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All upgraded PhD students not submitting their thesis must submit an end-of-year reflection document. You must note however that while care has been taken to ensure that this information is up to date and correct, a change of circumstances since publication may cause the School to change, suspend or withdraw a course or programme of study, or change the fees that apply to it. The School will always notify the affected parties as early as practicably possible and propose any viable and relevant alternative options.

Note that that the School will neither be liable for information that after publication becomes inaccurate or irrelevant, nor for changing, suspending or withdrawing a course or programme of study due to events outside of its control, which includes but is not limited to a lack of demand for a course or programme of study, industrial action, fire, flood or other environmental or physical damage to premises.

The School cannot therefore guarantee you a place. Please note that changes to programmes and courses can sometimes occur after you have accepted your offer of a place. These changes are normally made in light of developments in the discipline or path-breaking research, or on the basis of student feedback. Changes can take the form of altered course content, teaching formats or assessment modes. Any such changes are intended to enhance the student learning experience. You will be assigned a principal supervisor with requisite knowledge in your chosen field and to an appropriate second supervisor.

Supervisors are normally members of the Department of Media and Communications faculty. If appropriate, a second or joint supervisor may be recruited from another department. You will initially register for the MPhil and follow a taught programme involving coursework which is formally assessed. Towards the end of your first year, you will submit a 10,word research proposal. This paper will include a substantive statement of the aims, theories and methods proposed for the thesis, a tentative chapter outline, an indicative bibliography and a timetable for its completion.

Evaluation of this paper, together with an oral examination based on the thesis proposal and the submission of satisfactory coursework, will contribute to assessing whether you are permitted to upgrade from MPhil to PhD and continue into your second year. This committee will act as the review panel at the end of the first year of registration and in the decision to upgrade you from MPhil to PhD.

All upgraded PhD students must submit an end-of-year reflection document at the end of their second year and each subsequent year in which they are not submitting their thesis. Further information on graduate destinations for this programme. Many leading organisations in the field give careers presentations at the School during the year, and LSE Careers has a wide range of resources available to assist students in their job search.

When I first decided to apply to the Department of Media and Communications, the possibility of meeting, and engaging in intellectually stimulating discussions with renowned international scholars of the field was one of my crucial incentives. As someone who comes from a developing country, the idea of having contact with those who constitute the cornerstone of my academic background — and most of my bibliography! I evidently had a personal interest in enjoying the structure of a world-class institution such as the LSE, and in the benefits that this experience could potentially bring to my curriculum and prospective career.

Nevertheless, the central motivation for my application was my understanding that the Department of Media and Communications maintains a strong focus on the development of a broad set of research skills, both theoretical and methodological.

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After one year in the doctoral programme, I can confirm my impressions were spot-on. What is distinctive about the Department, I would add, is the interdisciplinary, but always critical, approach it provides and fosters. Being a PhD student is, at the same time, a challenging, rewarding, stressful, inspiring, and emotionally demanding experience.

However, in the Department of Media and Communications, the faculty, the staff, and the colleagues provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for early-stage researchers. I have always heard how doing a PhD can be a lonely and socially isolating process. My experience in this first year of registration, however, shows me that this is, thankfully, not always the case. View Ludmila's profile. It was an area that had interested me for a while, and LSE turned out to be the perfect home for my project.

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The first day at school, as it were, was terrifying — a chance to meet academic heroes and accomplished first-year PhD colleagues from a range of backgrounds. It surprised me how approachable my supervisors, colleagues, and the Department in general was, and the intense reading and discussions of the first year made it one of the most intellectually fulfilling of my life.

My own research has developed into a project looking at the work of journalists covering conflict and its effects in South Sudan — something perhaps unconventional to most Media and Communications Departments. LSE has been probably the most supportive environment in which to be doing this work, though. Being granted the freedom — and support — to do practical fieldwork in Juba and Malakal in South Sudan really drove home that this was a space in which I really did have the freedom to do the practical work involved in pursuing my project where I needed to.

View Richard's profile. Nevertheless, the rankings do not tell the whole story, as faculty in the Department not only excel in conducting research, but are always ready to listen, giving advice and feedback. In particular, I am very impressed by how much care and respect my supervisors have shown not only to my studies, but also to my professional development.

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During my studies, I have had access to a large pool of research and teaching opportunities within and beyond the Department, which have allowed me to coordinate with external research institutions, organise international conferences, exhibit research findings, and write for publications. Additionally, I have gained knowledge and experience of engaging graduate students in seminar discussions through my role as classroom assistant. Most importantly, however, my PhD journey would not have been the same without my peers.

The commitment to advancing knowledge and improving the state of the world demonstrated by my peers, faculty, and visiting fellows is as stimulating as the diverse events one can enjoy whilst studying in London.

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  • View Ssu-Han's profile. We carefully consider each application on an individual basis, taking into account all the information presented on your application form, including your:. See further information on supporting documents. You may also have to provide evidence of your English proficiency.

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    You do not need to provide this at the time of your application to LSE, but we recommend that you do. See our English language requirements. The application deadline for this programme is 26 April However to be considered for any LSE funding opportunity, you must have submitted your application and all supporting documents by the funding deadline.

    See the fees and funding section for more details. The minimum entry requirement for this programme is a high merit 68 per cent in a taught master's degree or equivalent in social science or humanities and normally a distinction in the dissertation. Competition for places at the School is high. This means that even if you meet our minimum entry requirement, this does not guarantee you an offer of admission. See international entry requirements. The research proposal will provide selectors with an idea of topics of interest, and help in matching candidates to potential supervisors.

    Every research student is charged a fee for their programme. These are key members of our community who:. CallforCode five global finalists announced. Vote for your favorite opensource tech solutions for natural disaster response and recovery. Simply shop at smile. This fascinating discussion focuses on questions and ideas that will interest software developers and participants in the Call for Code Challenge.

    We plan to use these enhancements in future AREDN releases as the mobile adhoc mesh routing protocols evolve. Make sure to buy a ticket for zone 3.

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    The event itself is free of charge and open for all! Battlemesh brings people together from around the globe who are interested in wireless mesh networks, community networks and DIY Internet access providers. The organizers envision 7 days full of Each class is about 15 minutes long. Since there is limited space available, we will conduct additional sessions if the demand warrants them.

    Please check our booth for schedule updates.


    The TP-Link devices are a bit more complicated to recover than Ubiquiti. It takes a little Unix command line knowledge. The process is similar to the Mikrotik process:.