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Enter your email to sign up. Thank you! This is unprecedented in the history of modern Ireland and so seems like a perfect time to reflect on the Irish as a people now, as a modern European nation, and how we got to this place.

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When the previous television history series was told by the historian Robert Kee in , Ireland was in a very different place, at war with itself in the north and economically ravaged in the south. The series naturally reflected those conditions and primarily viewed our story through the prism of our troubled relationship with our nearest neighbour.

Sullivan served twice a Member of Parliament, first for Louth and in for Meath, taking over the seat from Charles Stewart Parnell. Sullivan was also a prominent lawyer and Queen's Council. The Story of Ireland includes many pen and ink sketches of the Irish nationalist acquaintances of Sullivan, including John Mitchel and Michael Davitt and towards the end of the publication a sketch of Patrick O'Donnell.

The Story of Ireland

The Story of Ireland was originally published when Sullivan was serving time in jail for the nationalist sentiments published by him and his brother in The Nation and this American Edition of the publication was issued at the time of Sullivan's death. Sullivan's belief in the Irish nationalist cause was continued by his son, also A. Sullivan, who like his father became a prominent lawyer, most famously defending Roger Casement for treason in Alexander Sullivan's intentions for writing and publishing The Story of Ireland were made manifest in his author's note to the first edition.