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Presented in alphabetical order for quick and easy reference, this is an indispensable accompaniment for anyone who embarks on the reading journey of a lifetime. First published in , this edition has been fully revised and updated for a new century of Tolkien lovers. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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Create a List. The book I hold in my hands is about five and a half inches wide, eight and half tall and one and a half thick. At over pages, it handles like a nice, fat dictionary or thesaurus.

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Thomas Dunne Books has used a thick, brilliant white paper for this edition. The book is laid out like an encyclopedia, with names and topics arranged alphabetically. The entries range in length from a short line to several pages, depending on the complexity of the topic and how much Tolkien loved it and developed it in his work. While his scholarship may not be as extensive as that of some other authors, he has the ability to see the entire legendarium and its interlinking components, and to lay out and cross-reference those components with an understanding and clearness of text that makes his work easily accessible to readers, from the Tolkien neophyte to the Tolkien scholar.

Neither cover nor title page refer to this as such, but the foreword is titled accurately.

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The date of the introduction for this "new" edition is not given, but Tyler died in He credits as appearing 23 years later which corresponds to a roughly publication , due to popular demand, another revision incorporating what can be gleaned from the corpus, now quadrupled in size for him to digest from what in began as The Tolkien Companion reissued Tyler defends as the ultimate source for his endeavor in his introduction to this "Second St.

Martin's-Griffin edition" listed on the copyright page as October to anticipate the release of Peter Jackson's first installment of The Hobbit on film, but seeming not to differ from an edition printed in his reliance on the "Master Volume": LotR.

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This seems a wise choice. At least one sharp-eyed reader of this book's debut turned to the first three entries and disagreed with each. The third, for example, has been corrected. Another spot-check, in my copy of Foster, showed he prefers brevity, if partially to accommodate pagination references.

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Tyler avoids these. Texts refer to book and chapter in the few endnotes, making this more a work to be read for pleasure--if the entries full of dense detail and stately tone echo the source texts, understandably if rather boldly--than referred to for concordance or analysis.

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Maps prove scarce and may resist clarity; the Atlas mentioned above supersedes them. Charts fare better, thanks to a trade paperback format and larger fonts. While this uneven production makes for an arguably less helpful resource than Foster or Fonstad, Tyler's effort improves with a pleasant prose style and--despite his belated disclaimer for this third version--an underlying tone that relates Tolkien's vision as shrouded both in antiquity and a faint if evanescent presence barely traceable down to our own earth.

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While this may dismay purists insisting on separating fantasy from reality, it adds to the verisimilitude of Tyler's ambitious attempt to elucidate these core texts and their mythos. Tyler's compendium, over pages in its own wandering evolution in successive and revised editions, has gained mixed reactions from Tolkien's attentive coterie of critics. Whereas Foster's slightly shorter A-to-Z reference includes textual citations, Tyler's eschews these except for a handful of modest endnotes inserted after a chapter for each letter of the alphabet.

Therefore, while Tyler's volume flows better, more fluidly taking the tales as if relating an existing if very distant chronicle of misty events in another age, it may annoy sticklers.

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All in all, from my perspective as a nearly lifelong admirer of Tolkien's masterworks, this encourages a return to them. While I lack expertise of the expert fact-checkers of these venerable, distilled, precise pre- modern myths, Tyler's good-natured acceptance of their genuine basis in a hint of real language, real territory, and real memory aligns with Tolkien's own intentions, and those necessarily expected from any reader entering Middle-Earth, where belief may be not suspended but rewarded.

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