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Then for the first time in his life, Sal messes up big time. As he and Grace get closer to their happily ever after, he has to decide if keeping the secret or coming clean is the best way to save his relationship with Grace. My Take: As you all know, I love this series! I was so looking forward to Sal's story. He always seemed so serious in the other books. It was so great to see Sal come undone and find someone to love. His vulnerability was so sweet and he is just plain sexy. He's a strong alpha male without being overwhelmingly domineering. Grace was a sweetheart!

She needed someone to love and trust and Sal was the perfect fit for her. You'll just fall in love with Sal during the "camp out" chapter! OH BOY!!!! I loved the epilogue! It made me miss all the brother's and makes me want to reread their stories! There is also a special story about Angel and Sarah at the end too, which made me melt! Aug 07, M. Shelves: meh-hero , insta-love , contemporary-romance , meh-characters , douchebag-heroes , virgin-manwhore-pairing. Oh, what a disappointing ride.

I liked the first book in the Moreno Brothers series so much and by the end of it, I came to loath all of them. I do not find sexist, controlling men attractive at all. The Moreno brothers are appalling, there is nothing romantic about the way the act around their girlfriends. How would you feel if your boyfriend demanded all of your free time, disliked if you went out with your girlfriends, and outright forbade you from even speaking with any other guy?

Well, Oh, what a disappointing ride. Well, if you are not a doormat type of person, you would tell him to hit the road, right? The Moreno brothers are all like that, I kid you not, and their girlfriends just accept all their garbage. Besides this big flaw in the series, the plot in the later books Romero and Making you Mine was weak and very much soap opera for my taste.

I kind of feel bad now that I recommended this series to a friend of mine. Oct 31, Sheryl C. Nash rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance-contemporary , loved-it. I mean i didn't think it could get any better after Romero, but i was wrong! Sal was like a marshmallow; hard and tough on the outside but oh so gooey and soft on the inside!! What a terrific ending? Reyes, can't wait to read your next book!

Mar 07, Melody Cox rated it it was ok Shelves: mental-illness , dont-recommend , story-dragged-slow-moving , evil-ow-or-om , story-needs-shortened. Revised: I have a love hate relationship with this book. Many parts I didn't care for and there is nothing worse than major OW drama!

And boy, was there life-altering drama. Way too much! Was it safe? That kind of depends. There is something pretty terrible that happens that the Hero is involved in. Can't go into details or it will ruin it for you if you want to read it. Suffice it to say it works out in the end but it was a very, very long bumpy ride. I will say this. If I knew the storyline and Revised: I have a love hate relationship with this book. If I knew the storyline and all the dreadful angst I wouldn't have read it, therefore, I cannot recommend it.

Also, there is such a long time that the reader hears time and time again of his guilt that by the time its at the end it is difficult to shift gears. Oct 31, Tapasya added it Shelves: z-richie-rich-guys , series-i-loved , series-family-n-friends , tbr-author-known , tbr-need-a-recheck , tbr-finish-it-nnoww. Nice read Jul 20, Kathy L rated it it was amazing. When I started this book, I read the teaser and proceeded to read the book. Sal is probably my favorite of the Moreno brothers. He is strong intense alpha male, totally in control and his confidence is very sexy. Gracie is my fav female heroine.

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She has fought long and hard to get where she When I started this book, I read the teaser and proceeded to read the book. She has fought long and hard to get where she is now. My favorite scene: Grace in the restaurant kitchen cooking dinner for her and Sal. She was in her element and exuded confidence and she knew it.

Sal just watched her and you could just see him falling hard for her.

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This was a very emotional read for me. I cried and cursed if not more than the Moreno brothers. I wanted to kill Melissa. I know she had problems but it killed me to watch Grace slowly slip away from everyone and retreat into herself. I was absolutely crushed. Again, relationships are hard work and when there is misunderstandings, love, deceptions and lies, it takes faith to lift you above it and see what is real. The epilogue at the end of the book had me laughing and crying. It was absolutely amazing to see everyone vacation together and to see all the children from the everyone.

I was heartbroken for Angel and Sarah. They have gone throw so much and were the first to marry and still without children. You can tell that this vacation on Elephant Butt you bittersweet for them. Elizabeth is truly an amazing writer. We also get a look into what might become of Rose and Vincent. The bonus called Eight Days was very emotional. I was up and down and hoping everything will be OK for Angel and Sarah.

I felt bad for Sarah thinking that because she had Sydney in her life bad things were happening to her. So glad Angel was able to help her thru this by calling Sydney to come and see Sarah. The tears would not stop until little Angel made it to the eighth day. Dec 27, Chu rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-with-super-hot-men , good-girl-falls-for-bad-boy , i-so-love-these-books.

Making You Mine is my favorite Moreno Brothers novel. I had to find this one before I started all of my reviews, as I have said, I was on momentum. Now, Sal understands what the fuss and the stuffs his brothers were doing when they were in love. Grace is someone who wants to prove she can do something, but because of her age and her looks no one tak Making You Mine is my favorite Moreno Brothers novel.

