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Vladimir Pavlovich Krainov

Selected Reading. Burke, Philip George. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. The subject of this book is the physics of laser-atom interactions The interaction of strong and superintense laser radiation with atoms is of particular interest The reader will find up-to-date information about theoretical methods and modern experiments describing the ionization of atoms by intense laser fields see more benefits.

Buy eBook. Buy Softcover. FAQ Policy. About this book Multiphoton Processes in Atoms in intense laser-light fields is gaining ground as a spectroscopic diagnostic tool. Dq Fluorescence and phosphorescence spectra Hv Radiationless transitions, quenching Be Zeeman and Stark effects Fy X-ray photoelectron spectra Ca Oscillator and band strengths, lifetimes, transition moments, and Franck-Condon factors Fd Absolute and relative line and band intensities Jg Line and band widths, shapes, and shifts Be Level crossing and optical pumping Eh Autoionization, photoionization, and photodetachment Gj Diffuse spectra; predissociation, photodissociation Rv Multiphoton ionization and excitation to highly excited states e.

Wz Other multiphoton processes Gj Intermolecular and atom-molecule potentials and forces Bw Energy loss and stopping power Dy Interactions of atoms and molecules with surfaces; photon and electron emission; neutralization of ions Fa Electronic excitation and ionization of atoms including beam-foil excitation and ionization Gb Electronic excitation and ionization of molecules Lf Chemical reactions Bm Elastic scattering Dp Atomic excitation and ionization Gs Molecular excitation and ionization Ht Dissociation and dissociative attachment Lx Recombination, attachment, and positronium formation Nz Spin dependence of cross sections; polarized beam experiments Dr Positronium Gv Mesonic, hyperonic and antiprotonic atoms and molecules Ey Conformation statistics and dynamics Fz Constitution chains and sequences Hb Configuration bonds, dimensions Ng Vibrational and rotational structure, infrared and Raman spectra Ei Phase transitions in clusters Gk Plasma and collective effects in clusters Mr Spectroscopy and geometrical structure of clusters Sx Diffusion and dynamics of clusters Vz Optical properties of clusters De Atom cooling methods Ty Ion trapping Cv Electrostatics; Poisson and Laplace equations, boundary-value problems Gz Magnetostatics; magnetic shielding, magnetic induction, boundary-value problems Jb Electromagnetic wave propagation; radiowave propagation Ap Synchrotron radiation Bq Cherenkov radiation Cr Free-electron lasers Ak Positive-ion beams Fr Electron and positron beams Ht Relativistic electron and positron beams Jv Laser-driven acceleration Ct Particle beam shaping, beam splitting Gy Chromatic and geometrical aberrations Lc Particle beam focusing and bending magnets, wiggler magnets, and quadrupoles Dp Wave fronts and ray tracing Fr Aberrations Bs Wave propagation, transmission and absorption Dd Wave propagation in random media Fx Diffraction and scattering Gy Edge and boundary effects; reflection and refraction Hz Interference Ja Polarization Kb Coherence Lc Birefringence Kq Fourier optics Lr Modulation and optical transfer functions Rx Phase retrieval Va Image forming and processing Wb Image reconstruction; tomography Eq Holographic optical elements; holographic gratings Ht Hologram recording and readout methods Kw Holographic interferometry; other holographic techniques Lx Diffraction efficiency, resolution, and other hologram characteristics My Applications Pa Volume holograms Ar Photon statistics and coherence theory Ct Quantum description of interaction of light and matter; related experiments Dv Quantum state engineering and measurements Ex Optical implementations of quantum information processing and transfer Fx Cooperative phenomena in quantum optical systems Gy Effects of atomic coherence on propagation, absorption, and amplification of light; electromagnetically induced transparency and absorption Hz Strong-field excitation of optical transitions in quantum systems; multiphoton processes; dynamic Stark shift Lc Quantum fluctuations, quantum noise, and quantum jumps Md Optical transient phenomena: quantum beats, photon echo, free-induction decay, dephasings and revivals, optical nutation, and self-induced transparency Nn Quantum optical phenomena in absorbing, amplifying, dispersive and conducting media; cooperative phenomena in quantum optical systems Pq Cavity quantum electrodynamics; micromasers Wk Mechanical effects of light on material media, microstructures and particles Ah General laser theory Ks Chemical lasers Lt Gas lasers including excimer and metal-vapor lasers Mv Dye lasers Px Semiconductor lasers; laser diodes Rz Doped-insulator lasers and other solid state lasers Wd Fiber lasers Ye Raman lasers By Design of specific laser systems Da Resonators, cavities, amplifiers, arrays, and rings Fc Modulation, tuning, and mode locking Gd Q-switching Jf Beam