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The perfect way to create a true fairytale moment during your first dance or special dance at your event. Up lighting is one of the most popular ways to transform any room from ordinary to extraordinary. ESP Entertainment specializes in interior and exterior lighting design with our computer controlled intelligent lighting. We will create a theatrical and exciting ambiance for your affair from your grand entrance to that intimate spotlight dance. Picture your names, initials or event logo displayed in lights on the dance floor or wall for all your guests to see.

We will work with you to create a custom design exclusively for your event and can shine it anywhere to add a personalized touch. The foundation of any successful affair is the music selection.

We will work closely with you to customize a play list that is just right for you and your guests. ESP Entertainment utilizes state of the art digital sound systems for crystal clear sound quality. We offer several photography packages to suit every taste and budget. ESP Entertainment offers multiple video packages, designed to capture the day without being unobtrusive.

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It rushes over to the poor fellow and starts gnawing on his leg. Being a small dog the damage was limited, but it caused the expected reaction from the man. My friend's father rushes over and cries "What for you kick it my dog, and call him Fuckoff? This unleashes a stream of invective from the attacked man, hurling insults in Australian vernacular covering the dog, its owner, both dog and owner's ancestors, country of origin, parental status and anything else he could think of. It is worth noting that a stream of Aussie vernacular insults is pretty much unintelligible - even to other Aussies - often even to the person hurling the insults.

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