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And I must say that the food … read more was awesome! I'm very thankful to Nar Hoca who kindly made me delicious gluten-free bread. In the free time, me and the other volunteers could go and swim in the Black Sea, explore the nearby area and get lost in the forest not recommended.

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Kendinizi iyi bak :. Abdulrahman is a very nice, responsible, hardworking and positive person. He has a very admirable relation with his kids, he's teaching them a lot through experience and love. It was a lovely and inspiring experience to work with him and we all hope to see him again in the farm! Left by Workawayer Abdulrahman for host.

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I feel sorry for leaving the farm. I wish I could stay more. Nar the owner is the soul of the place there. She loves everyone. Huriye the team leader is well organized and she has the spirit of happiness all the time. I … read more will come here again if I have the chance. There is a lot to learn there. Thank you everybody.

Hi folks! We are two french sisters who went here last winter!! We stayed for 5 weeks and helped in the kitchen of the beautiful restaurant! The team was very welcoming and fun, we learnt a lot with Yaryah and Merve we know everything about baklava making : The Turkish culture is a very strong and beautiful one! Staying in the … read more nomads tents by degrees was such an experience! The tap in the outside toilets was completely frozen!

No Farm is an Island – Let’s Take a Real Look at How We’re All Connected

Warriors be prepared : The only weird thing was that we spent Christmas and new year on our own , 5 workawayers in a very big and empty tent the whole evening We felt a bit lonely and would have liked to celebrate at least new year with our hosts. Cheers : ps: we miss all the wonderful workers we spent time with! Mohamed, Fatma, Hurye , Pennard and the other! Left by Workawayer Salman for host. It's a really good place. Well programmed working time. The work is not easy, but is really cool.

I learnt a LOT. Want to learn, work, meet nice people and people with deep … read more thinking like Ahmet and Nar, and want healthy food, this is where you belong. Thank you to everybody in the farm. Go now for there FOUR cute puppies to play with. Left by Workawayer Jiya for host.

Lots of different works to do, lots of love and sharing with all those staff at the farm. Good people, place and also good food. It could have been more fun if I could speak some more turkish though, I am filled with a lot of good vibes. Thank you all. Left by Workawayer Artem for host. Thank you very much, I stayed here for two week. It is very nice experience! Very friendly staff, delicious food and wonderful volunteers.

I had a time for good thoughts on my life, because life in farming is useful for your thoughts. Thanks for a large family, what they doing it :. Left by Workawayer Alessandro for host. What a wonderful place!!! I stayed here for 3 weeks and I felt it like a gift. You work close to friendly people who only speak Turkish which is a great opportunity to learn some! Such an experience worths at least a visit! We spent only two weeks here but it was enough to love it! We worked everyday surrounded by great people and great cats as well.

It was really good to be inside the turkish culture eating the most delicious meals ever! The work was very diversified and fun, especially because of Huryie, who was in charge of us and with whom we had a great time. Left by Workawayer Jonas for host. Izral was very nice, helping and kind. Beside he is smiling and fun! He likes to help, he works with others with coherence and he s always in a good mood. We would definitely recommend him as a volunteer! Left by Workawayer Jeanne for host. I had an amazing time here. The people are so great. I enjoyed working in the gardens, taking the cows out in the fields : and the family style meals.

Everyone was so friendly and passionate about what they do, it made the work very enjoyable! Beautiful countryside, relaxed environment and good cheer. Hope to be back soon! All the best! Left by Workawayer Betzabe for host. This is an amazing place! This was my first Workaway experience and it was one full of great food, amazing volunteers and such a learning experience! Sure there is hard work but also afternoons full of music and the chance to take long walks to the sea. Thank you so much for everything! Left by Workawayer Abby T B for host. My 1st experience of living in a farm with fruits, vegetable, cow, sheep, donkey, horse and cats!

The tasks were interesting. Workaway here is truly a wonderful experience, even though you are not a volunteer, this is the best place for a weekend escape for the locals and an unforgettable holiday for all holiday makers. Thank you Nar family the host and all the people here. Thank you Taylan the coordinator for giving me this wonderful opportunity to come to Turkey! Best regards from Abby. This is place is absolutely magnificent! We throughly enjoyed our time here; the work was typical farm work but always accompanied with other volunteers and family members and finished off with an incredible meal!

