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The first thing is to make multiple copies of your original SPSS data file so that you can return to it whenever you need, and remember to save any significant manipulations to data files with different names! If you are working with SPSS syntax, all you really have to do is keep a hold of all your syntax files and manipulations, then you can retrace your steps through them if you need to; save several copies of syntax files, as you develop them, to different file names. However, it seldom looks good in its raw form, it often includes unwanted additional statistics, and it often uses up a lot of space unneccesarily.

It is far better practice to use the SPSS output as a guide to your own tables created by hand in, for example, Excel or Word - you will find that you can fit much more, selective, information, into much less space, by working this way. Graphs are a little different and it probably will make sense to paste graphical ouput from SPSS files straight into documents after editing them a bit on screen. When you run SPSS commands the output is sent to an output window.

Quite how the output on this window is displayed depends upon the 'output settings' for your SPSS session. On a new session you will usually start with the default settings but in some circumstances it can be preferable to change them a little, some suggestions below:.

The UK Data Archive often supplies files in portable format rather than the standard format, so if you download a dataset from it, you may get an SPSS file something like "studyn. The only significant difference is that a different command is needed to open them up in an initial SPSS session. Whereas for a sav file you might use something like. SPSS syntax textbooks:.

Boslaugh, S. London: Sage. ISBN: Levesque, R. McCulloch and Shayle R. Hardin and Joseph M. McCullagh and J. Myers, Douglas C. Montgomery, G.

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