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Publisher Little, Brown Book Group. All About Love by Stephanie Laurens. Title All About Love. Each book looks at the stories of the six cousins known to the town as the Bar Cynster.

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Taste of Innocence by Stephanie Laurens. Title Taste of Innocence. ISBN Author Biography. Capture of the Earl of Glencrae by Stephanie Laurens. The eighth Earl of Glencrae has no choice but to kidnap Angelica, the one Cynster sister with whom he hadn't wanted to tangle. Title Capture of the Earl of Glencrae. So when a man literally falls at Helena's feet as she's walking through the courtyard one moonlit Christmas Eve, the pretty, young Comtesse d'Lisle knows he's up to no good.

Why else would he have risked his neck and jumped out of a window into the snow? It's wrong, it's outlandish. Loving Rose - Stephanie Laurens. The Daredevil Snared - Stephanie Laurens. An Invitation to Sin - Suzanne Enoch. Very good condition. Slight wear to the spine. Pages are clean. Good condition. Slight wear to the spine and a minor crease to back cover.

Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2. Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Make Offer - four romance novels - quartet by Stephanie Laurens. Shop by Category. Format see all. Not Specified. Genre see all. Romance Filter Applied. Topic see all. Regency Filter Applied. Author see all. Stephanie Laurens Filter Applied. Language see all. Publication Year see all. Type see all. Title see all.

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Guaranteed Delivery see all. No Preference. Condition see all. But the deeper our intrepid investigators delve into the Carisbrook household, the more certain they become that all is not as it should be. Lady Carisbrook is a harpy, Franklin Carisbrook is secretive, Julia Carisbrook is overly timid, and Lord Carisbrook, otherwise a genial and honorable gentleman, holds himself distant from his family. More, his lordship attempts to shut down the investigation.

And Stokes, Barnaby, and Penelope are convinced the Carisbrooks' staff are not sharing all they know. Meanwhile, appointed Cara's watchdog until the mystery is resolved, Hugo, fascinated by Cara as he's been with no other, seeks to entertain and amuse her Consequently, Penelope finds herself juggling the attractions of the investigation and the Adair family's demands for her to actively encourage the budding romance. What would her mentors advise? On that, Penelope is crystal clear.

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Aided by Griselda, Violet, and Montague and calling on contacts in business, the underworld, and ton society, Penelope, Barnaby, and Stokes battle to peel back each layer of subterfuge and, step by step, eliminate the innocent and follow the emeralds' trail Yet instead of becoming clearer, the veils and shadows shrouding the Carisbrooks only grow murkier An independent nobleman Lord Randolph Cavanaugh is loyal and devoted-but only to family. To the rest of the world he's aloof and untouchable, a respected and driven entrepreneur.

But Rand yearns for more in life, and when he travels to Buckinghamshire to review a recent investment, he discovers a passionate woman who will challenge his ruthless self-control A determined lady Felicia Throgmorton intends to keep her family afloat. For decades, her father was consumed by his inventions and now, months after his death, with their finances in ruins, her brother insists on continuing their father's tinkering.

Felicia is desperate to hold together what's left of the estate. Then she discovers she must help persuade their latest investor that her father's follies are a risk worth taking Together-the perfect team Rand arrives at Throgmorton Hall to discover the invention on which he's staked his reputation has exploded, the inventor is not who he expected, and a fiercely intelligent woman now holds the key to his future success.

But unflinching courage in the face of dismaying hurdles is a trait they share, and Rand and Felicia are forced to act together against dangerous foes to protect everything they hold dear.

But Rand yearns for more in life, and when he travels to Buckinghamshire to review a recent investment, he discovers a passionate woman who will challenge his ruthless self-control. Then she discovers she must help persuade their latest investor that her father's follies are a risk worth taking Together-the perfect teamRand arrives at Throgmorton Hall to discover the invention on which he's staked his reputation has exploded, the inventor is not who he expected, and a fiercely intelligent woman now holds the key to his future success.

Alasdair Cynster, known to his intimates as Lucifer, decides to rusticate in the country before the matchmaking skills of London's mamas become firmly focused on him. But an escape to Devon leads him straight to his destiny in the irresistible form of Phyllida Tallent, a wilful, independent beauty who brings all his masterful Cynster instincts rioting to the fore. Lucifer tries to deny the desire Phyllida evokes, but destiny intervenes.

