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What do the cup and baptism represent? What light does this passage shed on the relationship between Jesus and God the Father? How is Jesus our example in this? Read Isaiah and Psalm 2. Why was Bartimaeus told to be quiet? What can we expect when we pray for healing? Read 2 Samuel 7: and 16 3. What kind of king would the people have been expecting? Why does Jesus go first to the temple? What does it mean for Jesus to be our King? What is the significance of the fig tree? Why does Jesus curse it? What activities does Jesus find happening in the temple court?

Read Jeremiah 7: 3. Why does Jesus clear the temple? How do the chief priests and teachers of the law respond?

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Read Isaiah 7 5. Mark Study 31 Read Mark 1. Read Matthew 3. For what does Jesus say the disciples should pray? Why is it important to forgive? What is the connection between faith, prayer and the will of God? How can we know what to pray for? How could a misunderstanding of this passage in Mark lead to disappointment or disaster? How do we cope when our prayers seem to go unanswered? Or whom? What does Jesus say makes a person unclean? What traditions can distract us from seeking God whole-heartedly? Why do people sometimes call Christians hypocrites? Mark Study 17 Read Mark 7: 1.

Read Mark 7: 4. Why did Jesus heal the man privately? Why did Jesus command the people to not talk about the healing? Mark Study 18 Read Mark 8: 1. How do the disciples respond? Why did Jesus perform miracles for the crowd but refuse to do so for the Pharisees? Why were the Pharisees blind to these signs? Mark Study 19 Read Mark 8: 1. What corruption does the church face today? In what should our faith be? What does it indicate about their faith in his ability and willingness to provide for them? What explanation did Jesus provide for why some people do not understand His teachings?

Read Mark 8: 6. How are the disciples like the blind man? Why is it done away from the village? What does it take for people to see Jesus clearly? Mark Study 20 Read Mark 8: 1. What was the popular view of Jesus? Who did Peter say Jesus was?

5-Minute Bible Workouts for Men

What had he witnessed to lead him to this conclusion? Why did Jesus warn the disciples not to reveal his identity? Read Mark 8: 31 — 9: 1 4. Why did Peter rebuke Jesus? What was his misunderstanding? What does it mean to follow Jesus? When are Christians tempted to be ashamed of Jesus and his words? Mark Study 21 Read Mark and Luke 1. What does Luke say they were discussing? For who was it meant? Read 2 Peter 6. What lasting impact did this moment have on Peter? How had John the Baptist prepared the way for the Messiah? Mark Study 22 Read Mark 1.

Why had this father brought his son to Jesus? Why might he have had trouble believing that Jesus could help? Where does the man turn for help in believing? The disciples had been given the authority to drive out demons. Why did they fail this time? As his time of death grows closer, why does Jesus prioritise teaching the disciples?

Why are the disciples confused and afraid? Mark Study 23 Read Mark 1. Why were the disciples reluctant to admit to Jesus what they had been discussing? How can this help us in our interactions with Christians from different denominations? Mark Study 24 Read Mark 1. Should we take this literally? What is Jesus really saying? Read James 2. What really causes us to sin?

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Why is causing others to sin such an important issue for God? What is salt good for?

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What does it represent? What is the connection between salt and peace? How can we avoid specific sins?

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  • How can we live in peace with one another? What kind of teaching is a parable? How is the word of God sown? Under what conditions does it fail to prosper? When does it thrive? How are the secrets of the kingdom revealed? How is this parable a key to all others? What will be the result? Mark Study 9 Read Mark 4: 1. In what way was Jesus like a light that had entered a dark room? Read John 2.

    Read Mark 4: 5. What warning is there for us in this short parable about the Kingdom of God? Mark Study 10 Read Mark 4: 1. Read Mark 4: 4. Why did the disciples wake Jesus? Of what were they afraid in verses 38 and 41? What faith did they lack? How can faith impact on the way we cope with difficult circumstances? Mark Study 11 Read Mark 5: 1. What power did the demons have over this man? Of what were the demons afraid? Of what were the people of this region afraid? What kind of impression did the healed man make, and why? Has the message that missionaries bring today changed?

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    • How is their message received? Mark Study 12 Read Mark 5: 1. What request did the Synagogue Ruler make of Jesus? Why might the woman have been reluctant to approach Jesus directly? Read Leviticus 4. Why does Jesus insist on speaking with the woman he has healed? In what did she put her faith? How will her life be different now? In what does Jesus encourage the Synagogue Ruler to have faith? What is the link between faith and healing? Mark Study 13 Read Mark 6: 1. Why are they offended by his teaching? What stops Jesus performing many healings and miracles at home?