Can I just say, that the food is amazing and organic! We harvested varying vegetables and fruits, maintaining the land, feeding … read more the dogs in the early morning, cracking hazelnuts and so much more! There is a real family vibe here, we work together and we eat together. The area is stunning, so take advantage of sights nearby. All in all, we didn't want to leave! The experience was unforgettable and magical! Jaz and James. Left by Workawayer Samantha for host. This is my favorite place I've been in two years of traveling and living. It got me the deepest anyway.

I stayed two weeks longer than I had planned and it was hard to leave even then :P The people are wonderful, there is variety in the work, the food is Plentiful and Wholesome and Delicious. But only come here if you like people, vegetables and … read more animals! It's a farm so of course there's lots of work but the harder jobs are varied with easier ones and the set volunteer schedule 3 hours in the morning, 3 in the afternoon, saturday half-day, sunday free was always respected. As other people have noted, the community is real and the mix of people is wonderful-- the funny happy local people, the kind family who own and run the place, volunteers from turkey and from Everywhere.

Nar koy is situated in a very beautiful valley just close to an incredible sea side. The farm is quite big and very structured to serve the ecological Hotel and Restaurant, which have a very beautiful design mixed with the permaculture garden. There is a lot of work to do, but also a lot of volunteers and workers to do it.

The workers from a … read more nearby village are amazing people and we were always having fun with them during the working hours. They make sure we have the proper "Mola" time to time, with shade and tea, of course :- The food is tasty and colorful. As a fruit and vegetable lovers, we were not very lucky with the late harvesting season this year, but second week finally more freshness on the table. The animals are a cute and funny bonus to the farm. But the best is for sure We will plant those amazing tomatoes seeds on our garden and we'll do then a big lunch all together in Portugal.

Left by Workawayer Jesse for host. If you're in Istanbul and want to visit a farm, this is surely the place to go. It's a wonderful mixture of local Turks and international volunteers, making you feel as if you're in a huge melting pot of culture. Despite speaking little English, the farm staff here are delightful and friendly.

The living tents are cozy and comfortable. I … read more stayed for nearly three weeks, and I wasn't ready to leave when I did. The most impressive is, when you see, how people of the farm are open to accept, how they are connected, how they love the nature, how they know to work efficiently and have fun inbetween, infact: how they know, how to live! All off them were an amazing inspiration for our personal growth, for giving and taking positive energy, for learning a lot … read more and simply feeling really good!! Thank you friends! Left by Workawayer merry for host.

This is very overdue as I stayed here in September for 3 weeks. Anyone wanting to reconnect with nature and get away from urban life in a beautiful setting should volunteer here. The work varied - anything from sorting chickpeas, preparing the soil, planting and harvesting vegetables, helping in the kitchen - and could be quite laborious. Everyone who worked on the farm was really welcoming and made myself and the other volunteers feel like part of the family there. All the farm workers and volunteers eat a massive lunch together, with everyone chipping in to help with the preparation and clear up.

The food was definitely one of the highlights of my stay. Every meal is delicious, fresh and healthy, and all from the farm! It was so great to see the vegetables we had harvested in the morning on our plates at lunch time! I learnt a lot about how to cook using the whole plant and simple ingredients to create amazing Turkish dishes. I would jump at the chance to go back tomorrow and have no doubt that I will visit sometime in the future to see everybody.

It really is a magical place and I will always look back and cherish my time there. Thank you so much Nar, Selin and all the farm workers. You guys are the best! Left by Workawayer Kaisa for host. Everyone was so kind and the work was fair and as described. I feel so lucky to have made some lifelong friends across the world and hope to come back someday.

I had a wonderful time during my four weeks here. I worked harder than I have ever worked in my life, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. I would recommend learning a bit of Turkish as it was difficult to understand instructions sometimes. Expect to work and not … read more have much free time during the week The farm and people I worked with gave me a wonderful experience in Turkey!

This was our first workaway experience, and we think we got really lucky with this farm. It was a wonderful place with wonderful people. Hearing from other volunteers we realized that the farm is run very professionally and that they are very considerate about the safety and comfort of their volunteers. We had a big sleeping tent and enough … read more beds and blankets to keep warm on the cold nights. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were always on time and always delicious.

Sevgey is a great cook, and I literally kissed her hands while leaving as the food she made was so amazing. Work hours were comfortable, and we worked exactly six hours on weekdays, half days on Saturdays and Sunday was off. Having a schedule that was being followed was great, as you could plan what you wanted to do for the rest of the day. After work we could go over to the restaurant where there was wi-fi, tea and coffee and all other kinds of snacks. We felt very welcome there at all times of day. The work was really fun and we learned a lot.

