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Essentials is by far the most important course within Easy Way Photography, it is important to start off on the right path and the Essentials course will do exactly that. Essentials is a complete start to finish basic workflow, perfect for beginners or anyone looking for a consistent workflow with professional level results. Throughout the Essentials course, you will learn all the basics to form your very own efficient, consistent Adobe Photoshop Workflow.

Accelerator will supercharge any existing workflow!

52 photography projects: a great technique to try every week of the year

Saving you more time and adding even more WOW factor to your photos! The perfect next step for those that have completed the Essentials course and are looking to take your workflow to the next level. The Turbo course will take your workflow to the next level! Turbo boost your workflow, with more incredible techniques for adding more detail, more impact and more speed to your workflow. All 3 workflows combine seamlessly to form the Ultimate Workflow for Landscape Photographers!

Perfect for landscape photographers of all levels of Photoshop experience, beginner to advanced. The Essentials forms the base workflow a perfect starting point for beginners , the Accelerator puts the icing on the cake making your photos look amazing and Turbo is the Cherry on top!

Effortlessly transform any ordinary photos into extraordinary photography in no time at all. All content is specifically designed for landscape photographers. Achieve results faster by only learning the techniques specific to you! Join the friendly Easy Way Photography Facebook group where you can get the answers to any questions you might have and also share your before and after photos.

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Learn the secrets to processing those magic moments so they look and feel just as breathtaking as the moment you remember! Thanks Adam for helping me understand Photoshop, before Photoshop seemed so over whelming and complicated and extremely confusing, Adam showed and explained the basics, and quickly built my knowledge of how to use layers, curves, masking, composting images, and much more, Adam was able to bring out As I was processing an image over the weekend I was reflecting back on the advanced Photoshop course of yours I attended.

The most valuable lessons I took away were - Developing a vision Understanding what I wanted out of an image up front and then using the tools as a means to achieve I have done all of Adams courses from beginner to advanced. Adams courses are so easy to follow and the backup service is amazing.

59 Quick and Easy Photography Tips | Canon Australia

I am self-taught in all facets of my photography but these courses helped in getting my head around Photoshop. I believe Adams courses enables you to dig All you need is chalk, drawing surface and sketch.

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Dip it in water before drawing. And keep do it during your work. At first, the lines will look a bit faded, but let them dry. The drawing will dry bright white and the lines will look the same. But drawing with wet chalk is much easier. You can also draw on a wet board if you prefer. Spend 20 minutes on sketches. Flowers are a perfect subject for still life photography. Then photograph a neat and accurate flat lay with papers and gardening scissors.

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In that case, shoot something light and airy in high key. You can even get a little destructive and paint flowers with metallic spray paint choose golden ones for a Midas reference! Why not drown them in water wait for bubbles to form on the surface or dip in acrylic paint of matching color and shoot falling drops of liquid. You can even encase them in ice cubes perfect for hot summers!

Let your imagination run wild! Food photography is wide and versatile enough to talk about for days without stopping to draw a breath. Oftentimes to take a shot you need to be a good cook or a food stylist. Or at least to work with one. Make a pie chart from your breakfast cereal: this sector is for oatmeal, this one for berries aaaaaand this tiny one is for a pinch of vanilla.

Or take it a step further and photograph a comprehensive recipe. Arrange a flat lay composition with ingredients, paper arrows, and stickers with written instructions. Another way is to fantasize how easy cooking could be with magic! How with one spell or one pentagram you can avoid all that fuss with cutting, roasting, sauteing, dressing and blanching. But I can imagine how I summon a tasty chocolate doughnut with help of transfiguration seals from Full Metal Alchemist. Food is one of the most promising themes to work with.

Remember old 8-bit video games? Take something resembling a pixel a simple sugar cube would work perfectly and recreate a scene from Space Invaders or Pack-Man. Make it a fight not for completing the level, but for your breakfast or after lunch cookies. Sometimes just one element like one tetromino figure will do the trick. My mind immediately produced an image of Tetris tiles filling a real-world glass.

Later I transformed this image into a smalls series where Tetris figures fall into teacups and create beautiful splashes. Remember your favorite 8-bit game and bring it to life. Picture a conventional still life scene and populate it with tiny people. They could build a tree house on your cacti, steal your cookies with a UFO or sail the length of your soup plate. Ideas for beautiful images are endless! Here, you have a crime scene. Put a teepee you made from paper and twigs on your table with glass jars full of clover and books about Indian Tribes. Light a bonfire with a match, look at smoke rising to the dark skies, and take a picture.

Imagine your own tiny world, live in it, tell its stores. Check out our macro photography article for tips and advice! This list of still life photography ideas, as any list of ideas, is useful only if you really try to do something with your photography work. Actually drawing a sketch, arranging a composition and taking great photos, however, will work. So, choose one idea you like best, transform it to match your vision, style , skills, and props. Plan the shooting and then actually do it. Looking for more cool still life ideas? Taylor Mathis Report. Sheldon Evans Report. You can also use a towel underneath the tripod for a similair effect.

Brandon Woelfel Report. Just sayin. While working at a newspaper, we had a photographer try this- only without the plastic bag. That lens never shot right after. Learn photo editing Report. Jesse David McGrady Report. Maddie Lullaby Report. Peter McKinnon Report. Olivier Schmitt Report. Jessica Kobeissi Report.

Jwalt Photography Report. Satyajit Sardar Report. Clicknetwork Report. This is not the "soft-focus lens" effect. This is a "shoot-through" effect. Soft focus lenses cover the whole lens. You can create a soft-focus lens effect by stretching very thin, gauzy fabric over the lens. Wolfeye Report.

Mathieu Stern Report. Bored Panda works best if you switch to our Android app. Bored Panda works better on our iPhone app! Follow Bored Panda on Google News! Your image is too large, maximum file size is 8 MB. Not your original work? Add source. Error occurred when generating embed. Please check link and try again.

In , she graduated from Digital Advertising courses where she had an opportunity to meet and learn from industry professionals. In the same year, she started working at Bored Panda as a photo editor. Greta is a coffeeholic and cannot survive a day without 5 cups of coffee Her biggest open secret: she is a gamer with a giant gaming backlog. Or use Photoshop. Probably easier than carrying empty jars and shower curtains around when you're taking photos.

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  5. There is a much larger sense of accomplishment by making a great image with the camera than shooting an average image and making it great in post processing. Thats why i call myself a photographer. Which layer effect or filter would turn hard shadows into soft ones? That would be an awesome filter I doubt there is any, and I have used Photoshop a lot. Looks like you were given photo credit. Somebody had probably shared, who then shared and the source was lost. You maybe should have contacted the author of this instead of freaking out. It was probably an honest mistake. This comment is hidden.

    Click here to view. Ah the full article, you mean the one that it brings you to when you click on your name under the image from where they credited you and then direct people to your page with the actual tip? What exactly are you complaining about or what exactly is your case here? That the internet is open and that some website saw your info and linked to it on their site while fully crediting you and even pushing traffic to your site? They have stolen nothing and have in no way tried to claim the work as their own. Welcome to the internet.

    If you dislike the free exposure you get, then photography anno might not be for you. Hello, I've been using this trick and ones similar to it since before when I was still shooting with my Minolta 35mm film camera and my Hasselblad medium format camera. I read about it in a book from the library back before , book was dated in the 60s. When exactly did you invent this effect and tip relating to it?? Hello, I've been using this trick and ones similar to it since before Okay, so how do you set this up? What light source?