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      What difficulties can a new Christian face from family and close friends? Read Mark 6: 5. What authority did Jesus give his disciples? What was their message? Why are they to travel in pairs and without provisions? What does it mean today to be a disciple of Jesus? Mark Study 14 Read Mark 6: 1. Why did Herod put John the Baptist in prison? What unwise choices led Herod to kill John, despite wanting to protect him? What wrong priorities do Herod and his family show? What was the popular opinion of Jesus? Who do people think Jesus is today?

      Mark Study 15 Read Mark 6: 1. How did Jesus respond to the crowd when they landed on the shore? What miracle did Jesus perform? Read Psalm What kind of shepherd is Jesus? Read Mark 6: 6. Where does Jesus tell his disciples to go? Read John Why does Jesus leave? Why are the disciples afraid when they see Jesus walking on water? What is the first step to receiving Jesus? Why was Jesus baptised? Read Matthew for more detail 7. Mark Study 2 Read Mark 1: 1. How does one join? What does Jesus ask the fishermen to do? Read Mark 1: 3.

      What is the significance of the evil spirit recognising Jesus? What was the reaction of the people who witnessed Jesus casting out the evil spirit? Read Mark 1: 6. Who did Jesus heal? Why did Jesus tell the demons to stay quiet? Mark Study 3 Read Mark 1: 1. In verse 38, what does Jesus say is His purpose for coming? Why does Jesus heal when the publicity threatens His freedom to preach?

      Mark Study Four Read Mark 2: 1. What was the reaction of the teachers of the law? What does Jesus reveal about His authority through His words and actions?

      5-Minute Bible Workouts for Men [Paperback] by Barnes, Bob

      How did the crowd react to the paralytic being healed? Read Mark 2: 5. How can self-righteousness hinder us? Mark Study 5 Read Mark 2: 1. Read Mark — 5. What two things did Jesus and the disciples do that was unlawful according to the Pharisees? How does Jesus bring new understanding to the meaning of the Sabbath and its purpose? Mark Study 6 Read Mark 3: 1. Read Mark 3: 2. For what special quality were they chosen? How will Jesus train them? Why is it significant that Jesus chose twelve men?

      Read Genesis and Revelation 6. What did Jesus intend to build with these twelve men? What leadership qualities should we look for in the church today? Who had ten full minutes in their day to give to devotions? So I started to notice an entire line of new devotional books with these types of titles:. So what is wrong with devotions? Devotions : often focuses on the gold stars. You count and keep track of what days you do devotions and feel guilty on the days you miss.

      It is all about requirements, duty, obligation. Saturation : as we mentioned in a previous post, the purpose of Bible study is intimacy with Jesus. Go read the other post. Devotions : it is easy for devotions to become a pressure in your life. Saturation is not about duty or fulfilling an obligation, it is about about intimacy, oneness, and the delight that comes from the relationship. Devotions : when you get your devotional insight from a book or someone else, you are being spoon-fed. Yes, I admit, there are some studies by individuals which are rich and edifying such as Oswald Chambers, Tozer, Spurgeon, and the like , but you need more than their insight for continual spiritual growth — you need to personally wrestle with and be transformed by Scripture.

      Saturation : one the amazements for me about Saturation is that as I soak in the Word, the Spirit gives me understanding. As I begin to ask the 3 Questions for Bible Study and spend time in prayer asking for revelation, the Holy Spirit often gives me insight that affects my life and becomes a part of my life. Think about it, when you listen to a sermon or read a great devotional book, you may remember some of what you read … but when you do the study yourself, it is much harder to forget. I can still go back to passages that I studied years ago and tell you all about it. Devotions : the normal focus during devotions is on myself — what can I get out of this study?

      Saturation : if the purpose of Bible study is to know Jesus, then the whole focus of my study is upon Him, not me. Devotions : the emphasis is upon my interpretation. What does this mean to me? I put in the work and study so that I can come up with the answer. Saturation : is all about soaking in a passage like a sponge soaks in water, and allowing the Spirit to give insight, wisdom, revelation of the text. Bible Studies: If you have the time, aptitude, and interest, you can develop your own curriculum. You can get it free online and choose from more than 35 series.

      Watch or listen to the message, then discuss the downloadable questions. There are also unedited transcripts if you want to teach the material yourself. Book Studies: One of the most effective ways to start a small group is to study a book with discussion questions in each chapter. We offer my books and a growing list of best-of-class books from other authors. You can find more information and links to download it here. So what do men find valuable? Life can be brutal.

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      Every day men must manage their lives against the Fall. Because life is so hard, men need to be encouraged. They need a hug from God. They need the human touch. And this, while wearing the skin of a loner. The mega-answer? Caring creates, captures, and sustains value, momentum, and disciples. Men will come if they sense you really care about them. Example: Yes, I would like to receive emails from Man in the Mirror.

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