Some days it was a bit hard, especially in the greenhouse as it used to get pretty hot, but it was still worth it, as our supervisors, Huria, Firdes and Soner were always very fun and entertaining. I was in love with all the cats there, and their dog Biyaz, even though he was a bit too much to handle will be missed. They provided boots and extra clothes for the work times, and were always very helpful with whatever we needed. They always gave us a break, or as they called it "Mola", whenever we asked. I'll really miss the beauty of the farm, as it was close to the sea at Kerpe only 3 km from the farm, and 5 minutes if you hitchhike.

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I recommend taking the forest route, which is longer but so much more beautiful. And then of course, you can also walk around in the farm, down to the windmill and catch many beautiful sights. Nar, the owner of the farm, always had a good story to share, and I'll never forget my 31st birthday, where she made an amazing cake for me.

We only stayed for a week but wished that we could have stayed longer as we ran out of leaves at our work back home. I have amazing memories at this farm and made amazing friends to keep, namely Merry, Mu, Colin and Lotte. Thanks to all there. We enjoyed our time in this farm a lot. There is a really good atmosphere. All the people are friendly. Especially the chief of volunteers Huria we hope spelling is good. She is always smiling, singing, joking and dancing. So for us it was never any difficulties to work when such a positive vibe was in the air.

And everyday we were doing … read more different stuff so it wasn't boring. The conditions were perfect. We have to mention that besides conventional toilets they have the best compost toilet we have ever seen. So for future volunteers - use compost toilet and save water! We were sleeping in a cosy big tent made of wool, sharing the space with other volunteers.

And meeting those guys from different corners of our planet was amazing! With these new friends we spent a lot of nice time after and during the work. We hope to see them in the near future. Everyone mentions food here and it is absolutely true - healthy and fantastic!

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The only downside for us - none people from the farm spoke english only the ones that are in hotel which is part of farm , and because of that we didn't learn about permaculture and organic farming as much as we could. But that's maybe only for us because our goal was to learn. In general we are happy that we came here and want to recommend this place for future generations. The schedule: set table for breakfast, then free or work, set up for lunch, then free work, then free set up for dinner, then free we had later dinners due to ramadan Depending on the number of volunteers on the farm at any given time, people take turns doing dinnertime dishes after dinner.

It was very … read more well-organized and a great learning experience. I think we worked a bit harder than we needed to, but people can and should take breaks as they see fit. Food was always fresh and delicious. Paleo people beware, as Turkish food is quite heavy in grains. Salih was the original person in charge of volunteers, but I believe he has moved to Istanbul. Because the farm is quite large, and Nar and family are continuing to develop it, it can be overwhelming to try and learn everything and everyone's names and relationships.

Also, it is good to have a knowledge of the language in order to work with some of the employees there. Things on the farm can be far and apart, so the volume of work the volunteers do can be quite varied and the load heavy. However, I am very glad to have been able to contribute to the farm. Nar, Ahmet, and their lovely family have definitely contributed a great deal to my learning and understanding of nurturing the environment in sustainable ways. Nar was super kind to Michael and me, and we feel so blessed to have been able to share time and sample her beautiful homemade wines and foods.

Ahmet shared so many snippets of rustic wisdom in his gentle way. Michael and I also had a beautiful time working with please bear with me as I am sure to butcher the spelling Fatma, Juliet, Soner, and many wonderful people. This is definitely a place I would visit again. I highly recommend it. It is so beautiful, and that is because people of vision who have faith in devoted and careful creation have shaped its form. Thank you so much! Left by Workawayer Barrieu for host. This farm was my first workaway experience and it was a really good one. I stay two weeks gardening, meeting lot of great people, singing with the women on the fields, learning about turkish culture Thanks a lot to evrybody, Sevge for the amazing food, Mumtaz for is … read more experience, Ouria and Fatma for the laughing, Moammed for the work, Elmet and Nar for the magical part and everybody for there smile and kindness :.

Left by Workawayer Robin for host. It was a real pleasure to work with Signa. She is intelligent, fun and friendly. She has a very high empathy. She is curious and open to new experiences. Most of all, she is a very positive person who gives you incredibly beautiful energy: We enjoyed long conversations with her about lots of different things , during three weeks. We also … read more learned a lot from her! Thank you for coming and becoming our friend, Signa! I spent three weeks here and enjoyed it immensely. I learned new skills, met incredible people, and was re-introduced to the pleasure of eating food that was harvested only hours earlier.

