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Skyler has taken a job as chief corporate affairs officer at American Express, while McMullan has yet to announce his next move. WeWork has been bleeding HR officials, including nearly a dozen managers and leaders who left over the past year, according to The Information. The departures included the department's interim head, the senior director of talent acquisition, and the head of people strategy, and those leaving the company reportedly cited disagreements with Neumann.

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Two of the departing HR officials filed sexual harassment claims with the company, and one alleged that executives ignored evidence she presented showing pay inequity between male and female employees, The Information reports. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass.

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Link icon An image of a chain link. In , Torriti has retired and Adele has committed suicide.

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Analysts present Jack with an old lead linking a '50s Moscow Radio broadcast to KGB operatives, so Jack enlists the help of a dying Angleton, who surmises that the broadcast is part of Kholstomer. Following a sting, Jack comes face to face with Yevgeny, who not only made liquor deliveries to Philby, but also to Leo.

When Jack confronts Leo with this information at his home, Leo shoots him, admitting that he joined the KGB in college, and that Adele killed herself when she found out, before phoning an ambulance for Jack and fleeing. While Jack recovers, Kholstomer leads to the stock market crash. The CIA's foreknowledge helps mitigate the damage, but the plan's biggest failure results from Starik underestimating the strength of the United States economy.

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In , Jack offers Yevgeny an early release from prison if he reveals Leo's location, telling him that Starik sent Azalia to the gulag , but he still has time to find her since the Soviet Union is collapsing. Yevgeny tracks down Leo, warning him before passing his whereabouts to Jack. Yevgeny visits with a ruined and senile Starik, then finally reconnects with Azalia. Jack travels to Moscow to kill Leo, but stops himself moments before Leo recognizes him. Back in DC, Torriti and Jack reminisce over their work in the Cold War, with Jack expressing misgivings over which side was good or bad.

Torriti insists the CIA were the good guys, concluding with "we won, didn't we?

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Tsipin uses the aliases Eugene "Dodgson" and Gene "Lutwidge". Lewis Carroll's real name is Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. Tsipin's superior, "Starik" the KGB general, takes posed photos of young girls as a hobby, just as Dodgson did. The DVD set came with two disks. The second disk had a "Covert Mission" to be completed by placing the disk in a computer's DVD drive " This domain was abandoned in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Companies that do have no par value shares, after the implementation of the Companies Act, on 1 May —. Companies with par value shares may convert its par value shares to no par value shares where after such may be increased or subdivided. It should also be noted that only changes to authorised shares shares that the company is authorised to issue must be submitted to the CIPC.

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It is the duty of the company itself to establish and maintain a securities register or share register. For more information on the legal requirements on the establishment and maintenance of a securities register refer to section 50 of the Companies Act. Any changes to shares, even increases or decreases of par value shares for all companies, requires the filing of a CoR To view information on how to register as a customer, click here.

If you are already registered as a customer, and know your customer code and password, proceed to step 2. Select Authorised Share Changes, type in the company registration number and view the displayed authorised share information.