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Your network can help you build visibility, connect you with influencers, and open up doors for new opportunities. Building and nurturing a network is one of the most powerful things you can do to support your career advancement.

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Yet often, our networking efforts are just social, haphazard, and as a result, ineffective. You make friends and connections, however, these people are not always in a position to help you further your career or most importantly, they may not be willing to speak for you. Networking proactively is important. It will most likely take you much longer to find a new position.

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Networking proactively provides an advantage by supporting you with a powerful collection of people who are willing and able to speak for you on an ongoing basis. That is, men will network to obtain something, while women network for relationships and connections. Identify who you know and who you need to know to help you reach your career goal and build a power network to support your advancement. In order to network effectively, you need to move out of your comfort zone and identify people who can help your career, not just those people you like.

Research from University of Chicago Booth School of Business on this topic confirms the importance of a diverse network. Men are more likely to have these open, efficient networks and at least twice as likely as women to say that they look for relationships at work that can help them get on the right assignments and get ahead. Identifying the right people, those people who have power and influence and who are willing to recommend you, is the first step. Building and nurturing relationships of trust is next.

The third important step is to leverage the relationships by paying it forward, being willing to help others and asking for assistance when you need it.

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Their hesitancy to ask puts them at a distinct disadvantage to men who use their relationships to gain visibility and advance their careers. They scramble to get their job done during the day and at night they often have family responsibilities that prevent them from networking activities. Schedule at least one networking meeting per week.

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Make it your intention to have lunch or coffee with colleagues and key stakeholders. Your time is valuable so be strategic about your networking activity outside of work. Before you join, go to a couple of meetings. Find those organizations that align with your values and offer you the best opportunities to build powerful relationships.

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These communities are especially great for introverts and ambiverts who find more comfort in the less overwhelming world of virtual connections. But, let's be honest, nothing beats an offline IRL network. Even transient folks key into the local coworking and coliving spaces to make real connections in a new city.

Post school and colleges, as adults, we rely mostly on parties, meetings, and conferences to meet new people and help us foster this community. We can choose to join a group of robotics enthusiasts and build our own Roombas or learn to tie-and-dye with a group over the weekend. We could join a yoga or a cross-fit class in the neighbourhood. If language piques our interest, we can sign up for lessons and discover grammar and diction together.

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Music jams, spoken word poetry sessions, laughter clubs and more offer many ways to meet kindred spirits in person. And if all of the above fails, we could always attend events and join communities using discovery platforms like Eventbrite, Meetup, etc. In fact, the idea of building a community in person was what prompted us to build NewCampus. Inspired by the penny universities and the Ottoman cafes of the past which acted as hubs for news, activity and community, we began our quest to create organic spaces that are similar in spirit for people to gather, talk about topics of interest and hang out in a casual manner.

We have all been there and want to simply steer clear of them.

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And of course, we want to build it without awkward networking routines. Now that the cat is out of the bag, how do we work on this? Collins and L. Miller of the Department of Psychology at the State University of New York state that if you are likeable and you reveal aspects of yourself to people, you are more prone to make friends. These friends tend to disclose to you and if they do, they also tend to hang out more with you.

Your Network is Your Net Worth

It works on the principle of initiating and establishing trust. There are also other such tricks you can employ to make better friendships, and one of the masters on this subject, Dale Carnegie, shares three great pointers in How To Win Friends And Influence People :. Everybody loves talking about themselves! Worry not! Closer home, asking people about what they do to build communities, we found a treasure trove of answers.

Your Network is Your Net Worth: The Basics of Networking as a Shopify Partner

So, find your comfort zone and use our tips to initiate newer and wider communities in your life. Have any tips we can use to build communities? Write to us on hey newcampus. Stay in touch! Subscribe to Stories from the Future for exclusive news about upcoming community events and other fun stuff going on. Blog home. Do I really need a network?