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Jack Hobbs Biography

Never in the history of British domestic sport has the public been so engrossed by an individual challenge. The explanation for the unique fervour that Hobbs provoked lies partly in his incredible record. He was undoubtedly the finest batsman England has ever produced, a player of tremendous skill, courage and judgment against all types of bowling. During a first-class career that lasted almost 30 years and did not end until , when he was 51, he scored more runs than anyone else in the history of the game.

Even today, 80 years after he played his final match for England, he still holds the record for the most runs scored in Ashes Tests against Australia. But it was his personality that the public adored almost as much as his batting.

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He embodied the finest virtues of the archetypal British character: stoical, self effacing, loyal and steadfast. A devoted family man he married his first love Ada in and remained faithful to her for the next 56 years during which time they had four children.

Jack Hobbs - Wikipedia

His love was such that during most of the Twenties he refused to go on England tours unless he could take her with him. It was a reflection of his standing that the England authorities agreed to this, a right granted no other professional player. He was a devout Christian, always refused to play on Sundays and for most of his career did not touch alcohol, though he was no prig, for he possessed a boyish fondness for practical jokes. Intensely shy, he loathed public speaking and the trappings of fame. Hobbs, in his gentle rectitude, had far more decency than the overbearing amateur [Archie] MacLaren, who might have been upright in his batting stance but was not in his personal life, leaving a trail of debts and aggravation behind him.

Gradually, then, a portrait builds up of a very British type of hero: stoical, good-humoured and brave, but also shy and surprisingly physically fragile. On the long journeys to Australia, Hobbs suffered from seasickness and rarely left his cabin.


Migraines were just another factor in his occasional bouts of exhaustion. And he always has an eye for the telling detail. At that very moment Hobbs was fielding for Surrey, almost certainly at cover point, in a county championship match against Middlesex at the Oval. I have a feeling this is a fact I shall remember for the rest of my life.

Unsung hero: England cricketer Sir Jack Hobbs. England's greatest batsman? Jack Hobbs l opening for Surrey in May With Herbert Sutcliffe he formed perhaps the greatest ever opening partnership witnessed in the game. Their partnership tally read 3, runs at a Being a professional cricketer, he never led England. But his sound judgement added to the plot of many success stories of the team in the latter years. Hobbs is the typical Englishman of legend.

Jack Hobbs Benefit At The Oval (1919)

He has shown as finely as any living man what is meant by playing the game. Arunabha Sengupta.

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