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Trouble Shooter (Hopalong Cassidy) by Tex Burns

The Nickel Boys. Colson Whitehead. Suzanne Rindell. The Masterpiece. Colin Cotterill. Answering an urgent appeal for help from fellow cowpuncher Pete Melford, he rides in only to discover that his old friends has been murdered and the ranch Pete left to his niece, Cindy Blair, had vanished without a trace. Hopalong may have arrived too late to save Pete, but his sense of loyalty and honor demands that he find that cold-blooded killers and return to Cindy what is rightfully hers. Colonel Justin Tradwar, criminal kingpin of the town of Kachina, is the owner of the sprawling Box T ranch, and he has built his empire with a shrewd and ruthless determination.

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  4. In search of Pete's killers and Cindy's ranch, Hopalong signs on at the Box T, promising to help get Tradway's wild cattle out of the rattler-infested brush. When Clarence E. Long out of print and now published for the first time under the author's own name, Trouble Shooter is a vividly authentic tale of the Old West that bears the unmistakable Louis L'Amour brand of swift, sure action, hard-fought justice, and frontier courage. Capturing the unquenchable thirst for adventure, the passions that drove men, and the perils that awaited the, in an untamed new land, this extraordinary early novel gives us Louis L'Amour at the height of his powers—an enduring testament to America's favorite storyteller.

    In , Hopalong Cassidy was featured on the first lunchbox to bear an image, causing sales of Aladdin Industries lunch boxes to jump from 50, units to , units per year. There was a new demand for Hopalong Cassidy features in movie theaters, and Boyd licensed reissue distributor Film Classics to make new film prints and advertising accessories. Also, in January Dan Spiegel began to draw a syndicated comic strip with scripts by Royal King Cole; the strip lasted until Thanks to the earlier series which showed edited versions of his films, Boyd began work on a separate series of half-hour westerns made especially for television; Edgar Buchanan was his new sidekick, Red Connors a character from the original stories and a few of the early films.

    The theme music for the television show was written by Nacio Herb Brown music and L. Wolfe Gilbert lyrics. The show ranked number 7 in the Nielsen ratings, number 9 in the season and number 28 in After Boyd's death, his company devoted to Hopalong Cassidy, U. Television Office, retained control of Cassidy films but, by the mids, had withdrawn them from television and sales in home movie markets.

    This remained the situation until the mids, after many Cassidy fans had died, when the company made available to The Western Channel a package series of restored and cleaned negative-based prints of the films to cable TV. These remained available on that channel until , when they were again withdrawn. Minimal effort was made at that time, nor has it been made since, to offer the films for home video, excepting two packages of compressed, multi-title Hopalong Cassidy anthology DVDs , the first requiring purchase of the entire TV series to obtain copies of about a dozen films and then, in , a reissue of the remaining stock of these same DVD pressings combined with the remaining titles in a first-time pressing.

    This was an expansion and retheming of Venice Lake Park [12] opened the previous year as Boyd became an investor.

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    Despite Boyd's regular appearances as Hoppy at the park, it was not a success and shut down in Louis L'Amour wrote four Hopalong Cassidy novels, which are still in print. In three of these stories, Coffman wrote the wife of actor William Boyd into the stories. Fawcett Comics published a Hopalong Cassidy comic book one-shot in , [14] followed by an ongoing series from —, [15] when the company ceased publishing. DC Comics took over the title in with issue 86, [16] publishing it until issue , in Mirror Enterprises Syndicate distributed a Hopalong Cassidy comic strip starting in ; it was bought out by King Features in , running until The strip was drawn by Dan Spiegle.

    There have been museum displays of Hopalong Cassidy.

    Hopalong Cassidy - Cowtown Trouble Shooters

    The museum and its contents were auctioned on August 24, , owing to the failure of its parent company, Wild West World. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Fictional cowboy hero.