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The son of sobek

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The Son of Sobek

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Then the local news started reporting that a large creature had been sighted in the ponds and marshes near the Montauk Highway—a creature that was eating the wildlife and scaring the locals. One reporter even called it the Long Island Swamp Monster. I hitched our flying reed boat to Freak, my pet griffin, and we spent the morning buzzing around the South Shore looking for signs of trouble. Freak had a good nose for magic. Freak shivered and squawked, whipping his barbed tail nervously. The area looked a bit like the Nile Delta back in Egypt, except here the wetlands were surrounded on both sides by residential neighborhoods with row after row of gray-roofed houses.

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Just to the north, a line of cars inched along the Montauk Highway—vacationers escaping the crowds in the city to enjoy the crowds in the Hamptons. If there really was a carnivorous swamp monster below us, I wondered how long it would be before it developed a taste for humans. If that happened…well, it was surrounded by an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Freak is easily spooked. Flesh-eating monsters tend to scare him away. Sadie grew up in London and developed some pretty strange tastes.

I would have to take care of this monster problem, and then whistle for Freak to pick me up once I was done. I opened my backpack and checked my supplies: some enchanted rope, my curved ivory wand, a lump of wax for making a magical shabti figurine, my calligraphy set, and a healing potion my friend Jaz had brewed for me a while back. She knew that I got hurt a lot.

There was just one more thing I needed. I concentrated and reached into the Duat. I closed my fingers around the hilt of my sword and pulled it out—a heavy khopesh with a blade curved like a question mark. Armed with my sword and wand, I was all set for a stroll through the swamp to look for a hungry monster.

Oh, joy! I waded into the water and immediately sank to my knees. The river bottom felt like congealed stew. Mosquitoes swarmed me.

The Son of Sobek: A Disney Hyperion Short Story - Read by the Author

Suddenly I felt nervous and alone. Could be worse, I told myself. I could be studying cheese demons. In the nearby subdivision, I heard kids shouting and laughing, probably playing some kind of game. I wondered what that would be like—being a normal kid, hanging out with my friends on a summer afternoon.


The idea was so nice, I got distracted. Instantly it submerged again, but I knew what I was dealing with now. I remembered El Paso, the winter before last, when my sister and I had been attacked by the crocodile god Sobek. Sweat trickled down my neck. Still…crocodiles get hungry. Then they tend to forget their promises. No answer from the water. The ripples subsided. That meant either it was deep, or something large was lurking under the surface. I almost hoped it was Sobek. At least then I stood a chance of talking to him before he killed me.

Sobek loved to boast. I registered glowing yellow eyes as big as my head, the glint of gold jewelry around a massive neck. Then monstrous jaws opened—ridges of crooked teeth, and an expanse of pink maw wide enough to gulp down a garbage truck. And the creature swallowed me whole.

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