspense. It is just there and wraps you in its arms. This is definitely, then, a love affair with a bit of fantasy thrown in.

A little more lovey dovey than I typically enjoy, but Rhea is just so much darn fun it does not matter. Oh, yes, did I mention centaurs? No vampires. Even though the evil beings are characterized as being "vampire-like". No werewolves. This, alone, makes this book worth reading. Feb 27, Kandy rated it it was amazing Shelves: i-own. At first I was a bit hesistant because I don't frequently read books where the main character is over 25, but in this case I was glad I did.

I had this book sitting on my shelf for almost 2 years without reading it. I'm glad that I picked it up, the blurb at the back caught my attention and my spark to read it was once again ignighted. Her humour and love for whine was brilliant, and in general her kindness was astounding. She was a strong and well built character who deserves recognition.

I also loved the fact that she had to explain everything when Alana or ClanFintan didn't know what she was talking about. I also really liked Alana's character - and the way she was so devoted to Rhea. ClanFintan on the other hand - just hot. Even for a centaur, the way he was described made you want to fall in love with him yourself.

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Big, strong and caring man full of love and protection - and hot! What girl wouldn't want Mr. Dreamy Centaur? Although it took me more than a few days to read this book, I felt like I could hardly put it down when I had the chance to read. PC Cast never fails to write an excellent book, which draws you in ever so quickly and keeps you in that same seat the entire way through the book. I am definitely hanging for more and cannot wait to read 'Divine by Choice' which I am about to start. I give the book 5 stars, and recommend it to any young adults, or adults who love a good read.

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Jun 06, Waverley added it. I stopped at the lake part;for all of you that have read the book you know what I'm talking about! I found it kinda strange that the author would even come up with how the centar can morph into human form to be able to do the deed with I can't even remember her name? View 1 comment. Despite of how thick this book is pages , it is a really fast-paced story. I really enjoyed and like this book a lot! Things that are really standing out for me are the story line. I think it has a very great story plot, world-building, and setting.

And the writing is flowing easily and successfully made me not wanting to put it down. And I don't know how much reliable the myth about Celtic God or Goddess , but I found it is really a great story to take on. Makes me want to know a bit more ab Despite of how thick this book is pages , it is a really fast-paced story. Makes me want to know a bit more about the myth. Characters, this book evolves around human and centaurs so far.. I like the female main character, Shannon Parker, I think she is hilarious, loyal, funny, witty, and sarcastic, then there is ClanFintan, a leader-high-shaman centaur clan I can not help myself but imagine him to look like Khal Drogo centaur version..

Okay, that'd be all I think, I just can say that I really like and enjoy this book. If you are looking for a fast-paced story in adult fantasy with awesome story line and great world building, I think this book is your answer ; Shelves: paranormal-romance , favorites , sexy-warriors , greek-heroes , fantasy-romance , time-travel-romance. I've had experience reading the "Goddess" series written by P. Cast, but it had been awhile. Remembering how greatly I enjoyed that series, I was sure that I would not be disappointed in this one.

I was a little apprehensive only about whether this tale would be more adult and less teeny-bopper. Divine by Mistake solidly landed my vote in the "Adult" category. Not only was this story most enjoyable for its parallel themes taken from Greek mythology, but the added twist of the heroine being of contemporary times and thrust back into a world of the ancients had my imagination doing flips! It made for an entirely exciting ride! The hero was as much of a surprise as anything else this story had to throw out.

I was expecting your typical Greek God type, but oh no. That would have been too mundane. He was definitely as sexy as any God could be, but with just a little bit of "beast" thrown in for kicks.

Is contained in

I will leave you guessing as to his true character and form. Cast has made it so easy to make my favorites shelf again. Besides, I will be counting down the days until I can read the second installment in this "Partholon" series.

Keep these 5-star adventures coming, Ms. Michele, Tom, Chris maybe even Ralph! Recommended to Darlene by: An accidental loan from the library of one of the next in the series. Shelves: oklahoma , feminism , not-loanable , vampires , womyn , kindle-books-i-own , kindle , mythology , horses , magick. God dess. This was a fun adventure. It isn't a YA rather the adventure is for a thirty something adult. It is Now crashing into Celtic times. They are bat-like humanoids that are just evil.

And our heroine fights them to the death in her Goddess-incarnate form. But that is what I would expect from a former English teacher! Got your attention? This is a great book and I can har Oh. This is a great book and I can hardly wait to get back into the series. I loved the characters and, yes, the romantic twists that occur. Shannon Parker is a sassy, fun person to be around, even if she is only the character on the pages in a book. She knows her stuff and has a few flaws, might I say she could use a step program for that wine problem?

But when she becomes all she can be what, did she join the army? There are times when a wife might say her husband is a horse's ass, but maybe one should watch what they say. Shannon's husband is all man when he isn't a centaur. Ok, I need to stop. You must read the book. I don't want to spoil it any further. It is fun! If you can't afford it, insist that the library carry it. It isn't loanable in Kindle form. Sep 03, LiteraryObsession rated it it was ok. I was utterly disappointed with this series of books.

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  8. However, the majority of the time she acts like a spoiled, whiny teenager. Yes, folks, S I was utterly disappointed with this series of books. Yes, folks, Shannon is the narrator. What really got me, however, was the writing. I tried very hard to get passed the obnoxious and immature sounding voice of the narrator, but the short, choppy sentences and simplistic vocabulary really just made it impossible for me to fall in love with the story. What made that even more unbearable to me is that Shannon is supposedly a High School English teacher!

    Kudos, though, to anyone who can churn out that many words, get it published, and make money off of it. I didn't mind Cast's House Of Night series, thought it was a decent if very hot-headed take on the whole 'vampire finishing school' genre. My suspicion is that they were originally 'just' witches, and the vampire element was added af ter the phenomenal success of.. They were fun, silly and dragged you along in the best soap opera style. The 'Divine' books are another kettle of copycat fish altogether I found myself dreading the beginning of each new chapter and the fantas I didn't mind Cast's House Of Night series, thought it was a decent if very hot-headed take on the whole 'vampire finishing school' genre.

    I barely finished this And PC, if you're going to to blatantly emulate another writer's style- choose someone with a bit more talent than Charlaine Harris. But then Shannon is sucked back into Oklahoma by well meaning Shaman Clint Freeman, her husband's mirror image. Clint hoped to rescue Shannon from the horrors of the Formorian war, not realising Shannon was perfectly happy in Partholon, thank you very much. But Shannon isn't all that's come through. An ancient evil, thought dead, begins haunting Oklahoma, bringing uncharacteristic snow storms and chaos.

    Nuada, killed on the battlefields, is out to kill everyone Shannon ever cared about, and it's up to her and Clint to stop it. Only this isn't Partholon, and though Shannon is still beloved of the Goddess, without anyone to help her understand exactly what that means, will she ever be able to? And will she ever be able to return to Partholon? Much the same as the first instalment , this is a fairly silly, but fun fantasy romance.