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An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching provides an engaging, student-friendly guide to the field of foreign language learning and teaching. Aimed at students with no background in the area and taking a task-based approach, this book: introduces the theoretical and practical aspects of both learning and teaching; provides discussion and workshop activities throughout each chapter of the book, along with further reading and reflection tasks; deals with classroom- and task-based teaching, and covers lesson planning and testing, making the book suitable for use on practical training courses; analyses different learning styles and suggests strategies to improve language acquisition; includes examples from foreign language learning in Russian, French, and German, as well as English; is accompanied by a brand new companion website at www.

Written by an experienced teacher and author, An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching is essential reading for students beginning their study in the area, as well as teachers in training and those already working in the field. Passar bra ihop. Chapter 11, Contexts, examines the role of language planners.

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Noting that language teaching is a political act, Johnson considers some of the questions language planners must ask themselves, looking at a range of contextual issues, from the micro to the macro level. The chapter concludes by noting that teachers must recognize that the methods they prefer may not match local contextual norms.

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Chapter 12, Plans, looks at the planning of specific programs, focusing on syllabus design, and particularly on structural and notional functional syllabi. As he does throughout the text, Johnson provides examples and activities for students. For example, he replicates the tables of contents of ESL texts, and has students work on deciphering which syllabi types are being followed.

Criteria for ordering structural syllabi are suggested, as well as problems which may arise.

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Johnson provides a version of the Council of Europe's needs analysis model and explains Van Ek's Threshold Level as one means of devising a notional-functional syllabus. Here, Johnson discusses declarativization, how teachers show learners how language works, which Johnson calls "conveying language," and proceduralization, or practicing language. He highlights characteristics needed to do either process well, and outlines techniques teachers may use. Johnson notes differences between drills and "the real-thing practice.

An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

Chapter 14 discusses the skills of reading and writing, but notes the interrelationship of skills, such that listening activities can be readily adapted to be reading activities, and vice versa, as can writing and speaking activities be adapted from each other. Johnson notes bottom-up and top- down reading processes, highlighting problems in accounting for how people read texts.

Second language acquisition theories

He introduces a number of teaching activities. Chapter 15, Tests, provides a brief overview of types of tests achievement, diagnostic, proficiency, and placement and of some key areas of concern in the field of testing. Psychometric testing, integrative testing, and communicative testing are each discussed. Four characteristics of a good test are discussed: validity, reliability, discrimination, and feasibility, as is the concept of sampling.

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The chapter, and book, close with a very brief discussion of issues and techniques for testing skills. The text is easy to read, maintaining an amiable tone throughout, a result, no doubt, of the fact that much of the material originated from talks delivered to students. If you offer an undergraduate course which covers the topics of SLA, language teaching methods, and syllabus design, this is a book to consider adopting. Throughout the book, Johnson elaborates on issues by providing detailed examples in boxes which accompany the body of his text.

Contrastive Analysis, for example, is illustrated with a box comparing English and Polish personal pronouns. Many teaching techniques are similarly conveyed.

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Johnson also provides in tinted boxes numerous activities and questions for students to consider as he introduces concepts. The boxes add greatly to the text, filling in useful information, and provoking students to make connections between ideas. Reading the book, one can imagine that Johnson is a teacher well skilled in conveying ideas with clarity and ease. Convert currency. Add to Basket.

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