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Gary Powers served almost two years in a Soviet prison before being exchanged for a Russian spy in The Indian pilot was released by Pakistan after two days of dignified detention. Is it tempting other Indian pilots to jettison their aircraft for this unheard-of honour?

Its reticence is understandable. It cannot explain how two aircraft — a MiG and a Su that carries two pilots — could be lured into Pakistan territory and then downed in fair aerial combat.

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Or why, so the surviving pilot claims, he had our F locked in sight yet neglected to destroy it? The Indians have yet to concede that the Su was destroyed on impact. One of the Su pilots was believed injured, the other died. Yet neither casualty receives any acknowledgement by the IAF.

Whoever they were, whatever their names, their fate has been shrouded by the IAF, buried deep by civilian propagandists. Conversely, Pakistan has chosen to honour its PAF heroes quietly, and with sobriety. Our ace pilots — particularly Squadron Leader Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander Noman Ali Khan — have demonstrated that they possess the same skill and mastery over the same formidable enemy which generations of PAF warriors have shown, especially since Very interesting—and very stimulating—article. I thank Mr. Aijazuddin and the publisher, Dawn. I wish u wrote more frequently.

Beautifully written, as always. Salute to our PAF and to the military and civilian government for acting with honour. War should never be offensive or preemptive.

"Ballots, Bullets and Blood (interior)"

It should be defensive but forceful in response. Simple answer to the title question: because india has no shortage of fascist extremists both in government and the public. Your Articles have been always very valuable to me , I never miss a single one, it is my first read whenever it is published. An excellent and meaningful one indeed. Excellent articulation of reality in a few words. On the other hand, Pakistani leadership has demonstrated that it is not only capable of uniting the Pakistani nation but the region with vision of peace and prosperity.

Wing commander Hasan Siddiqi and Squadron Leader Noman represent that unity and courage to defend the vision. A very sentimental article by Fakir Aijazuddin Sb. However, I believe it is a bit premature to comment on things right now. Don't underestimate India, either. Modi or no Modi, they remain a huge and strong nation in our neighborhood.

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Very well written, i wasnt aware of the whole situation until i read this article. Thanks for writing Very well written Sir however would do even more good to the cause if this and such articles can find a place where majority of audience tends to be international. I think most of people in India agree that modi is trying to politicize this for election and evoke patriotic feelings to gain votes. Please ignore bjp it cell workers online and hard core religious ones mostly in north india. Most of common indians who don't actively comment want peace and prosperity.

Pakistan Air Force response was swift and appropriate.

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Great massage to India do not fool around with Pakistan defence forces. Aijazuddin Updated March 07, Facebook Count. Twitter Share. WHY do Indian voters need to ink their ballot papers with the blood of Pakistanis? India has suddenly found itself tarred. Pak India Ties. Read more. On DawnNews. Comments 32 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Mar 07, am.

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  8. Recommend 0. Agree with you. Only Ayaz Amir can match your style and wit. Akil Akhtar. Pak Army. Rightly said! Modi just want to secure his seat by created propaganda against Pakistan.

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    Modi just want to secure their seat by created propaganda against Pakistan. Amazing article. Long live Pakistan. EVMs are used, gone are the days of ballot paper!! It very well might. This probably pertains to earlier this year when federal agents raided Greyhound buses and detained people on them. You know, stuff. Come one, come all.

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