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Those touches of comedy lighten what would otherwise be a heavy serving of content. Special relativity deals with how, at speeds approaching the speed of light, time slows down, length contracts, and mass increases. As Minagi learns the basics of these concepts, so do we.

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Also, Galileo, Maxwell, Michelson and Morley, and Einstein, of course, make cameo experiences in explaining a brief history of physics, and Uraga is aided in her explanations by a mecha-looking superhero. A lot of information is provided here, and while it requires attention, I never found it overwhelming. It seemed to follow logically and make sense as I was reading. A sample chapter is available from the publisher. The The Manga Guide to Relativity might come in especially handy these days, what with faster than light neutrinos, Republican candidates and other science-defying entities zooming around.

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And, it is one of those Japanese anime things, which makes it cool. This is a story set in Tagai Academy summer's school session, where the "plucky" Miss Uraga teaches the kids relativity. Hideo Nitta, is in the Department of Physics at Tokyo Gakugei University, and an expert in physics and physics education. This is a little like Pokemon except only things that are possible happen in the book. I have a few of the other books in the series Statistics, Databases, and Molecular Biology and they're pretty good introductory books.

They're aimed at a high school level. A little correction here, manga!

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Manga is written comic , anime is animated cartoon. Sounds like an interesting read though. Brian, thanks for that correction. The Manga Guide to Surveying.

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