characteristics: profile, intensity, and power; spatial pattern formation Lh Efficiency, stability, gain, and other operational parameters Mi Dynamical laser instabilities; noisy laser behavior Pk Continuous operation Rn Relaxation oscillations and long pulse operation Be Biological and medical applications Cf Industrial applications Eh Metrological applications; optical frequency synthesizers for precision spectroscopy Fi Laser spectroscopy An Optical susceptibility, hyperpolarizability Es Stimulated Brillouin and Rayleigh scattering Hw Phase conjugation; photorefractive and Kerr effects Jx Beam trapping, self-focusing and defocusing; self-phase modulation Ky Frequency conversion; harmonic generation, including higher-order harmonic generation Lm Parametric down conversion and production of entangled photons Pc Optical bistability, multistability, and switching, including local field effects Re Ultrafast processes; optical pulse generation and pulse compression Sf Dynamics of nonlinear optical systems; optical instabilities, optical chaos and complexity, and optical spatio-temporal dynamics Tg Optical solitons; nonlinear guided waves Wi Nonlinear waveguides Yj Optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers Ct Anatomy and optics of eye Ay Propagation, transmission, attenuation, and radiative transfer Bz Atmospheric turbulence effects Ca Spectral absorption by atmospheric gases Jg Effects of aerosols Kh Effects of air pollution Mj Scattering, polarization Xy Ocean optics Ce Glasses, quartz Df Liquid crystals Hj Laser materials Jk Polymers and organics Ln Holographic recording materials; optical storage media Mp Nonlinear optical crystals Nq Other nonlinear optical materials; photorefractive and semiconductor materials Qs Photonic bandgap materials Bj Visible and ultraviolet sources Ag Apertures, collimators Bh Lenses, prisms and mirrors Ci Filters, zone plates, and polarizers Dj Gratings Fm Reflectors, beam splitters, and deflectors Gn Optical waveguides and couplers Hp Optical processors, correlators, and modulators Jq Acousto-optical devices Kr Display devices, liquid-crystal devices Ls Scanners, image intensifiers, and image converters Pw Imaging detectors and sensors Sz Optical communication systems, multiplexers, and demultiplexers Wc Optical coatings Bm Fabrication, cladding, and splicing Dp Propagation, scattering, and losses; solitons Gs Birefringence, polarization Pa Sensors, gyros Qb Fiber waveguides, couplers, and arrays Wg Other fiber-optical devices Cr Fabrication techniques; lithography, pattern transfer Et Waveguides, couplers, and arrays Gw Other integrated-optical elements and systems Ce Conferences, lectures, and announcements Df Other acoustical societies and their publications, online journals, and other electronic publications Eg Biographical, historical, and personal notes Sv Education in acoustics, tutorial papers of interest to acoustics educators Bi Mathematical theory of wave propagation Dk Ray acoustics El Reflection, refraction, diffraction of acoustic waves Fn Scattering of acoustic waves Rz Steady-state radiation from sources, impedance, radiation patterns, boundary element methods Dc Nonlinear acoustics of solids Ed Effect of nonlinearity on velocity and attenuation Hg Interaction of intense sound waves with noise Nm Acoustic streaming Vt Intense sound sources Yw Nonlinear acoustics of bubbly liquids Bj Mechanisms affecting sound propagation in air, sound speed in the air Mw Shock and blast waves, sonic boom Py Interaction of fluid motion and sound, Doppler effect, and sound in flow ducts Jx Radiation from objects vibrating under water, acoustic and mechanical impedance Bf Ultrasonic velocity, dispersion, scattering, diffraction, and attenuation in liquids, liquid crystals, suspensions, and emulsions Cg Ultrasonic velocity, dispersion, scattering, diffraction, and attenuation in solids; elastic constants Pt Surface waves in solids and liquids Rw Magnetoacoustic effect; oscillations and resonance Sx Acoustooptical effects, optoacoustics, acoustical visualization, acoustical microscopy, and acoustical holography Ud Thermoacoustics, high temperature acoustics, photoacoustic effect Xd Nuclear acoustical resonance, acoustical magnetic resonance Yb Ultrasonic instrumentation and measurement techniques Zc Use of ultrasonics in nondestructive testing, industrial processes, and industrial products Ja Loudspeakers and horns, practical sound sources Kb Microphones and their calibration Zp Acoustooptic and photoacoustic transducers Dt Sound absorption in enclosures: theory and measurement; use of absorption in offices, commercial and domestic spaces Kr Spectrum and frequency analyzers and filters; acoustical and electrical oscillographs; photoacoustic spectrometers; acoustical delay lines and resonators Ls Acoustical lenses and microscopes Vx Acoustic sensing and acquisition Lj Perceptual effects of sound Cc Rigid body and gyroscope motion Pk Celestial mechanics Tn Collisions Ff Resonance, damping, and dynamic stability Bp Buoyancy-driven instabilities e.

