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Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Darkness and Dawn , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 05, Michelle rated it liked it. Thought I'd check out this early science fiction adventure story, published in My purpose in reading it was first, for the story but not for long!

What I learned: - You can remain in inanimate suspension for years with no ill effect on your body - Beef in a jar for years will still be tasty - year old planes can Thought I'd check out this early science fiction adventure story, published in What I learned: - You can remain in inanimate suspension for years with no ill effect on your body - Beef in a jar for years will still be tasty - year old planes can still fly, but skyscrapers will be turned to rubbish by the intervening years - Concrete will never fail. Oh -- unless it's a road, then it will disappear.

What I meant was: steel will never fail. But all other metals will crumble and disappear. Unless it's been made into a plane or phonograph. That'll be just fine. Including the complete restoration of manufacturing plants for planes, automobiles, and the 'wireless'. And now, my favorite quote from the book. Background: Allan and Beatrice our hero and heroine have conquered yes -- conquered, by killing their leader and forcing a village of hundreds of people to obey Allan's every word and repeat his demands after him in a chanting public display a race of barbarians they have found in the depths of the earth.

Our heroes are chatting and dreaming about the utopian world they will create with their obedient subjects in the future. No greed, no lust, no unsavory acts or desires; only perfect happiness and joy. Everyone will share equally, no one will be greater than the other. And I quote: 'Reflected Allan I want democracy! But, Damn it! And rule I will -- and they shall obey or die! I did truly enjoy it, and found it very entertaining as I giggled through the amazingly bad editting lack thereof and constantly surprising behaviours.

View all 3 comments. May 16, J. England, written from to and tells the story of two survivors of a Dying Earth type event that takes place around or somewhat eight to six years in the future of their publication. It's a well written story from its time and has the disadvantage of reflecting views and beliefs of that time; but sometimes I think opinion about that tends to be colored by overactive ex Darkness and Dawn by George Allan England — Darkness and Dawn is a compellation of three novella by G.

It's a well written story from its time and has the disadvantage of reflecting views and beliefs of that time; but sometimes I think opinion about that tends to be colored by overactive expectation. What I mean by that is there are accusations of it being specifically racist- which it could well be -based sometimes on erroneous interpretation though I too could be erroneously interpreting things myself. The problem stems from something that might be considered a spoiler; so there's the warning, though I don't think it will spoil the plot itself: only expectations.

There are a number of questions that crop up in the story that get bandied about and never really get solved: from the readers point of view.

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I love the way the story starts. Beatrice Kendrick, a young woman at work, awakes to find herself within the decimated ruins of her office. The story goes on to explain how even her typewriter has had the keys dissolve to dust. And this beginning almost gets the readers hope up, in that perhaps this is going to be about a strong female character. Don't get me wrong she does often come on strong, but once Allan Stern, her boss, enters the picture it seems to become his story.

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The point here though is that several mysteries are presented. One is that something catastrophic has happened and everyone else is gone and a long time has passed and somehow these two not only survive the disaster, but have slept through over a thousand years without aging. After this there are more mysteries such as the Horde which are some sort of Hominid aberration. And here is the spoiler: don't expect these mysteries to be solved.

They are greatly speculated about by the characters, but the final answers are not really there: unless you want to subscribe to speculation. The Horde is what often get mislabeled as the Racist part. And in part this is from the constant speculation going on from the admittedly uninformed Allan; at first referring to them as dark and upright walking like men. Later they are referred to as Hominids that, from description, sound closer related to apes with less fur and skin that is bluish gray.

The parts I noticed that did seem racist don't get mentioned as often if at all by those reviews; but they are when Allan and the narrator voice keep referring to civilized man as being white. That declaration occurs far too many times to the annoying point of trying to drive something home; though I'm baffled as to what. Perhaps just helping us get a grasp of the thinking of people in the early nineteen hundreds. As to the plot of the story; that seems to hover mostly in the area of the genre of dying earth stories.

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Veveg, schoolboy, Vev-eg. Other Native men, two Native women, Native children. Native children at School at S. Barnabas, Norfolk Island.

