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The bank is entitled to repossess it because they technically have the rights over the title.

What to Do If Your Car Is Being Repossessed

Having banks to help us make larger purchases has been a wonderful tool for people in the past decades to help them get by. Banks have luckily made it possible to purchase other vehicles, too. Motorcycles have been a popular vehicle for many and banks have made it easy for riders to purchase the motorcycle of their dreams. Unfortunately, some of those dreams are crushed when big life changes happen and finances are tight. Technically, the bank has a right to repossess a vehicle after just one missed payment, but the process of repossession is a bit expensive for them so they usually wait a few months of missed payments before taking action.

Some banks will make the borrower pay for the repossession, but each bank is different. After a few missed payments, the bank may try to contact you via email or telephone to warn you about repossession. But there are a few rules that do let them repossess motorcycles that are sitting in the driveway since they are not technically entering any sort of building.

Once the bank has the motorcycle in their possession, they will then sell it off to an auction in attempt to recover any money that was lost on it. If the motorcycle auctions off for less than the balance owed, the borrower is still held liable for the difference. This is called deficiency balance. If the borrower still owes money on a deficiency balance but still does not make the payments, the bank has a right to sue the individual to recover the money that has been lost.

What is Property Repossession?

Not every bank does this especially if the deficiency balance is small, but they still hold the right to do so. If you have become a victim of a repossessed motorcycle or you feel you may become one in the near future, there are a few impacts it can have on you. The first can be an emotional impact. Not only that, but you bought a motorcycle for a reason: to enjoy it and have some sort of recreational vehicle to go to when you wanted to have fun. Having something like that taken away from you can be difficult.

Aside from the emotional impact , having a motorcycle repossessed can also greatly affect your credit score and credit history. A motorcycle repossession stays on a credit report for seven years. The record shows as soon as the loan is claimed delinquent, meaning when you stopped making payments. If you still owe money on the motorcycle even after the repossession, you will still continue to owe money even after the seven years is up. | High Quality, Cheap Used and Repossessed Cars in the Philippines

The bank still has a right to come after you for an unpaid balance. There are literally millions of different situations and scenarios a motorcycle owner can find themselves in when it comes to getting their motorcycle repossessed. This is call voluntary repossession. A voluntary repossession is a much more civil way to go about negotiating your inability to make the payments.

Though it will still show up on your credit score or credit report, it will have a much less impact on it since you voluntarily took it in. The bank will also likely be a lot more willing to work with you in the future if you are needing a loan for another purchase. Keep in mind that if you voluntarily bring in a motorcycle you can no longer make payments on, you will still need to pay off any deficiency balance, or any balance that remains after the bank sells it or auctions it off.

There are a few ways to prevent such a thing from happening in the future. You signed a contract with the bank saying you would pay the balance off and so you should abide by that. Download List of Cars. Used Car Dealer? Car Model Select car model. Year Select car year Selling Price Select price , and below , to , , to , , to , , to , , to , , to , , to 1,, Floor Price Select price , and below , to , , to , , to , , to , , to , , to , , to 1,, Filter Vehicles Reset Filter.

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