Plasma Physics and Controlled Nuclear Fusion Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics

Dr Surface-tension-driven instability Ft Instability of shear flows e. Ib Instability of boundary layers; separation Ky Nonlinearity, bifurcation, and symmetry breaking Qr Centrifugal instabilities e.

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Ak Fundamentals Cn Transition to turbulence De Coherent structures Gs Isotropic turbulence; homogeneous turbulence Jv High-Reynolds-number turbulence Qb Turbulent diffusion Ef Rotating and swirling flows Bb Gravity waves De Shear waves Fg Solitary waves Pq Capillary waves Rs Sound waves Dc General subsonic flows Hg Transonic flows Ki Supersonic and hypersonic flows Nm Shock wave interactions and shock effects Rs Detonation waves Ab Kinetic theory of gases Gx Slip flows and accommodation Gd Swimming microorganisms Md Plasma dynamos Fw Chemically reactive flows Pq Flames; combustion Cb Velocity measurements Fg Pressure and temperature measurements Dh Hydrodynamics, hydraulics, hydrostatics Gj Aerodynamics Dq Particle orbits Fs Electron collisions Hv Atomic, molecular, ion, and heavy-particle collisions Dg Plasma kinetic equations Fi Transport properties Gj Fluctuation and chaos phenomena Jm Ionization of plasmas Kn Thermodynamics of plasmas Mq Dielectric properties Os Emission, absorption, and scattering of electromagnetic radiation Tx Emission, absorption, and scattering of particles Vy Impurities in plasmas Xz Magnetized plasmas Cm Multicomponent and negative-ion plasmas Ep Electron-positron plasmas Gr Strongly-coupled plasmas Lw Dusty or complex plasmas; plasma crystals Ny Relativistic plasmas Cv Magnetohydrodynamics Bj Magnetohydrodynamic waves e.

Dm Sound waves Fp Electrostatic waves and oscillations e. Hr Electromagnetic waves e. Kt Drift waves Mw Nonlinear phenomena: waves, wave propagation, and other interactions including parametric effects, mode coupling, ponderomotive effects, etc.


