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I might be writing the next one while getting the previous one ready, though. Not with the art, but certainly with design. Again, the covers are designed for print books, not e-books. They could use a makeover for thumbnail display. I had a lot of input from professional designers and formatters on the print covers.

The back cover copy, which is extremely important in a print book, took a number of drafts. Well, the fact that my e-books are only available in one format kinda speaks for itself here. I have a lot of different skills, but I still must rely on others.


I have print sales?? Just kidding. Actually, because I do a number of conventions every year, I have sold quite a few paperbacks. Bookstores are still selling them, and I sell a set on Amazon about once a week. I have no intention of abandoning print format, as I love my hard-copy books, and so do many of my readers. But I would guess the ratio of print to e-book is about You are you, your work is different, and your readership will be different. Certainly, learn from your colleagues, but the best service you can do for your books is to make them the best they can be.

Elfhunter, A Tale of Alterra by C.S. Marks | C. S. Marks Author of The Elfhunter Trilogy

Get help when you need it! You are a professional, and all aspects of your work should reflect it.

Starting Book 3 - LOTRO Episode 267 - Lord Of The Rings Online

Your email address will not be published. Indie author and artist CS Marks and a world of Elves. The Interview: 1.

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