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The work is hard and the days are long, so if you're looking for a "vacation" this would not be the place to go. But if you're interested in learning more … read more about organic farming and permaculture, and you value hands-on experience, you will not be disappointed. Left by Workawayer Hayley for host. This was our first workaway experience and its one that we will never forget! You are all such beautiful people, so welcoming, we cant thank you enough for such an enjoyable 2 weeks with you all. We learnt about principles of permaculture and how to put them in place.

We would love to come back one day, 2 weeks was not long enough. Everyone talks about the food and we couldn't agree more its incredible!! Left by Workawayer Andras Marcell for host. This farm is full with very positive and lovely people, - when you re working with Nar , Ahmet , Beste ,Selen and Shaul sorry for not to mention everybody : you cannot really bored, there is always something to do!

Although i was ill when i was there, therefore i couldnt give so much from myself, and i had to leave after one week, i m longing … read more for visiting this farm again. The work is hard, but you cannot feel fatigue, as the people around you, the land, the fruits and other products keep you energized: And be prepared that the 22 cats of the farm will gather around you to befriend and provide healing purring!

Left by Workawayer Lisa for host. My experience at here was everything I could have imagined plus infinitely more! The family is wonderful - loving, friendly people, the food is incredible and you can learn so much depending on the energy you are willing to add to the philosophy they live by at the farm! The work varies, from long days in the field, to painting and cleaning, to … read more simply helping prepare meals and clean up after!

Everyone eats together three times per day and it is so wonderful and relaxing, despite not knowing what is being said in Turkish. Overall, a wonderful experience with fantastic people. Hope to see you soon Beste, Nar and the whole family! Left by Workawayer julien for host. Left by Workawayer Daniella for host.

I had an amazing 2 week stay at the farm. Beste and her family are so welcoming, and such cool, interesting people. I feel really lucky that I got to help with the project - they're a really inspiring family, and I have … read more really great memories of my stay with them. Left by Workawayer Lorena for host. I spent there just one week, but if i could do it I would like to spend there more time! People in the farm are really lovely: the owners, the employees and the volunteers too!

New & Improved Iron Farm! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 188]

The work changes depending on needs. Volunteers work in the morning and in the afternoon have free time. But you're always together enjoying whatever: little trips to … read more the black sea, meals, improvise cinema, I would like to visit them again! Congratulations for your project! Left by Workawayer Noelia for host. I spent one week on that farm, and I will never forget that experience.

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  • All people there, volunters and farm stuff, are amazing. It didn't took us too much to know each other, and we quickly had a family atmosphere. Food was really good, moreover if you like vegetables, and we also ate wonderfull deserts, meat and fish. It's a pitty that I can't … read more go in summer, cause we would enjoy of more sunlight at the afternoons to go to the black sea and have a bath, but anyway the experience was incredible.

    Hope they can carry out with their actual projects. Left by Workawayer Weiyi for host. To say I miss you guys is an understatement. Nar and family are working to materialise their beliefs and passion about ecological, respectful living and spending time with them will def invigorate you.

    I'd have to buy a ticket back pronto if I reminisce any more. Left by Workawayer kylie for host. My girlfriend and I had an amazing two weeks with Nar, Ahmet and the rest of their farm family. They were kind a generous hosts and a great first impression of Turkish hospitality. The work mainly consisted of planting winter crops, we were there in late November, such as a huge field of artichokes. We also helped cook and clean up after our … read more meals and were able to ween tidbits of Turkish cooking mastery from Nar and the other cooks from time to time.

    At this point the idea of the farm was no longer a dream, a plan began to form and a new home for their lavender farm was selected. The farm would become their new home as well. The farmland in Rocheport, French for Rocky-Port, was selected for all the right reasons. The rocky and hilly topography of the Missouri River Valley was essential to the health of their lavender field. When we first saw the hillsides, we felt like this farm was meant to be. The renovated farmhouse, was painstakingly transformed into the drying room for the freshly harvested lavender. It became the perfect atmosphere to dry and hang the families large harvests, which require hand-picking every weeks in the spring and summer months.

    In just one year, the natural hillsides have been transformed into mounded groves of purple lavender that sit atop thrones of white gravel. The pathways of gravel provide proper drainage and the space necessary to harvest the lavender.