Py Macroinstabilities hydromagnetic, e. Qz Microinstabilities ion-acoustic, two-stream, loss-cone, beam-plasma, drift, ion- or electron-cyclotron, etc. Ra Plasma turbulence Sb Solitons; BGK modes Tc Shock waves and discontinuities We Plasma vorticity Bv Rayleigh scattering; stimulated Brillouin and Raman scattering Dx Laser light absorption in plasmas collisional, parametric, etc.

Hb Self-focussing, channeling, and filamentation in plasmas Kd Laser-plasma acceleration of electrons and ions Db Electromagnetic Fd Plasma interactions with antennas; plasma-filled waveguides Hf Plasma-material interactions; boundary layer effects Kh Plasma sheaths Mj Particle beam interactions in plasmas Dg Plasma sources Gj Plasma heating by particle beams Jm Plasma production and heating by laser beams laser-foil, laser-cluster, etc. Lp Plasma production and heating by shock waves and compression Dy General theory and basic studies of plasma lifetime, particle and heat loss, energy balance, field structure, etc.

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Ez Theta pinch Fa Tokamaks, spherical tokamaks Hc Stellarators, torsatrons, heliacs, bumpy tori, and other toroidal confinement devices Ip Spheromaks Jd Magnetic mirrors, gas dynamic traps Lf Field-reversed configurations, rotamaks, astrons, ion rings, magnetized target fusion, and cusps Pi Fusion products effects e. Rk Power exhaust; divertors Tn Ideal and resistive MHD modes; kinetic modes Lq Z-pinches, plasma focus, and other pinch devices Ff Fokker-Planck and Vlasov equation Kj Magnetohydrodynamic and fluid equation Vv Perturbative methods Ds Electric and magnetic measurements Gw Radio-frequency and microwave measurements Kz Optical ultraviolet, visible, infrared measurements Di Ion and plasma propulsion Fk Magnetohydrodynamic generators and thermionic convertors; plasma diodes Dy Low-field and Townsend discharges Hc Glow; corona Mg Arcs; sparks; lightning; atmospheric electricity Pi High-frequency and RF discharges Qj Explosions; exploding wires Tn Other gas discharges Vp Discharge in vacuum Wq Discharge in liquids and solids Eq X-ray scattering including small-angle scattering Kw X-ray reflectometry surfaces, interfaces, films Nz X-ray diffraction Bt Theories of diffraction and scattering Ex Neutron scattering including small-angle scattering Ld Neutron diffraction Dc Theories of diffraction and scattering Gy Theory and models of liquid structure Ja Computer simulation of liquid structure Lc Time-dependent properties; relaxation Ne Structure of simple liquids Hq Macromolecular and polymer solutions; polymer melts; swelling Mv Liquid metals and alloys Cz Molecular and microscopic models and theories of liquid crystal structure Dk Continuum models and theories of liquid crystal structure Eb Experimental determinations of smectic, nematic, cholesteric, and other structures Gd Orientational order of liquid crystals; electric and magnetic field effects on order Hn Surface phenomena: alignment, anchoring, anchoring transitions, surface-induced layering, surface-induced ordering, wetting, prewetting transitions, and wetting transitions Jf Defects in liquid crystals Mp Blue phases and other defect-phases St Lyotropic phases Vx Polymer liquid crystals Bn Structural modeling: serial-addition models, computer simulation Dq Amorphous semiconductors, metals, and alloys Er Other amorphous solids Fs Glasses Gt Powders, porous materials Hv Fractals; macroscopic aggregates including diffusion-limited aggregates Br Quasicrystals Fw Incommensurate crystals Bc Structure of clusters e.

Df Structure of nanocrystals and nanoparticles "colloidal" quantum dots but not gate-isolated embedded quantum dots Np Structure of nanotubes hollow nanowires De Structure of carbon nanotubes, boron nanotubes, and other related systems

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