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Indeed, Applewhite often reminded his flock that they were free to leave any time they wanted. In the case of year-old Jacqueline Leonard of Des Moines, Iowa, who was among the dead at Rancho Santa Fe, the cult allowed her to bend the rules and stay in regular touch with her family. And for those who did stay, Applewhite made it a point to provide numerous, if carefully chosen, opportunities for relaxation and entertainment.

Joslyn concedes that though he enjoyed himself as a member, it was not always the most stimulating experience. Which is why, seven years ago, he elected to drop out of the group. Like other apostates, he was treated with respect, not scorn. He was given a bus ticket home to Florida and a soothing word from Applewhite, who said he understood. Certainly he understood that whenever someone left, there always seemed to be a new recruit available for initiation.

Recently the cult, which had taken to wearing similar loose-fitting, androgynous attire, had moved to Rancho Santa Fe and achieved a steady income by designing Web pages for the Internet. But it is clear now that Applewhite was determined that his earnest, gentle flock not go soft. At the Rancho Santa Fe headquarters, police discovered that the place for food items had been carefully labeled in the refrigerator, and there was a seating chart for members watching television on the inch set.

In much the same way, Applewhite apparently wanted to leave nothing to chance when it came to Hale-Bopp and the UFO supposedly trailing behind that was to transport him and his flock. This time he would seize the portent before it fizzled. Missouri prosecutor Tim Braun never forgot the car-theft case that came his way in , when he was a novice St. Louis County public defender. The defendant: Marshall Herff Applewhite. The sentence: four months in jail. His early life offers few hints of what led Applewhite—son of a Presbyterian preacher and his wife—to abandon his career as a music professor for a life chasing alien spacecraft.

Married with two children, he seemed the devoted family man. But in , Applewhite left the college, apparently after allegations of an affair with a male student. Soon afterward, Houston artist Hayes Parker recalls, Applewhite claimed to have had a vision during a walk on the beach in Galveston, Texas. Around that time he met nurse Bonnie Nettles, with whom he formed an instant bond that became the basis of a year cult odyssey. Growing up in Springfield, Mo. She did charity work, candy striper stuff. She watched a lot of TV and read.

Making friends was hard for her. The son of a former telephone company CEO, David became an environmentalist. In his life derailed when his wife divorced him and his brother Barry drowned in a boating accident. Bowers, who had three children, moved to Jupiter, Fla. He was searching for peace. Though shy, she was in the high school pep club and a member of the Wranglerettes, a riding drill team.

There are 87

Alphonzo Foster 44, bus driver On the surface he was full of promise. Intelligent and handsome, he devoured books on philosophy and spirituality. David Moore 40, computer ace Moore was angry, often emotional year-old with a shock of dark, wavy hair when in he stumbled on a cult meeting in a park near his home in Los Gatos, Calif. He disappeared soon afterward, and for 21 years his mother, Nancie Brown, tried to track him down and organized parent support groups. Finally, after seeing him twice over the years, she accepted his choice and even became proud that he had become a certified computer network engineer.

Julie LaMontagne 45, nurse Raised by a foster family, LaMontagne spent much of her childhood studying and eventually got her nursing degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, graduating cum laude in Shortly afterward she saw her best friend drown and her birth father, Jules, with whom she had remained close, die of cancer. But he appeared to have found a new home as guitar player and lyricist for the Utah-based rock band Dharma Combat.

Two days later he was gone. He always felt bad about that. Though he told relatives he had considered leaving the cult in recent years, he never acted on the impulse. Even as a child in Modesto, Calif. Louis was asking the tough questions. Like: What am I doing here? Are there spaceships?

And why does Mom drink? Handsome and bright, he earned straight As at Downey High School in Modesto, where he was junior class president and devoured books on astrophysics and extraterrestrial life. His family had great expectations when he entered the University of California at Berkeley on scholarship in , but he dropped out within a year, disillusioned by the impersonality of the place.

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Back in Modesto he worked as an engineer and married receptionist Carol Schaeffer. And Gary was ready to take off. His wife had filed for divorce soon after he left. For the next three years he lived outside the cult, struggling with the issue of celibacy, his family believes. At the same time he drew close to his half sister Dana, who had moved in with him while working as a paralegal. And he became deeply involved with two different women. In the friendly but private Newberg, Ore. You never would have imagined that it could have gone this far. After graduating from high school in Madison, Wis.

By , having trouble finding work as a masseur, he made a decision to join the UFO cult. His mother, Megan McCormick, was beside herself. But Gail had never done the expected thing. Even as a skinny teenager she had gone her own way at Pierson High School. Before she could complete her fashion-design degree at a local community college, Gail moved to California in with her boyfriend Chad, a construction worker. From then on the Maeders would hear from their daughter only occasionally, primarily in cryptic letters, each from a different location.

Gail telephoned out of the blue in the fall of Robert, taken by surprise, offered to send her a plane ticket home she declined , then suggested she visit if she was in the area. But it never was. Thomas Nichols 58, dreamer Long ago, Nichols confided to his older sister Nichelle that he was awaiting a rendezvous with a comet. Uhura, it was Nichelle who played the communications officer torn between earthbound domesticity and a career on the starship Enterprise.

Then, one hot July morning in , Mary Ann packed their six kids, ranging from 8 to 18, into the car to attend an out-of-town swim meet. When she returned later that evening, she found a note from her husband outlining his business dealings and finances. Born in Evanston, III. He so looked the part that he was cast as an extra in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Within a week he was gone.

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