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NOOK Book. I saw, time and again, how the sport improved countless millions of lives, both on and off the field. During his twenty-year career, he was heralded as an international treasure, and his accomplishments on the field proved to be pure magic: an unprecedented three World Cup championships and the all-time scoring record, with 1, goals. With unparalleled openness, he shares his most inspiring experiences, heartwarming stories, and hard-won wisdom.

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In , he won his first World Cup for Brazil at age seventeen—the youngest winner ever. He went on to win another two World Cups in and , making him the only player in the world today with three Jules Rimet trophies. He is the all-time leading scorer in the history of the sport 1, goals in 1, matches.

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  • Brian Winter , the chief correspondent for Reuters Brazil, has coauthored several books, including a memoir by Brazil's former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso. We screamed.

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    • We jumped up and down. All of us, my whole family, gathered in our little house. Just like every other family, all across Brazil. Three hundred miles away, before a raucous crowd in Rio de Janeiro, mighty Brazil was battling tiny Uruguay in the final game of the World Cup. Our team was favored. Our moment had come.

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      And in the second minute of the second half, one of our forwards, Friaca, shook off a defender and sent a low ball bouncing toward goal. Past the goalie, and into the net it went. Brazil 1, Uruguay 0. There was no TV in our small city.

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      For most Brazilians, there was just the radio. Our family had a giant set, standing in the corner of our main room, which we were now dancing around madly, whooping and hollering. I was nine years old, but I will never forget that feeling: the euphoria, the pride. I remember my mother, her easy smile. And my father, my hero, so restless during those years, so frustrated by his own broken soccer dreams—suddenly very young again, embracing his friends, overcome with happiness.

      It would last exactly 19 minutes.

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      At times, Brazil's government would use the team to make it appear to the rest of the world as though all was well there. In truth, during most of these times, the country was really hurting.

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      If kids proved they had been going to school, they were awarded access to soccer fields built by the government. All casual and diehard soccer fans should enjoy "Why Soccer Matters" between World Cup games to learn about the history and the future of the beautiful game. The beautiful game. A national treasure, he created pure magic with his accomplishments on the field: an unprecedented three World Cup championships and the all-time scoring record, with 1, goals in his twenty year career.

      Now Pele can add amazing author to his list of accomplishments. From the moment it arrived, my husband grabbed the book and refused to put down until he finished — not to even share with me. It is a must read and a great gift for all Soccer Lovers world wide, especially as we celebrate the World Cup this year.