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Its methodology of action is based on Active Nonviolence. Since then, WWW has been active developing diverse activities in countries on all five continents.

Working for a World Without War

Over the last year efforts have been focused on the campaign for worldwide nuclear disarmament. WWW takes its inspiration from the philosophy of Universalist Humanism and the doctrine of all of its predecessors, who were convinced of the possibility of building a world without violence.

Proposes that the great majority of human beings do not want war, but at the same time believe it is impossible to eliminate it. Therefore, in addition to carrying out social actions, it understands that it is necessary to work to change people's beliefs about this supposedly immutable reality. In each country, city and neighborhood WWW is organized in Base Groups that propose Platforms for Disarmament consistent with these ideas, freely planning and developing their own activities.

Route of the March. Wednesday, September 25, More available languages. General Information.

The Proposal. Manifesto of the World March. Endorse the March. March Day 93! Informations and Recomendations Local links and reservations.

Straight versus squiggly borders: The historical observation that states with irregular borders are more stable than those with straight lines, usually drawn by conquering outsiders. Africa is chock-full of such situations, and it is democratizing as incomes there rise. That requirement forces it to torch a long-standing quasi-alliance with fellow democratic power Israel e. A Muslim Brotherhood-run Egypt now confronts similar temptations. By resuming warfare with Israel?

Picking fights with status-quo-defending Western democracies?

Noam Chomsky

Recall the dramatic uptick in conflicts among newborn democracies following the fall of the Soviet empire. States have already split along such lines Sudan, Mali?

МИР БЕЗ ВОЙНЫ - ДЕТИ ЗЕМЛИ (A world without war)

Regional integration schemes: Right now that is the European project, long divided east-to-west and today increasingly north-to-south. Add in a significant influx of ghettoized populations Muslims , and the struggle for a European identity can still devolve into serious violence.

While it is extremely unlikely to devolve into direct blows, it may well migrate into warfare by proxies. And if democracy keeps coming to the Middle East and Africa, the possibilities seem endless. Fighting over resources Water wars: Much anticipated and greatly touted, thanks to unfolding climate change, we have no shortage of plausible scenarios here. More than two hundred river basins are shared by states whose collective population encompasses almost half of humanity.

Moreover, population growth and water shortages are co-located across heavily populated equatorial regions. Remembering that America bought its seat albeit in , might China try the same thing? Maybe with a Greenland looking to fully separate from guardian Denmark? And how will barely-democratic Russia, with its near-majority share of the Arctic coastline, get along with its fellow Council members?

A world of skyrocketing natural-gas usage will feature a lot more pipelines crossing borders in regions full of immature democracies. When bankrupt powers sell territory: This has occurred throughout history.

Is it possible to have a world without war or just an unrealistic dream?

Heck, most of America was acquired in this manner. But territory never comes totally bereft of indigenous populations, and therein lies the rub The rise of cyber warfare: For now more virtual than real, but threaten enough treasure and there will be blood — eventually. The new U. Crime wars that cross borders: The obvious one here is Mexico and the United States, but Venezuela and Colombia apply too. In both instances we see the more powerful state U. Globalization is forcing the settlement of numerous economic frontiers in developing—and democratizing—regions, and corporations often lead the way.

Can such activities trigger wars? History says yes. Guest labor populations: The U. With globalization encouraging vast-but-temporary labor flows, expect more inter-state tensions along these lines. But a financially strapped Europe may not always be so careful. What happens if China and the U. With so many rising democratic great powers out there, this could easily become a crowded profession.

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