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Spears, shields, clubs, bows and arrows, fish and dogs' teeth, native money red and white , lime boxes, betel nuts green olives will do , Native combs, string bags, earrings of tortoise shell, or of shell, large round baskets, water bottles, round "Navy Bread" biscuits, imitation in wood , Jew's harp English , fishhooks, print Turkey Red , needle and cotton, red handkerchief, clay pipes and wax matches, broom, bottles, tables and chairs, lantern, tomahawk, bell, clock, drums, bead necklaces, seed rattles.

Melanesians are of a dark brown "chocolate" colour. The skin may be coloured with coconut oil and brawn umber. The teeth of the elders are blackened. Clothe the men and boys, Acts I. Round the waist, Act I. No boots or shoes are worn. The head is bare. Clothe the women and girls, Acts I. Native grass skirts may be worn, or a short petticoat with strips of a drab colour, an inch in width, sewn on lengthwise, to represent dried grass or leaves of pandanus.

In Act III. No boots or shoes. The head is bare and the hair is short.

Darkness and Dawn

The consonants are as in English; the vowels have the "Continental" sound. Every vowel is sounded. The syllables in the hymns, songs, etc. It is suggested that lantern slides of Melanesia and of Norfolk Island be used during the play to increase the effect. Two men, Figona and Tataro, seated on the ground. Each wears a woven string bag over his shoulders. Tortoise-shell rings hang from their ears. Figona the sorcerer has one side of his head whitened, and on each cheek he has the mark of the frigate bird, Daula , painted in white. This mark is like the letter w inverted, and consists of four plain strokes.

To-night, also, the moon is full, and I judge that now we can look for the trade-wind to cease blowing. I have called on Sigo the kingfisher to eat the waves and make a calm. We shall now have halcyon days.

Darkness and dawn

Already it is done! Do you see the big white clouds piling up there on the hills of Mala? Well that is the fence I have put round the trade wind Ara lest it blow. But where is our chief? He vows that nothing will appease his wrath except a head. Its sides are all a-glitter with pearl shell, masses of evening clouds adorn the gunwales, two rows of white cowries deck the stem and stern as they tower in the air!

The fishing party will be off before sunrise. The gods will ensure them good fishing! Your portion he is, oh, my lords! I grasp here his jawbone, I loosen his teeth for him, I gouge out his eyes, I break his collarbones, I hold his backbone. Be he a-drinking he shall die! Does he fall down in his garden he shall die! And thereto I plight my troth. And now to find the chief and inform him of this. Cries heard, talking and chattering. Enter women and children; they pass across the stage carrying food-baskets and water-bottles.


One woman speaks: " Atu! The men are taking the chief's fishing net and are going a-fishing in his new canoe. We must take them this food and water. Figona and Tataro, both seated on the ground. Figona has a big round navy bread biscuit suspended from his neck. I got it from over there on the lee shore. They had a lot of them and they hung them up as festoons in the canoe house.

Mine I hung round my neck like one of our pearl shell ornaments. The birds kept settling on it, but no one would venture out near it, for all said that it was a ghost. One day they took ropes from the forest and they called on all their ghosts to help them, and then they went out in their canoes, and with the help of the ghosts they towed it ashore. Who can say! They searched in vain for any opening in it, and so they battered and battered it with rocks till they made a hole in it.

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The inside they found full of big round moons like this. Takes it off his neck. The thing itself they broke up and used the pieces to chop with. It smells good. Perhaps it's food! Takes hold of it.


Snatches it. How could anyone eat a thing like this and live? Did we not hear that their food was things like this? Bissiketti I think they called them. They were the ghosts of our own people come back to us from their home in the East. As for your bassitekki , you know what the ghosts' food is,--ants' nests and rottenness.

Merrily the paddles dipped, the water foamed in our wake. Our leader, Ramo, sat in the middle, his head bowed down, not wishing to look up till he should see the one devoted to the gods. Then we asked, "Are we going to be successful to-day, grandfather? Are we likely to wash our canoes? Our hearts rejoiced, and once more away we sped. He saw us and made to flee, but the gods kept him fixed to the spot.

