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The Fairy Tale of the Unicorn and the Zebras

In , the U. So how much funding is required to close the gap?

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The Little-Known Tale of the Medieval Unicorn

Part theological and part pseudo-zoological, they were designed to reinforce faith in Christian doctrines in the Middle Ages in Europe. The unicorn is commonly described as ferocious; for example, it is said to be an opponent of the elephant, which it would spear in the abdomen with its horn. It is also quick, even impossible to catch.

The unicorn becomes docile, however, in the hands of a virgin—symbolic of the mother of Christ, the Virgin Mary. In many bestiary representations, a virgin is used to lure the unicorn.

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She heads to the forest until a unicorn sees her and jumps into her lap. During its slumber, the unicorn is caught by hunters and ultimately taken to the king.

The Little-Known Tale of the Medieval Unicorn | The Getty Iris

The unicorn was treasured for its horn, which was thought to have the ability to detect poison if placed in contaminated food or drink, and render it impotent. The horn was also believed to function as an aphrodisiac or teeth whitener when ground into a powder. Real narwhal horns were usually used as imposters for unicorn horns. In bestiary illuminations, the unicorn is almost always shown as the victim of a momentous hunting scene.

Unicorn detail in a bestiary, about , unknown illuminator, made in England.


Pigment on parchment, The British Library, Harley , fol. Digital image: British Library. A Unicorn in the Northumberland Bestiary, about —60, unknown illuminator, made in England. Comments on this post are now closed. Please e-mail web getty. Is there any information on where these manuscripts were made?