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Watch the book trailer or listen to an excerpt below. May Twenty-One Candles become a Christmas classic for years to come! This collection of his Christmas stories does the same. Strong stories, bright stories, heart, and soul, and life stories that can be read anytime of year, but especially during Advent and Christmas. The Christmas Spirit is alive and well, my friends—read all about it! Mike shows the love and delight of the Messiah resonating in the hearts of those who need love and joy, and find them.

How to Use a White Angel Prayer Candle

Each of our candles is handcrafted by a member of our team. Among our fearsome foursome is Roxie, one of Frostbeard's cofounders. Aside from just being a book nerd and boss lady, Roxie has the added benefit of being a super-sniffer, also known as hyperosmia by the more loquacious type. Surprisingly sweet, with hints of vanilla. The Old Books Candle is available in four sizes: 2 oz tins, 4 oz tins, 8 oz candles, and tart packages. The 2 oz tins are the perfect way to try out this unique scent before you order a larger size.

The 4 oz tins make for a great gift; can you say stocking stuffer!?

By Light of Hidden Candles | Jewish Book Council

The 8 oz candle is our traditional size and is the most popular among our fans. The tarts are perfect for wax melters, giving you all of the aromas of this signature scent without any flames necessary.

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To be safe, we recommend that you burn your Old Books Candles within sight on a heat-resistant surface. Make sure that you keep your candle away from kids, pets, and all flammable objects. Because, you know, fire. We also recommend keeping your candles away from gremlins, goblins, ghouls, and cats. Especially cats. See our full list of safety tips! Each of the size variations can burn for hours and will last a while, and are meant to be used!

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Part of what makes our candles so unique is our dedication to using renewable and eco-friendly ingredients to craft our bookish scents. We chose to make soy candles because soy wax is renewable, biodegradable, and vegan.

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