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The data are illustrated in Fig. A number of different combinations of unsaturated halocarbon and saturated halocarbon may be used in the etchings of Si wafers. A mixture of C 3 F 6 and CF 4 was made under a total pressure of 2.

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The gas flow rate was 1. A power of 50 watts was applied at The SiO 2 excitation electrode area was cm 2. The following tabulation set forth the data obtained. In this system a gaseous mixture containing A mixture of C 2 F 4 and CF 4 having a total gas flow rate of 1. The total pressure in the vacuum system was about 2.

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A watts of power was applied at The following tabulation sets forth the data obtained. The etch rate of Si0 2 was A method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the unsaturated halocarbon is C 3 F 6. A method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the unsaturated halocarbon is C 2 F 4. A method as claimed in claim 1, wherein the gaseous mixture contains C 3 F 6 and CF 4 ,.

Utilizing saturated and unsaturated halocarbon gases in plasma etching to increase etch of SiO2 relative to Si. A method of plasma etching silica at a faster rate than silicon in an article comprising both. USA en. EPB1 en. JPSB2 en. CAA en. DED1 en. ITB en.

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  6. USB1 en. Tunable process for selectively etching oxide using fluoropropylene and a hydrofluorocarbon. Process for etching oxide using a hexafluorobutadiene and manifesting a wide process window. Process for etching oxide using hexafluorobutadiene or related fluorocarbons and manifesting a wide process window. Methods of forming openings and methods of controlling the degree of taper of openings.

    Highly selective process for etching oxide over nitride using hexafluorobutadiene. USB2 en. Sputter-etching method employing fluorohalogenohydrocarbon etching gas and a planar electrode for a glow discharge.

    Plasma Etching: An Introduction (Plasma : Materials Interactions)

    EPA1 en. ITD0 en. JPSA en.

    CAA1 en. Flamm et al. Plasma processing of tungsten using a gas mixture comprising a fluorinated gas and oxygen. KRB1 en. JPB2 en.

    Plasma Enhanced (PE) Etching

    Process and electromagnetically coupled planar plasma apparatus for etching oxides. EPA2 en. An ashing method for removing an organic film on a substance of a semiconductor device under fabrication. Ref country code : DE Payment date : Year of fee payment : Ref country code : GB Payment date : Year of fee payment : Ref country code : FR Payment date : Year of fee payment : We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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