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They can use the article to answer the following questions:.

Migration - Push and Pull Factors - GCSE Geography

Students should illustrate their answers using photos, maps and diagrams where appropriate. The Migration Observatory have a section which allows you to create and print charts on various migration topics.

Key Concepts in Migration

Allocate each student a different chart from the website. They could annotate the chart to describe the trend shown. Using the framework: What is the general trend? Can this be illustrated with specific detail? Are there any anomalies? The teacher could lead a class discussion about the different ways of presenting data. How is the data being presented? What are the characteristics that make the presentation accurate and effective?

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Are they appropriate ways of presenting the data? This Esri story map presents photos, information and mapped data on various topics linked to the Syria refugee crisis. Using the resource as a stimulus, students could create their own refugee storymap.

This website provides step-by-step guidance. All students need to do is to set up and sign in to a free ArcGIS account. This 10 minute video is part of the TedEx series and would be suitable for A level students.

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In it, Danny Dorling argues that there will be a world without borders and free migration within a century. Students could summarise the content of the video in no more than words and two images. Students could then hold a debate with one half of the class preparing an argument supporting a borderless world and the other opposing this idea.

Download the app ' My life as a refugee ' from UNHCR, which lets players choose a character and then make decisions in order to help them survive, reach safety, unite with loved ones and re-start their lives. Have you developed any resources on migration or refugees for your students? Email them to milan geography. For more information on what cookies are and how you can manage and remove them click here.

Michael Samers: Migration | SpringerLink

Teaching ideas: migration and refugees. Key stage 3 migration and refugees lesson resources These resources on migration were provided by Lizzie Crean, Head of Geography at the Priory Witham Academy, Lincoln. Migration data race Students worked in teams of four and were given a data pack of maps and graphs extracted from two articles from the BBC News website. Refugee data spreadsheet Refugee data spreadsheet Download the refugee data file which includes up-to-date data and activities to be used in the classroom.

By continuing to use the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Free trial voucher code. Invalid Search. Enter keywords, authors, DOI etc. Search History. Search history from this session 0. Metrics Views Abstract Recent approaches to the study of queer migration politics and diaspora, while appearing to serve only a select set of research interests within geography, have tremendous potential in advancing the study of geographies of migration at large.

Sorry, you do not have access to this eBook A subscription is required to access the full text content of this book. He reminded the audience that climate change is a lot more than just sea level rise but also relates to issues of human development, health, food, and water security. He argued that stronger global collaboration is needed- especially when it comes to student and labor migration, which can generate greater incomes and serve as a risk diversification strategy.

Secondly, he stressed the need for more effective and holistic migration policies in order to increase benefits and reduce the risks of migration. Last but not least, Milan also underlined the financial aspect behind all these recommendations. Money should be made available in order to improve educational systems as well as recruitment and placement mechanisms.

However, money is not a silver bullet. For example, the need for better relationships between new migrants and diasporas in destination areas is important in order to foster stronger support networks. As in Lima before, she outlined the intrinsic links between the movement of people and climate change. Migration in this context can be seen, she emphasized, as an effective adaptation strategy.