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Singhi N. Mohan Kumar Rajendra Bhatia V. Ramadas Rajeeva Laxman Karandikar United States National Medal of Science laureates. Behavioral and social science. Simon Anne Anastasi George J. Stigler Milton Friedman. Kates George A. Miller Eleanor J. Gibson Robert K. Merton Roger N. Shepard Paul Samuelson William K. Bower Michael I. Posner Mortimer Mishkin. Nirenberg Francis P.

Sample Surveys: Design, Methods and Applications, Volume 29A

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Sampling design for the Birth in Brazil: National Survey into Labor and Birth

Snyder Charles Yanofsky Norman E. Borlaug Phillip A. Sharp Thomas E. Starzl Anthony S.

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    Steps in sampling designs

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    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society , 97, Royall, R. On finite population sampling theory under certain regression models. Two-Phase Sampling Ch. Multiple-Frame Surveys Ch. Designs for Surveys over Time Ch. Sampling of Rare Populations Ch. Survey Processing Introduction to Part 2 Ch. Nonresponse andWeighting Ch. Statistical Data Editing Ch. Dealing with Outliers in Survey Data Ch. Measurement Errors in Sample Surveys Ch. Computer Software for Sample Surveys Ch.

    Record Linkage Ch. Survey Applications Introduction to Part 3 Ch. Sampling and Estimation in Household Surveys Ch. Sampling and Estimation in Business Surveys Ch. Sampling and Inference in Environmental Surveys Ch. Sample Surveys and Censuses Ch.

    1st Edition

    Estimating Functions and Survey Sampling Ch. Resampling Methods in Surveys Ch. Bayesian Developments in Survey Sampling Ch. Empirical Likelihood Methods Part 5. Special Estimation and Inference Problems Ch. The Analysis of Longitudinal Surveys Ch. Inference on Distribution Functions and Quantiles Ch. Scatterplots with Survey Data Part 6. Informative Sampling and Theoretical Aspects Ch. Inference under Informative Sampling Ch. Asymptotics in Finite Population Sampling Ch.