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Write a customer review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. April 23, - Published on Amazon. Verified Purchase. What a great work of fiction. Feeling ashamed that I had never read this novel but heard so much about it, I finally got a copy and burned through the pages in 3 days. It certainly lived up to its name and legacy. The writing is to the point, Hemingway-esque, and rarely slows.

Every fifth paragraph leaves one a jewel phrase or entire sentence that can qualify as a memorable quote. For example: "What do they expect of us if a time ever comes when this war is over? Through the years our business has been killing;--it was our first calling in life.

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Our knowledge of life is limited to death. What will happen afterwards? And what shall come of us? To have lived through war in the trenches as Remarque did, qualifies him to speak to the insanity of mass killing that is war. Let us all read his pages and imbibe the message of the cruelty and senselessness of war. I feel as if I want to go out and obtain a copy of every book Remarque ever published. Let his experience be our teacher; let his message endure. Let every school-kid in the world read and study these pages, so they come to know what war is.

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Let the decision-makers of the world pore over every passage, and ask themselves whether they will send their children to war. Let Remarque's works guide their decision. Truly a classic. September 24, - Published on Amazon. There are books you read in your youth deemed classics that one is unable to fully appreciate until you've grown up, gained a greater appreciation of both life and the context that produced such works. Research by Remarque's childhood and lifelong friend Hanns-Gerd Rabe proved that in fact Remarque had French ancestors—his great-grandfather Johann Adam Remarque, who was born in , came from a French family in Aachen.

On 31 July he was wounded by shell shrapnel in the left leg, right arm and neck, and after being medically evacuated from the field was repatriated to an army hospital in Germany where he spent the rest of the war recovering from his wounds, before being demobilized from the army. After the war he continued his teacher training and worked from 1 August as a primary school teacher in Lohne , at that time in the county of Lingen, now in the county of Bentheim.

On 20 November he applied for leave of absence from teaching. Remarque worked at a number of different jobs in this phase of his life, including librarian, businessman, journalist, and editor. His first paid writing job was as a technical writer for the Continental Rubber Company , a German tire manufacturer. At the age of 16, Remarque had made his first attempts at writing; this included essays, poems, and the beginnings of a novel that was finished later and published in as The Dream Room Die Traumbude.

When he published All Quiet on the Western Front , he changed his middle name in memory of his mother and reverted to the earlier spelling of the family name to dissociate himself from his novel Die Traumbude. In he published the novel Station at the Horizon Station am Horizont , which was serialised in the sports journal Sport im Bild for which Remarque was working it was first published in book form in All Quiet on the Western Front Im Westen nichts Neues , his career defining work, was written in , but Remarque was at first unable to find a publisher for it.

It became on publication an international best-seller and a landmark work in 20th Century literature, inspiring a new genre of veterans' writings of the conflict, which led to a wide variety of war memoirs being commercially published, as well as dramatic representations of the war in theatre and cinema, not only in Germany but also in countries that had fought in the conflict against the German Empire , particularly the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Riding on the tail of the success of All Quiet on the Western Front , a number of similar works followed from Remarque, in simple, emotive language, they described wartime and the postwar years in Germany.

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After Adolf Hitler seized governmental power in Germany in March , and was granted sweeping powers, creating a de-facto dictatorship, on 10 May , at the initiative of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels , Remarque's writing was publicly declared as "unpatriotic" and was banned in Germany, with copies being removed from all libraries and restricted from being sold or published anywhere in the country.

With Germany rapidly descending into a totalitarian society, with mass arrests of elements of the population that the new governing order disapproved of, Remarque left Germany to live at his villa in Switzerland. Remarque's German background as well as his Catholic faith were also publicly attacked by the Nazis, who continued to decry his writings in his absence, proclaiming that anyone who would change the spelling of his name from the German "Remark" to the French "Remarque" could not be a true German.

The Nazis further made the false claim that Remarque had not seen active service during World War 1. In Remarque's German citizenship was revoked and in , after he and his ex-wife were remarried to prevent her repatriation to Germany, they left Porto Ronco, Switzerland, for the United States just before the outbreak of World War 2 in Europe. Remarque continued to write about the German experience of post-WW1.

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His next novel, Three Comrades Drei Kameraden , spans the years of the Weimar Republic , from the hyperinflation of to the end of the decade. His next work, the novel Arch of Triumph , first published in in English, and the next year in German as Arc de Triomphe , was another instant best-seller and reached worldwide sales of nearly five million. The apartment building "played a prominent role in his novel". In the Nazis arrested his youngest sister, Elfriede Scholz, who had stayed behind in Germany with her husband and two children.

After a trial at the notorious " Volksgerichtshof " Hitler's extra-constitutional "People's Court" , she was found guilty of "undermining morale" for stating that she considered the war lost.

Court President Roland Freisler declared, " Ihr Bruder ist uns leider entwischt—Sie aber werden uns nicht entwischen " "Your brother is unfortunately beyond our reach — you, however, will not escape us". Project MUSE.

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