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Have that for a starter, then share the substantially portioned nasi lemak, pandan-laced basmati that's fragrant and flavoursome so moreish, even Jonathan's daughter - who typically shuns rice - requests this for lunch , rounded out with all the essential accompaniments, including succulent chicken rendang as well sambal that's another If Only team effort, a personal recipe of Hassan RM If you relish your spices, the other should-try is the Ooh Lala RM28 , fresh and fleshy clams stir-fried in a creamy, chilli-tinged sauce with curry leaves, sharpened with the best of Malaysian ginger from Bentong, of course.

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It's rare to uncover a menu this extensive where every dish deserves a shout-out - from the Western selection, the rosemary-stuffed roast spring chicken is marinated and oven-roasted to pure perfection, its plump flesh falling off the bone, representing poultry at its most gorgeous it barely needs gravy , with carrots, potatoes and pumpkin for the complete package RM And while the lamb burger is less of a standout, it's still notable for what it comprises - a hand-pressed, percent lamb patty with a real-meat chew, balanced by tangy tomato relish in a beautifully baked bun all sauces and bread are made from scratch here , with hand-cut fries for a hefty side RM Noodles take cues from both local nostalgia to pasta possibilities - Gohma Mee Hun Kueh pays homage to the generations-old recipe of Jean's grandmother, hand-pulled duck egg noodles with a luscious bite, blanketed with deep breath!

It being a hot summer day, it seems that her groceries getting warm came as a complete shock to this poor woman, and that she is incensed at the grocery store not somehow keeping them cold until she got home. The man behind the counter is an older gentleman who has been trying to console her, but as she continues shouting over him, his face slowly loses expression.

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After a bit, he lifts one hand in the air, and then slowly begins lowering it in quick, jerky increments. This startles the woman out of her diatribe. You go do that.

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‘If Only’ Review: Ginevra Elkann’s Wistful, Good-Humored Family Drama – Variety

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