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The wireless communications channel is commonly modelled as imposing a Rayleigh distributed envelope onto any incumbent signals. Antenna arrays have long been recognised as enabling exploitation of signal spatial diversity in such an environment based upon the assumption of uncorrelated signals at the different antennas. However, it is precisely the relative positions of the antennas which determine the extent of the correlation.

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Jones Antenna Handbook , Frank C. Another short antenna book targeted at the advanced amateur radio operator. W9GB , Aug 1, It's amazing to read how the amateurs before WWII managed to make things work. In this book are early examples of the J-Pole and the OCFD and some examples of antennas that have faded away with time.

  • Excellent Radio Antenna Book by: Frank C Jones Antenna Handbook On CD in .pdf.
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    The effect of finite antenna separation on the performance of spatial diversity receivers

    KO6WB , Aug 1, Thanks for posting this 73 Vaclav. AA7EJ , Aug 1, I used it to build some steel masts for other uses where they had to withstand 50kg sideways pull at the top, and they worked very well. Please find this article because I was without luck in finding this paper on forum, thanks in advance If you want to research wood, type "build hollow spar" into google and youtube. Not a weekend project, but all it takes is wood, a table saw, a 45 degree router bit, and a lot of epoxy.

    OSA | Silicon-based optical leaky wave antenna with narrow beam radiation

    Oh yeah - also takes a lack of fear to do 35' long birds mouth joints and taper them. Don't know if I'd attempt it, but I've thought a lot about it. As far as crippling 3 or 4 2x4's together? Don't think I want to go there. Here is a construction project for a small tilt-over self supporting mast.

    Maybe something similar would work for you.

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    That tilt over mast project can be duplicated using wood utility poles and block and tackle to dead end the structure. Two short poles in the ground and one set between them pivoting on a center pin Same concept. All of the exact utilities can be accomplished. Perhaps wood utility poles would satisfy your HF structural antenna demands? Powered by SMF 1.

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    Title: Wooden or metal antenna tower. Dubravko 9a5bdp Title: RE: Wooden or metal antenna tower.

    Superluminal Scalar Waves for Communications

    Title: RE: Wooden or metal antenna tower. Though if they could hold a windmill, they should be able to hold an antenna, if you could find an old one on a farm the farmer wants to get rid of. Post by: WB6BYU on May 19, , PM There was an excellent article on designing steel antenna masts with stepped diameters with engineering data to calculate the length and weight of each section but I can't find my copy right now.

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    Haviland W3MR ham radio September While the general formulas would still be useful, the data and graphs are specifically for American pipe sizes, wall thicknesses and standard steel strengths. You would have to determine how well these correspond with local materials. The design process takes into account both the force of the wind on the antenna and mast, and the stresses from the weight and length of the pipe sections when the mast is tilted upright.