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Landing Craft Utility (LCU) Well Deck Ops – Amphibious Assault Ship USS Bonhomme Richard

Vigor Industrial has laid the keel for the first next-generation landing craft being built for the US Army. The company is developing the prototype for the boat under the first phase of the programme.

Andrew Higgins Invented WWII Landing Craft, the Higgins Boat

Vigor will move to the low-rate production phase of four vessels once testing of the prototype is completed. A further 32 boats will be built in the Full Rate Production phase. The design will improve the capabilities of the current LCM-8 boats.


The The boat is for use by army mariners and provides a range of more than nm. It also offers manoeuvre options in anti-access environments. T-Kalip designs, develops and manufactures reliable and cost-effective seating solutions T-Kalip designs, develops and manufactures reliable and cost-effective seating solutions for the defence industry.

It can also speed up the loading and unloading of chartered commercial ships in permissive or non-combat scenarios.

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For this exact reason, the Army, as well as the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard , has LCM-8s, along with larger, seagoing Logistics Support Vessels and other types, situated at various strategic locations, including in the Pacific and the Persian gulf. In the Pacific region especially, the ability for the Army to move on water with a certain degree of independence from other services gives it much more flexibility to maneuver and redeploy to respond to rapidly changing situations.

Watercraft could support the evacuation of American citizens from a war torn country or move aid around after a natural disaster, as well.

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By Joseph Trevithick October 5, The War Zone. US Army. For the U. Contact the author: joe thedrive. Don't forget to sign up.

LCVP Higgins Boat, American landing craft

In an actual conflict, these boats would discreetly surveil coastlines and help SEALs sneak ashore. From a roach motel destined for the junk yard to a multi-purpose mothership, it paved the way for future US operations.

Vigor has officially kicked off construction on the next generation of landing watercraft for the U. Army at its new aluminum fabrication facility in Vancouver, Washington. Wells, was held Monday attending by representatives from the U.