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Stock Image. Published by Aleph Book Company, New Condition: New Soft cover. Save for Later. About this Item For thousands of years, the Indian subcontinent has proved a fertile ground for the world s most captivating erotic love poetry, and the genius of its devotional writing harnesses great energy and mystical insight. A few produced miracles most of them are surrounded by clouds of mystery. Bookseller Inventory Ask Seller a Question. Understanding LOVE n its highest sense is a matter of faith coupled with maturity. This comes as a blessing from above.

It is there in all world religions: Hinduism, Sufism, Christianity and so on.

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Usha believed, going by her averments, that she came under the influence and aura of the Sufi saint Rumi, that she came under Sufism and that her poetry is suffused with LOVE. But as she progressed in life and imaginative envisioning her poetic vision is and in the current book under study there is a convincing and impressive fusion of religions. Sufism is not very different from the faith the poet was born into.

Shun the company of the wicked men. Shun siddhi s as they are hindrances in the spiritual path. Usha has divided her second volume now under study here into five sections: Song of the beloved; Love is sitting in the corner in tattered clothes; Tentacles of night; There is a seed and Anahata.

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A quick in-depth look into each convinces us of the process of crystallization. The first section opens with the poem Beloved and significantly it is called the first gong. It is a poem of joy and enthusiasm. The first time I head your name It went down into the well of my being I knew it as I knew myself, the first go That echoed me back into me p. Flowers bloom on the plant in the soil of memory.

Love And The Turning Seasons: India's Poetry Of Spiritual & Erotic Longing

This is bliss, ecstasy, the proximity to Him, the Lover, a Divine feeling. The next step is the coalescing of the self into paramatma , the Supreme Being.

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The prayer is:. Give the world your flesh, your ardor, Come back to me with what is mine. Then, there comes the realization that there is no choice in the matter :. The coalescing is imminent, inevitable too. For the realized one there is no significance or value for intellect. Realization is only radiance. The reckoning is in terms of eons. The earth needs to refashion itself with Love as its inner strength. It is a process, possibly through passion and turbulence to understand ALL. The husband-wife relationship leads to bliss when there is ripeness and fruition:. Estrangement and lamentation are steps to go up the not too easy ladder of LOVE.

The wife coalesces into the husband.

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Every corner I turned I turned for you, every corner I turned the earth turned up in upheaval, This I have done over lifetimes as you play hide and seek, That I will do till scavengers tear my heat out, and when they do they will have to eat your name into mine. Some lines above bring to our mind the love of every gopika for Sri Krishna, and the effort to coalesce losing all individual or personal identity. These are all brief glimpses of the realization of the everlastingness of LOVE.

The last poem in the section Love is the light within light comes like a grand finale:. I should have known the Light within the light, the beloved within the beloved … … … The exit of one has left room for the universe to creep back. LOVE sits here in a corner in tattered clothes with no thought of herself, her appearance or joy in her mind. The scene in the poem Love has forgotten herself is suggestively laid in New York City.

The poet comes up with her denunciations with vigor and verve. Concupiscence has overtaken civilization. Lasciviousness has come to be the order of modern living. Love is having a manicure in NewYork city, wearing black tights, she has just fitted herself with a diaphragm, …… …. Love is jogging in Central Park, And rapping and poetry slamming in coffee shops …. I desire. It is all itch now, all eroticism and voluptuousness. The puerile manifestations of desire, lust and luxury lead to libertinism.

It is all letch. This harlotry is ruinous. Layers of masks comes as a refrain.

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Love is portrayed to be busy with brilliant sketches of naked actuality. This state of affairs is not just limited to New York alone: it obtains in Hyderabad also. Here are un-whitewashed versions of the scabrous and the scatological expressed with decency and subtle irony. There is descent in the tentacles night and degeneration in the loveless human. There is recklessness and depravity. The hoarse calls, statements and shouts from the housetops with a fond hope of catching the attention of the passerby go unheard. The ennui becomes bottomless:.

Faith gets convulsions and one needs to go back to square one and traverse the path trodden all over again. Section IV There is a Seed signifies the awareness of the seed along with the conviction that it sprouts. This leads to the flash:. The poet becomes cerebral and slips into prose, the vehicle of thundering grand declarations like the mahavakyas in the Vedas.

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The swing from poetry to prose is revealing. She says like a silent love-filled mystic who has lost himself in meditation and with an impressive mien reveals all in a flash. Nature emerges as Spring season after hibernating in wombs of winter, hidden in the folds of the earth. Long labor pains vanish. God is not a mystery.

God is a revelation for all to see — the only requirement is love. She realizes that she is the seed. Why to live? No more than this.