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Fred loves using the book mainly for material gains, like acquiring future technology or hunting for treasures.

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In the first novel of Time Warp Trio series Joe and this two friends Sam and Fred travel back in time with the help of the magical blue book, a birthday present presented to Joe by his uncle. The book contains pictures of castles and knights, and when one of the boys wishes that it would be fun to see the knights, smoke surrounds them, and they disappear. They soon find themselves face to face with a Black Knight who refers to them as a demon, foul wizards, and sorcerers and vows to kill them.

Sam makes an effort to make a deal with the giant. Unfortunately, the smelly giant refuses. He then makes a final shot by making the giant mad at the dragon, the two evil creatures fight each other, and the two boys are hailed as heroes. He searches The Books to see whether he can find some magic that would send the three boys back to their time. The premier novel Knights of the Kitchen Table is a great read for kids; it is simple and straightforward full of humor and illustrations that make it more engaging especially to the children.

The story is quite creative especially in dealing with the age of Arthurian period.

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The plot is well paced, especially for the target audience children. In the second book of Time Warp series, the three boys amusing now find themselves wandering in a desert island. The pirate king hopes that the kids can get recruited to his crew and get him more money. The only way for the kids to escape the pirate ship and get back to their period is to find the book. They discover that a preacher in the ship once had the book but was forced to walk out the plank.

After the boys sink a boat with a once lucky single shot, the Pirate King rewards them with buried treasure. When the boys dig up the treasure, they discover that it is no gold or silver but inside they find The Book, and as the Blackbeard accuses them of stealing the gold, the book activates and sends them back home. Just like the first book, this novel is quick and an entertaining read. However, I also found nothing that would cause me to have any desire to obtain any more of the series, and there is a whole lot better literature available out there for children.

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  • It's all up to the Time Warp Trio to foil the plans of a sneaky priest and make the big shot to save the day. Leonardo DaVinci was not only a painter and a sculptor.

    "Knights of the Kitchen Table," "Time Warp Trio" Series #1 | homeschoolbookreviewblog

    He also invented an early version of a mechanical tank, a helicopter, and a submarine. So of course the Time Warp trio would want to visit him. They just didn't know that DaVinci also wrote backwards and had some unpleasant friends like Lord Borgia. Joe uses some of his best tricks to keep the guys alive in Italy. Have you ever seen that famous painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware? Well if it was completely historically accurate, it would show Joe and Fred and Samantha in the boat too.

    Were they in danger?

    The Knights of the Kitchen Table #1

    And how did they get there? And Samantha's cat leaked on The Book. Lots of action, and instructions on how to turn George Washington's head on the dollar bill into a mushroom.

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    Now that's history. Well, you don't have to wonder. Because it happened.

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    And what happened was: sandstorms, a smelly camel, a mad Chinese astrologer, madder attack leopards, one very famous explorer, and Joe in the middle of the desert wearing nothing but his red bathing suit. Bonus Chinese Zodiac horoscopes at the end. Knights of the Kitchen Table Illustrated by Lane Smith Time Warp 1 What would happen if three regular kids from Brooklyn got a mysterious blue Book with silver designs that could transport them anywhere in time or space? Tut, Tut Illustrated by Lane Smith Time Warp 6 If you had to do a class project on Ancient Egypt and you had a Book that could transport you anywhere in time and space and you had a kind of annoying younger sister who is always touching your stuff.

    The Knights of the Kitchen Table (Time Warp Trio, #1)

    Summer Reading Is Killing Me! Illustrated by Lane Smith Time Warp 7 Things go horribly terribly wrong when Fred sticks the guys' summer reading list inside a certain time-and-space-bending Book. Oh, Sam Samurai. Hey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge? Illustrated by Adam McCauley Time Warp 11 Did you know that in , when the Brooklyn Bridge was just being built, Thomas Edison had a workshop in New Jersey where he was working on his inventions like the light bulbs and the record player?