As we came abreast of him he asked, where we were going, and we said we were taking our net and going a-fishing. He asked us to give him a betel nut. Our leader took one from his bag and looking up threw it ashore to him. Here was our victim! We cried to Hauri to consume him that we might slay him.

Then we raced ashore after him and surrounded him. His head now kisses the water at the prow of the canoe. We must now throw money to the chief and bring him back to live amongst us. Children seated, playing at cats' cradle; boys with toy bows and arrows. Figona and Tataro seated on the ground eating betel nut, lime boxes in their hands, both wear small woven bays over their shoulders. Draws strings of white and red money, porpoise teeth and dogs' teeth out of his bag.

Nine live pigs have been put into the sty but the tenth has escaped into the bush. The young men must go after it with the dogs. A girl from a distance would surely be better, a wife cannot lord it over her husband when she has none of her family near at hand to back her up. In one place the girls were too lanky to please me, in another they gabbled too much in their talk, in another they used too much wood in their cooking, in another village the men folk did not bother much about washing themselves, and in the last one we went to the men actually wore two bags apiece!

After all, there's no place like home! So I am buying one of our own village girls. Shouting heard without, crying and wailing. Party of men enters, a girl between them dragged hither and thither. Her mother and other women following. The mother wails. Vaka I think it was. And its ropes! Only their faces and hands are to be seen. They are all swathed from their ancles up to their chins in cloths like corpses ready for burial.

As for their hands being white are not the palms of our hands white and the soles of our feet too for that matter? Why an enemy could follow their footsteps anywhere! Their foot-boxes knock all the bark off the tree roots, and they never turn their feet in like we do when we walk, and they swing their arms about thus , and get scratched with the thorns on the side of the path.

We blacken our teeth with oko to make them firm, and we leave white teeth to babes who know not how to eat betel nut. Rattles his lime box. Loud is the cry of their Jew's harps! Strikes a match and smokes a new clay pipe. Children crowd round him asking for them These Beesopay gave me. He keeps all the tobacco and fish hooks and pipes. I am afraid of their white faces. No doubt they are the ghosts of the dead come back to us from their home in the sun-rising. We shall soon all he eating ants' nests and rottenness! He went to sea in a big banyan tree, a paka lava like this vaka and now he has come to take us all away!

He kept looking up into the almond trees for pigeons, but his eyes were very blind, and even when I shewed them to him he could hardly make them out. He pointed at one with his black bamboo and blew down it thus , puff! I was frightened and ran away. But whatever sort of paddling is this? Imitates rowing. Truly they are ghosts, for they paddle on without looking where they are going, and their backs are turned to the shore! I am going to run away.

Enter Bishop. Clad in cloth trousers, black alpaca coat, with helmet. Women and children back away from him.

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Bishop holds out a red handerchief, child shyly takes it. He gives fishhooks to the children who hold out their hands shyly. Gives tobacco and clay pipes to the men, who put them into their bags. He gives a piece of print to Figona whose wife immediately snatches it. Some woman holds up a little boy, hisses to call attention, and says, "Where is his cloth? The children crowd round the Bishop, plucking his sleeve and calling out " Tambaika! Bishop placing his hand on Sapi. I will bring him back at the time of the next ripening of the nuts.

Bell rings Enter schoolboys, wearing short blue dungaree trousers and red shirts, with leather belts. Girls in red print dresses, with elastic belt. White instructor at piano. The following rounds to be sung Gas-wen-tol Gas-wen-tol Ma-ta-pei. Ilo we toa Ilo we toa Ilo we toa Me ta-ta-ga ro ge-ne qua Me te-ve mot na go-lo-ra Sa si me ge o va-sa-sa. Av ti gao-gao, av ti gao-gao Pun ma-te, pun ma-te Av gao, av gao Ling o pei wa, ling o pei wa.

Na pu-ga-ra val ta-nun nol Me qui-sang ma-tei-a. Bell rings loudly and furiously. All the schoolchildren come rushing in shouting Aka!