Grace is someone who wants to prove she can do something, but because of her age and her looks no one takes her seriously. Their romance takes into turn when Alex gave Grace the shot she needed — not the one that she wants but close to it, and open for the possibilities of letting her inside the kitchen. They found themselves in love with each other — and they were in for an amazing ride of their lives.

However, one drunken night at Vegas, Sal made a mistake. A gruesome mistake that can cost him his relationship with Grace. Our old friends from the previous books are here, we get to see how they are doing with their lives. The Epilogue is phenomenal. Making You Mine may not have the amazing glow of a young love in Forever Mine, but this is a story for first love as well. Splendidly mixed with lies, betrayal, sacrifice and misunderstanding, Elizabeth Reyes once again made a fantastic story that will melt your hearts.

Jan 12, The BookWhisperer rated it it was amazing Shelves: series. I have been a fan of the Moreno Brothers series for the duration. Every book as had its unique and thrilling journey of lust and love. Admittedly, I was shocked when I couldn't get into the last book Romero, but now reflecting I think it may have had solely due to my inability to connect with this particular character.

Even so, I was desperately hoping that making you mine would restore my love for this series and help me overcome the frustration that I had with the one book. I was thrilled to f I have been a fan of the Moreno Brothers series for the duration. I was thrilled to find that I was captivated from the start of Making You Mine, and found myself so completely engross that I finished this book in one sitting. Sal is a character that every reader has been following, and waiting to see his turn come round. With his quiet and tranquil personality it is exhilarating to see him get his feathers in a ruffle, and step into the lime light for a change.

These main characters were breath taking in this book for lack of better words, and I would have to say this book turned out to be by far my absolute favorite of the series. While the other books focus on the growing of a relationship and two lovers coming together; this one seems to offer so much more with the progression of the novel and the baggage that Grace walks into this relationship with.

That being said, Grace is far from the typically girl and I was in love with her character from the start. This book offers the growth of a family, as well as, a mouthwatering romance. Never have a seen a better match than Grace and Sal not only in character, but for such an esteemed man to find a woman like Grace as pure as a white rose.

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This added to the pristine image that Reyes was building, and I think it was an excellent display in talent from this author. After concluding book five have some anticipations on who will be taking center stage in books to come, and I am anxious to see if my assumptions will prove correct. This is an awesome series that just keeps giving us more.

May 09, Zm rated it did not like it Shelves: did-not-finish. I have only read one other Elizabeth Reyes book, 'Romero', from the same series, and I liked it very much. This book, however, did not do it for me at all. The beginning starts off promising, but about halfway through it just starts to deteriorate and ends up crashing and burning by the end. I almost didn't even bother to finish, and in fact skipped numerous passages to get to the end and see how things wrapped up solely for a sense of closure; at this point it wasn't interesting.

The characte I have only read one other Elizabeth Reyes book, 'Romero', from the same series, and I liked it very much. She also, oddly, has this propensity to try and get physically violent with another character she's held back , but considering her lack of confidence and overall wishy-washyness, as well as only a vague reference to childhood teasing, this eagerness to fight doesn't fit with the rest of the character and seems to be just thrown in to try and give her more dimension. The romance was a little lacklustre to start and while I was hoping it would gain in momentum it just Really disappointing.

Overall, the annoying character of Grace added to mild sprinkles of romance caused this to be an overall uninteresting read not worth the time. Jun 30, Jess rated it it was amazing Shelves: smokin-hot-hero , hot-alpha-male , awesome-heroine , favorites , sassy-females , super-smart-hero , loves-boss , takes-no-shit-females , chef , sweet-story. I think I totally love you for this!!! I end up hating who they end up with! That is soooo not the case in this book! I seriously hope that her sister Rose has a book coming out ;. Anyways, if you've been looking forward to Sal's book, I'm telling you right now, you will not be disappointed.

View all 6 comments. Well all I can say is; it had potential. It's the first one I've read of this serie, but if the other ones are like Making You Mine or worse then It was Oh and predictable, but I may already have mentioned that.

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The drama was just.. The romance, There was no heat , no spark , nothing! They were boring the hell out of me! I was just skipping through the whole kiss-touch-feel scenes, it did nothing for me! Hence I gave it two stars So if you liked one of those, you'll probably like this one. Jan 07, Spoiler Whore-Momoa rated it really liked it Shelves: elizabeth-reyes.

I enjoyed Sal and Graciela's story. Psycho ex, deranged momma. Drama drama drama. Wasn't my favorite but it was still good. I liked the new characters Frank I think he had good intentions , Joey and Taylor. You know we will be getting a story on Rose Gracies sister and Vince Moreno's cousin. I enjoyed the epilogue and the growing family and Angel and Sarah's short but very sweet story. Babies all around and would love a follow up on all of them. Dec 23, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I love it when I come across the unexpected. I wasn't expecting much when I downloaded Forever Mine July as a free download for kindle.