When Lord Michael Cynster learns of the mission his brother has been assisting with, he volunteers to help by hunting down a hoard of gunpowder now stashed somewhere in London. Michael's quest leads him to the Hendon Shipping Company, where his sole source of information is the fetchingly attractive Miss Cleome Hendon.

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Cleo offers him a bargain: she will lead him to the carters he seeks, but only if he agrees to include her as an equal partner in the mission. La honorable senorita Mary Cynster siempre consigue lo que se propone. Es la unica Cynster de su generacion que aun no ha contraido matrimonio y esta decidida a mantener el control no solo sobre su vida, sino tambien sobre el hombre que se convierta en su esposo. Ryder Cavanaugh, el intrepido y devastadoramente apuesto marques de Raventhorne, es un irresistible e indomable miembro de la alta sociedad y se encuentra en el ultimo puesto de su lista de potenciales maridos, pero el destino tiene otros planes.

Ryder no solo quiere a Mary por esposa por su encanto, su fuerte temperamento y lo tentadora que es, sino porque ve en ella la valiosa promesa del futuro que podrian crear juntos. Cuando el destino y las circunstancias le dan la oportunidad de convertirla en su marquesa, lo hace sin dudarlo, pero entonces se da cuenta de que lo que realmente desea no es tomarla por esposa sin mas, sino aduenarse de su corazon. El estilo de Laurens es brillante. Publishers Weekly. It's December , and Lady Therese Osbaldestone is looking forward to her usual Christmas with her family at Winslow Abbey, her youngest daughter Celia's home.

But then a carriage rolls up and disgorges Celia's three oldest children. Their father has contracted mumps, and their mother has sent the three-Jamie, George, and Lottie-to spend this Christmas with their grandmama in Little Moseley. Therese has never had to manage small children, not even her own. She assumes the children will keep themselves amused, but quickly learns that what amuses three inquisitive, curious, and confident youngsters isn't compatible with village peace.

Just when it seems she will have to set her mind to inventing something, she and the children learn that with only twelve days to go before Christmas, the village flock of geese has vanished. The children are as mystified and as curious as Therese-and she seizes on the mystery as the perfect distraction for the three children as well as herself.

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Se ha algo mais dificil e obstinado do que um varao da familia Cynster, e uma dama de dita familia convencida de que nao esta destinada a apaixonar-se. Quando frustra o possivel enlace do elegante James Glossup, sente-se obrigada a encontrar-lhe uma candidata adequada para um casamento de conveniencia, mas essa tarefa torna-se terrivelmente complicada devido a inegavel atracao que ganha vida entre eles.

Ao fim ao cabo, Henrietta continua empenhada em achar que nunca caira nas redes do amor Lord Drake Varisey, Marquess of Winchelsea, eldest son and heir of the Duke of Wolverstone, must foil a plot that threatens to shake the foundations of the realm, but the very last lady-nay, noblewoman-he needs assisting him is Lady Louisa Cynster, known throughout the ton as Lady Wild. For the past nine years, Louisa has suspected that Drake might well be the ideal husband for her, even though he's assiduous in avoiding her. But she's now twenty-seven and enough is enough. She believes propinquity will reveal exactly what it is that lies between them, and what better opportunity to work closely with Drake than this latest mission with which he patently needs her help?

Unable to deny Louisa's abilities or the value of her assistance and powerless to curb her willfulness, Drake is forced to grit his teeth and acquiesce to her sticking by his side if only to ensure her safety. But all too soon, his true feelings for her surface sufficiently for her, perspicacious as she is, to see through his denials, which she then interprets as a challenge.

Even while they gather information, tease out clues, increasingly desperately search for the missing gunpowder, and doggedly pursue the killer responsible for an ever-escalating tally of dead men, thrown together through the hours, he and she learn to trust and appreciate each other. And fed by constant exposure-and blatantly encouraged by her-their desires and hungers swell and grow As the barriers between them crumble, the attraction he has for so long restrained burgeons and balloons, until goaded by her near-death, it erupts, and he seizes her-only to be seized in return.

Linked irrevocably and with their wills melded and merged by passion's fire, with time running out and the evil mastermind's deadline looming, together, they focus their considerable talents and make one last push to learn the critical truths-to find the gunpowder and unmask the villain behind this far-reaching plot.