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Please note: as we will discuss in a later section, there are two paths to achieving the CCNA certification. As with any certification exam, there are various study materials to help candidates prepare for the CCNA certification exam and these materials are available in different formats.

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For example, there are study guides, videos live and self-paced , workbooks, lab guides, practice tests, and so on. Some of these materials are from Cisco while others are available from other vendors.

Cisco has provided a free online list of approved study materials. You can do a web search to find study resources from other vendors, free and paid. Just keep in mind that, regardless of the study materials you use, you need to make sure that you cover the entire content of the exam.

The study materials you decide to start with will depend on the manner in which you learn. Some people prefer videos to textbooks, while some nod off immediately after they start watching a video. This section will provide a sample guide and plan of study materials to prepare for the CCNA exam. We have already talked about some of the study materials you can use to prepare for the CCNA exam in the previous section. In this section, we will discuss non-technical preparation steps for the CCNA exam, including preparation method and schedule.

A good way to track your study progress is to copy the exam topics into a spreadsheet and update each topic as you go through it.

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There are generally two ways you can prepare for the CCNA exam; these methods are not mutually exclusive:. While you can prepare for the exam exclusively through self-study, you will definitely add some form of self-study if you go for the external training option. Your choice of preparation will depend on factors such as budget, time, location, and chance of success. External training options will cost more than self-study, and they may not be available in your location.

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However, they generally do well in the area of time and increasing your chance of success in the exam. The advice here is to know yourself and determine what is best for you. Plus, you can have the best of both worlds: Self-study and then attend a virtual boot camp or watch recorded videos from a boot camp session.

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  6. Now that you have determined the study materials you want to use, the next thing to figure out is how to plan your time and create a study schedule. Of course, this will depend on a number of factors:. As an example, let us assume you are able to put in three hours of study daily for six days a week one day to rest on the weekend.

    CCNA INTRO Exam Certification Guide (CCNA Self-Study, 640-821, 640-801)

    The CCNA official cert guide is about pages. Assuming you can cover pages in a week, it will take you 8 weeks to get through the book. In summary, if you are on a tight schedule, three months for your preparation schedule is being pretty generous. The book has five main parts and an appendix. Wendell Odom is a networking expert, consultant, instructor, author, and course developer.

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    Odom is currently involved in the creation of certification tools. He also maintains a blog on Cisco Certification. Explore Plus. Higher Education and Professional Books.

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    Computing and Information Technology Books. New edition available. Odom Wendell.

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