I never got around to reading it. I know they say not to judge a book by its cover but I did. I didn't really like the cover and only downloaded it because it was free. All I can say in my defense is that I'm an idiot sometimes. Anyway, Earlier this month I was looking for something new to read while I was on the treadmill.

I chose Forever Mine and got caug I love it when I come across the unexpected. I loved all the push and pull of the relationship and the strong familial element. When I finished with the first one I had to keep reading about this family. Elizabeth Reyes writes strong characters. The personality and emotions of each of her characters comes leaping off the pages. The characters feel like people the reader would know. She combines romance and everyday life into some fabulous story telling. I am a little sad that I have read through this series so fast.

I want more and there just isn't anymore at this time. Sal is all business and he makes Grace his business. It is a treat to see this cool and collected business man brought to his knees by unassuming Grace. Elizabeth Reyes' writing is smooth and transitions well throughout. She paces her story telling just right. I must ask for her forgiveness for judging her first book by its cover.

I never would have given it a chance but I am so glad that I did. I almost missed out on a fabulous series and that would have sucked for me. I recommend the Moreno series to everyone. I look forward to reading whatever this author puts out there. She has let her writing do the talking and I have listened. Great books, great series.

Dec 09, Melissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: romance , favorites , grab-a-tissue , up-all-night-reading , heart-wrenching. By far my favorite of all The Moreno books. Seriously Elizabeth you knocked my socks off with this one!! I couldn't put the book down. I just had to find out what was gonna happen.

Especially when the sh! But this is why I love you and Tammarra Webber so freaking much You believe in EPIC happy endings. You've never disappointed me. I think its safe to say I am a fan for life. But back to the actual book After reading The Moreno Brothers books , Salvador wasn't even a blip on my radar. He was always such an elusive part of the family because of school that I never really gave him much thought. Which is also a part of the reason it took me so long to get to this book.

BIG mistake. I should've just read every book in the series without thinking twice. I still haven't read Book 4 - Romero's story and I will without a doubt be picking that up soon. Very soon. Nonetheless, Sal's story by far has been my favorite. I was so hooked that she had me reading at stop lights, waiting in line at the grocery story and spending more-time-then-necessary in the bathroom just so that I could get to that next chapter.

I was addicted. I still loved every moment. She brings you up and then lets you fall just enough that the ride back to the top isn't too daunting. It was romantic-literary-perfection for me and its definitely taking a seat on my shelf of "favorites". I couldn't wait to read Sal's story cause he has been a bit of a mystery through the other books and I was intrigued by the oldest Moreno brother who comes across all intense, silent and brooding and in total control!!

Oh and of course he sounds totally yummy too and he has dimples Sal is a strong alpha male who plays the protector of his siblings and their partners but almost doesn't believe in love for himself. That is until he meets Gracie when he interview I couldn't wait to read Sal's story cause he has been a bit of a mystery through the other books and I was intrigued by the oldest Moreno brother who comes across all intense, silent and brooding and in total control!! That is until he meets Gracie when he interviews her for a position in the family restaurant.

Gracie is absolutely adorable, I wanted to put her in my pocket, she is so innocent, young but focused and at times naive! She completely unravels Sal and his reactions made me melt!! The chapter with the camp out in his garden Sal and Gracie's story is more of a slow build than the other books but once it starts it's a complete emotional roller-coaster ride and I was completely hooked!

We had love, deceptions, lies and lots of misunderstandings Seriously, I cried Reyes left me with my heart in a puddle on the floor!!! Nov 19, Trini rated it it was amazing. As always Elizabeth has blown me away! I couldn't wait to get my hands on this story and let me tell you it was so worth waiting for. Not only do we get Sal's story but like all the other books we get to see what is going on with everyone else in the series that I have fallen love with.

What can I say that I haven't said yet about this ser As always Elizabeth has blown me away! What can I say that I haven't said yet about this series. It's intense, it's sexy, it's insanely good!! It has heart racing scenes and breath taking moments. A love story to reminiscence about for a very, very long time. Just like with all the other Moreno brothers Sal's story has the highest of highs that matches the heartbreaking and gut wrenching lowest of lows.

This is truly one of the best series I've ever read and I will read anything Elizabeth puts out. Guys, you don't want to miss out on this book or this series so make sure an put it on you TBR pile. I promise you will not regret it!! Dec 22, Ann rated it really liked it Shelves: romance-drama , contemporary-romance.


Enjoyed mentally watching Sal, the last Moreno brother, fall in love with Grace. This book had more of a serious tone than the previous ones, but it makes sense since Sal is such a serious guy. Still got a few laughs from Romero. The real laugh out loud moment was, of course, from Manny recalling a Romero childhood story. Oct 02, Mari rated it it was amazing Shelves: series , contemporary-ya , player , matureya. Ok I cheated a bit I didnt read this series in order and skipped to Sal's story.

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