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Special Instructions and FAQs for Applicants to the Medical Council of Ireland

Most, but not all of the members, are doctors. Three of the members are lay people. Many of the members are elected through a ballot of the country's doctors. Others are nominees of the medical schools and the Health Minister. The term of each Council is for five years. The Medical Council receives around complaints about doctors each year, mostly from the public.

These complaints relate to alleged rudeness, inappropriate behaviour towards patients, drunkenness, misuse of drugs, mental illness, advertising and a range of other matters.

Registration Process – Irish Medical Council

The complaint will usually be made in writing by a patient to the Council. If the Council decides that the complaint comes under its remit, the doctor against whom the complaint has been made will be asked to make an initial response to the claims. Council inquiries are not dissimilar to court cases.

All inquiries are currently held in private.

The registration and relocation process for doctors moving to Ireland

Around members of the FTPC will hear the case. The 'prosecution' case will be led by the Registrar of the Medical Council, assisted by a legal team.

Telephone assistance is available Monday through Friday, a. Please also read the general Frequently Asked Questions in the For Physicians section of the website. Verification should be completed before an application for registration is submitted to the Medical Council. Please note in particular that the Medical Council requires that a Basic Medical Qualification Final Medical Diploma be submitted for all applications. The Final Medical Diploma is the document awarded to you upon graduation from medical school. The following documents will not be accepted in place of your Final Medical Diploma:.

General Medical Council - Wikipedia

Through EPIC, your credentials are verified directly with the issuing institution. The time required to complete the verification of credentials varies and depends on a number of factors, including the time it takes for the issuing institution to respond to our verification requests.

You can use EPIC to send copies of these credentials along with reports verifying their authenticity to organizations worldwide at any time throughout your career. Communication and Interpersonal Skills Medical practitioners must demonstrate effective interpersonal communication skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

This enables the exchange of information, and allows for effective collaboration with patients, their families and also with clinical and non-clinical colleagues and the broader public. Collaboration and Teamwork Medical practitioners must co-operate with colleagues and work effectively with healthcare professionals from other disciplines and teams. Management including Self Management A medical practitioner must understand how working in the health care system, delivering patient care and how other professional and personal activities affect other healthcare professionals, the healthcare system and wider society as a whole.